Courtesy: Getty Images. Police forming a line during a public disturbance. This is happening now in real time across the nation.

RIOTS: ONLY THE BEGINNING Riots occur when two or three people congregate in a public meeting to display a protest to the existing governing body. Throughout history, riots have resulted from a myriad of causes. These barbaric acts were not ignored. In the past, they were swiftly quelled with violence in return. Now, matters are… Continue reading RIOTS: ONLY THE BEGINNING

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This dempanic has crossed genetic lines. This comes from a recent report at the New York, Bronx Zoo. Sad.

Dempanic? Of course. Pandemic; yes. Dampanic; absolutely. So, let us start with this disclaimer, please? UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion… Continue reading DEMPANIC-PANDEMIC-DAMPANIC

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Coronavirus cellular structure. Man-made or natural? Investigation underway.

Common sense should be the foremost investigative tool to be pulled from the grab bag of every day life. However, these days the tools of speculation and fear-mongering seem to be utilized, first. This author has struggled with world events of late. And, it has been difficult to comprehend the who, what, where, when, how,… Continue reading COMMON SENSE MAKES CORONA SENSE

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Meteor Over Bangkok – Again! Universal Digest was one of the first to publish the last meteor event near Bangkok, Thailand on September 7, 2015. There were numerous captures of the meteor as it disintegrated in both picture and video formats. Again, thanks to a heads up from friend, Michael Gerlach, another meteor entering the… Continue reading METEOR OVER BANGKOK – AGAIN!

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