Spoken from the heart, Darren Redmond publishes a message about personal responsibility.

Cell phone camera-taking of dramatic events or standing around watching is the subject of this article.

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About the Cell Phone Commando, is the latest message from Darren Redmond regarding personal responsibility in society.


Respectfully, for the purpose of my message on this Thursday morning, I care not about your race, religion, sexuality or Presidential choice. I care about all people and their positions.

I want to point out the “Cell Phone Commando” title and message, not the people that share videos, but, the ones who stand around with others and watch.

You are making a choice to passively record an event with your cell phone and not to help, please think again.

Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? Every one is recording? No one cares enough for “the cause” to step in?

When a bar I was working in was held up in Brooklyn, I did not try to grab a camera, I did not hide because I did not have a gun. I ran over and took action and soon the man and his gun were no longer a threat.

It’s how I was raised, many many people of ALL AGES, BACKGROUNDS, HEREDITY, and BELIEFS have a similar story as me.

Camera commando? You are a Voyeur and nothing more. See no one else filming, yes film. If however, someone else is filming, take some sort of action.

Collectively and individually, we are our brother’s keeper.

May God bless everyone, every where, every day.

And, may peace, an everlasting peace, be with you all, always.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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