Iran Nuclear Treaty

The recent Nuclear Treaty deal with Iran has many heads turning, fists shaking, and now, saber rattling in social media, of all places! This is an editorial article, at best an author viewpoint of this and other related events in earth history. This article production is not to quantify, qualify, dispute, or support any personal, governmental, political, military stances or positions. It is to support a viewpoint of reality in such a vacillating, subjective and “knee-jerk” climate of actions and speculations. Further, it is to verify the continued stupidity of mankind’s structure of society, as we know it. The answer is simple, yet we make it difficult.

There is a common denominator in this treaty, like so many others: The goal to continued peace is paid by money. All through the turbulent history of war, peace, detente, and treatises there has been but a few reasons for any of these actions. They have been over sex, religion, political gain, financial gain, and out-and-out conquering of land and people. Further, the usual victors of these actions were superior in talent, technology, and strategy.

In today’s world, most antique reasons to wage war and butcher the oppressed has boiled down to just a couple of reasons in developed societies (yes, all the above still occurs in this world of ours): Cultural hatreds (religious doctrines included) and financial gain for a particular society who has nothing left to do, but wage war. Please, bear in mind, those in real power know what to do after so many mistakes of the past in society-building. The bottom line is when a nation is bankrupt and desperate, it won’t mind pushing the “red” button to turn another area into a “sheet of glass”. This is the one most dangerous part of our present history, to date. The little despotic children in the sandbox has access or the ability to produce nuclear buckets and sand trowels, pure and simple.

Hitler Troop ImageOh, did we forget to mention, world domination? Ask Adolf Hitler? He did fall ‘short’ on that one, sorry.

Krushchev and ShoeOh, did we forget to mention, further world domination that resulted in the “Cuban Missile Crisis” of 1962? Ask Khrushchev about that one…he lost a shoe over it.

Castro Cuban RevolutionOh, did we forget to mention a blockade of a neighboring country to the south who grew the best cigars ever created? Cuba was the closest neighbor to have possibly had nukes pointed at US shores when cooler heads prevailed? Has not the US, Russia, and China done the same in close proximity to other world and regional powers over the years? 

Kennedy Russian Nuke AgreementOh, did we forget to mention that the world ‘families’ of all kinds who have power, would like to continue such power throughout the generations? Further, have they not learned how to reward playing nice with wealth?

Has the new treaty with the United States and Iran with a promise of no nuclear proliferation to be produced really secured to make the world a safer place to live? Let us look at the recent history of treaties and agreements with Iran and some other previously sanctioned countries.

Is it such a problematic realization people are powerless to understand? Let us drift not only into history, but delve into real events, as they have and are now unfolding? Please note, many treaties have been made, not just this one over the years. Who are the ones really afraid? Is it the ones in “control” of events on this planet, or are they the general population on earth? I say, to date, with alacrity, it is the ones in control.

The answer is that as long as we can keep a country on a productive, money-making venture with a citizenry that is moderately affluent, the chance of war is reduced. Please bear in mind a number of the largest nations have all been playing the game of backing a government or a ‘terrorist’ organization to maintain balance or to bend countries to the supporting nation’s needs.

Historically, the worst of all wars have occurred out of desperation for survival of the nation or despot of the time, not just over doctrine, dogma, religion, finances, or of a sexual nature.

One huge question comes to mind, today and everyday? What kind of future does each human, rich or poor, famous or infamous, so-called good or evil, really want to leave to our children? Is it one for the elite families to continue to discern, as they continue to control present and future humanity, or is it one where all those born into this life may one day realize a continued peaceful, enjoyable and life-filled happiness environment?

Do you realize, we are killing our own progeny? Yes, that is part of the regional issue of irresponsible governments conspiring for gain and control at innocent peoples’ expense. No one wants a major war because the stakes with nuclear device usage is too high. There will be wars in the future; however, how do world leaders maintain balance: Again, it is all about money.

Could it be that there are extraterrestrial races who are watching, caring, and loving us realize we may be in peril because we must learn to control mass destruction potential? Could we be a “quarantined” planet because of our actions regarding war? Further, may it be that the families and others who are in control, so-called, may be more afraid than ever of losing the same control?

Since the warlike history of mankind has unfolded over the last few millenia, we have not learned very much. We mine precious metals and minerals while not paying attention to pure advancement of humanity, as much as, we could. Hopefully, here, as well, cooler and intelligent minds are diligently researching and working to correct this much needed area of improvement. This author’s opinion is yes, we are.

To this date, in time, we have not learned more than what the forebears of history, in iniquity, have provided? We are not doomed by our own efforts, we are doomed by our resistance to understand the truth of the reality in which we live. To this end, let us take the fact that the treaty between the United States and Iran is realistic and will lower the possibility of war. Of course, there are many who will take issue with this statement. Again, this author’s opinion is that there could not have been a better outcome without one or the other nation ‘losing face’ and respect in the world arena of politics and detente. Is this the ‘right’ path to have taken? Only the future will bear fruit in this area.

In 1980, the US ushered in the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) doctrine to make it improbable the USSR and US would begin a nuclear war. It worked. In 1971, when Israel again was at war with Syria, Jordan, and Egypt (after the 1967 war). This time allied satellite photos were shared with all countries to keep a balance in the area. It worked. It seems an at least, similar tactic is being taken regarding Iran.

Let us also look at the reality of everyday life we all enjoy, worldwide. Has anyone noticed whether any country of any origin is starting to see the youth enjoying digital telephone connections in every category? That is, perhaps the one area of latest technology where no one may deny. To this end, worldwide communication continues to be instantaneous. In this author’s opinion, this is good for world affairs. What is not good are the disinformation tactics constantly underway knowing that the ‘informed’ public is still quite gullible.

So, I leave this to you, my friends? It is all good and will be, if you want it to be so. Please, just don’t get so worried about your future, when you are the ones’ in control of it? At each level of existence, this is true. By the way, there are many levels of existence, but that is mead for another article, perhaps?



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