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Sojourner truth is the subject of this week’s REDMOND’S REVIEW. A sojourner of truth, himself, Darren Redmond is the Executive Director of a regional non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in distress due to alcoholism and/or drugs. The organization turns away no one who wants to change their lives into one of happiness.

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“The Narrative Of Sojourner Truth” was written by Olive Gilbert, was published in 1850. She was born in the deep south of the US in 1797.

Redmond’s Review “ The Narrative Of Sojourner Truth” written by Sojourner Truth and Olive Gilbert originally published in 1850 tells the true story of Isabella, born around 1797 as a slave in the Deep South state of New York.

Much of this book takes place in Ulster county and Kingston, areas I used to visit growing up. Did you know for example that slavery was not outlawed in New York until 1828?


Can you imagine being sold multiple times by the age of nine, and one time only if goats were part of the bargain? Or your sibling hiding under the porch at age 5 because he was to be sold? Then, trying to buy back your own child he has beaten and whipped so severely his skin was no longer smooth, Or a young woman is beat to death by a slave owners wife claiming to do it out of her love for Christianity.

As Isabella became free her love of God is a focus point of this book, and her belief in prayer. Specific request prayer.

This must read is free in the public record.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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