Mayan Statue Hoax!

On Universal Digest, it was revealed on August 19, 2015, the mysterious Mayan statue that had been circulating the Internet and social media sites. Believing this was a hoax, but being fair to ask for assistance in discovering the source of such a contrived fake, we published this article and the responses were overwhelming; unfortunately, it was in liking the post.

Here is the link to the previous article:

Mysterious Mayan Statue

After being directed to an earlier post in April of this year in a friend social media site, the resultant explanations were similar to what had been ascertained, thus far, in the above article, until today!

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With thanks to many for hard work to discover the source of this hoax (and one friend who wishes to remain unidentified-just doing his part), we all still missed one small point about the statue…a shadow below the head. Although, the perpetrator still remains anonymous, the location of the statue has been discovered. It resides in Mexico City. A very slight shadow was noticed by someone just below the head of the artifact.

To this end, Universal Digest wishes to commend and recognize ETS& via HOSTMIDIA for exposing this hoax. Here are the following comments from their article:

UPDATE: I’ve been looking at how more attention to this statue photo and also been, since 17, seeking the original picture and the statue on other web sites or photographs, but found nothing.

However with my analysis below is clear that must be an assembly. Note that whoever did the editing, be looked on rounded shade, a head, protruding on the chest of the statue. In this image changed brightness, contrast and saturation for better viewing.

I would like to put an end to this farce finding the original statue, but still did not get … – Universal Digest – speculates “did not get the original source” …

Still, the above statement in light of research stands out as a revelation as to how the hoax was perpetrated. The following photo with annotation depicts the the photo discovery…well done:


The point of what the actual artifact is…well, it is a mute point. We have an answer and this is a fake. Had some research not continued, would we know now?

We are just committed to reporting the truth and when others find it, we give credit. Thanks to those who have helped this come to pass. We live in a world of those who wish to believe before researching for themselves. We just want to help.

And, in doing so, this was provided by Mick West of, Administrator to debunk the statue, this post comes 8.22.2015 with thanks:

Decoded Statue With A QR Code Head

Universal Digest

Thank you…


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A mysterious statue has been circulating the Internet and social media the last two days claiming this ‘may’ be Mayan. The only source discovered to date via reverse image search in Google has resulted in no exact versions and only one mainline news source known as from August 17, 2015. In the article, it only states the statue is alleged and quotes nothing as to the source, location, or date of said statue.

The following are a few photos and one QR Code image to view courtesy of ETSEETC: 

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The following post is a view of the article, summation, and opinion given to UFO Hunters International in a post, today. Please note most of the ETSEETC article spoke more of the creation and inception history of QR (Quick Response) codes being used by smart phones and other devices today:

Translation First paragraph: A statue allegedly Maya , has puzzled many netizens in recent days on social networks. The statue said Maya, has a humanoid body and a very unique head. It seems to be a kind of representation of a QR code, a modern bar code read by Smartphones. Find out what is the code… The article ends with: As you can see , this issue leaves a lot more questions than explanations . But we are in the struggle for more information as: This is even a statue Maya? Where it is exposed ? What is the historical context ? We can decode the image to try to find a message that makes us sense? We will chase more information about this statue, who want to collaborate with the blog , feel free . When we have more information , we will update this post … Summation to date: Suspicious…no source beyond this, no references to discovery, location, or dating of artifact. My opinion is someone constructed the statue, claiming if MAY be Mayan and it is on display, somewhere, lol. The article wrote more about the QR code creations. Above, ‘netizens’ must be a buzzword short for ‘internet citizens’. Hope this helps or opens some doors.

The purpose of this article is to give readers, worldwide a chance to comment or offer more information as to the source of this statue with its uncanny imprint of a QR code. Opinion is it is a contrived fake to garner attention, at least. To be fair, ETSEETC via HOSTMIDIA is at a quandry, as well. We are looking for answers, thank you.

Universal Digest

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