Kevin, Marcus, and the omeo team pose with the new name re-branding from Ogo Technology.

OMEO MOBILITY RE-BRANDING FROM OGO MOBILITY Omeo has been re-branded from Ogo Mobility. Its change came to accommodate the global marketing and sales network efforts. Now, omeo can become a well-known name in every country where the devices may be made available. OMEO RE-BRANDING IN 2019 We start life seeking balance. First with our emotions,… Continue reading OMEO RE-BRANDING FROM OGO

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Certification Banner Hands Free OGO

Certification processing for the OGO Mobility Device in manufacture is tedious, at best. In this article, we explore and develop the next process in certification, worldwide. The vision Kevin Halsall purports promises to change the plight of the mobility challenged people in a fast-growing, global environment. Certification of the Ogo is now in process in… Continue reading CERTIFICATION PROCESS GLOBAL OGO

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Kevin Halsall and Larry Hollenbeck - OGO Experience!

Experience the OGO Evolution 1. I had a chance to do just that first hand at the Abilities Expo at the LA. Convention Ctr. in late February 2018. For me, the experience was to see first hand just how much of a life changing Experience the OGO could make in my life and the lives… Continue reading EXPERIENCE THE LIFE-CHANGING OGO

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OGO New All Terrain Wheels

New wheels from OGO are in production! Recently, Universal Digest published an article for OGO whose innovative mobility devices with wheels are being set into production in the United States from New Zealand. They have now established representative agents and are continuing to improve the product line. The following details the latest in adapting their… Continue reading OGO WHEELS INNOVATION

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