Nazi Tank discovered in Heikendorf


Unbelievable! A Tank?

There’s really no other word to describe what the German Police discovered in this mans house when the Criminal Investigators decided to raid his Villa in the small German town of Heikendorf. The investigators were going to search for Nazi Era artworks which have been missing for a long long time. The research and leads that have led them on a chase to find Lost/Stolen works of art from the Third Reich for a couple of decades, was now coming along even better after a dealer started to tell of where certain pieces of Art were to be found. Now this old man wasn’t actually on the list of suspects. That is, until he started to set out Sculptured works of art in his garden, naturally from the German Nazis during the Second World War! That was when the Criminal Investigators really started to take interest in him. Now one has to take into consideration that this man is now a ripe age of 78 years old. Maybe he’s starting to lose it in his old age, becoming forgetful and having visions of grandeur about himself! because in May, he told a reporter from the German Magazine `Spiegel’ that he has a huge collection of stuff in the submerged basements (Bunker!) under his property, but that he had no works of Art. (So what was that in his garden?) Duh! 

Tommy Tank Article Pic 1So they raided his house on the 3rd of July, but lo and behold, what they found was far better than any works of art. For this man had an antique German Panther Tank in his submerged garage, albeit without any tracks on it, but a functional tank just the same! Looking further down, because the submerged hall has more than one level, they discovered his gun! Well, it was just a little bigger than the other guns they found, for this was an awesome 88 millimeter Flak Cannon. Just waiting to be loaded and fired! Now I’ve heard of some pretty weird stuff that some people like to collect, but this takes the cake! But the Investigators weren’t finished searching! If someone was his neighbor, they would never have a clue as to what this `Good old Boy` had stashed in his basement. TA-DAA! It’s an honest to god Torpedo! Wow, now how cool is that? Seriously, how many people can brag and say they have a Torpedo in the basement? Sitting there all these years, the explosives sweating away and just waiting to go off all by itself!
The questions that come to mind are many, and the first one is; “Now just how did he get the Tank (without Tracks) and the Flak Cannon into the underground basements, without anybody noticing and calling the police?” Second is; “How did he manage to construct an underground parking lot, without: 1. Nobody taking notice? And 2. Even if his neighbors seen it, he would still need an approval from the Government AND the neighbors which reside adjoining to his property to build such an underground system! And how in the world did he acquire a live Torpedo! If he does provide the building documents approving the construction, hopefully the Architect which signed the approval is by now deceased, if not then his neck is also in the noose!
The German newspaper had this article under the rubric of “Strange/Weird”. Well, they hit the nail on the head with this one!

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