Canadarm2 releases the Cygnus supply ship for its return to earth to burn up with over 6,000 lbs of trash over the Pacific ocean. There is a select area pretty much in the middle of the most remote part of this ocean where ships on one-way trips are directed without interaction with any inhabited locations.

Canadarm2 was utilized to detach the Cygnus supply ship from its moorings for its fiery return to earth on December 18th. After delivering almost 7,400 pounds of cargo to support dozens of science experiments from around the world, the Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo spacecraft has departed the International Space Station. At 8:11 a.m., Expedition 53… Continue reading CANADARM2 RELEASES CYGNUS SHIP

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TangoLab-1 work is underway while other research continues aboard the International Space Station. Here, Flight Engineer Mark Vande Hei swaps out a payload card from the TangoLab-1 facility and places it into the TangoLab-2 facility.

TangoLab-1 is the location of some of the most recent science experimentation aboard the International Space Station. In addition, other research continues in other select modules. Packing of gear and trash from the BEAM module, as well as, from normal station operations continues with its disposal set for next month. The six-member Expedition 53 crew… Continue reading TANGOLAB AND SCIENCE ON ISS

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Vision research is underway while work on the BEAM module continues.

Vision experiments and other science research is underway while the International Space Station crew continue work on the BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Module) module. Science and research, along with continued expansion of activities aboard a fixed-size space station is always and issue. More CubeSats were ejected from the International Space Station today to demonstrate and… Continue reading VISION, SCIENCE AND BEAM WORK

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While BEAM is being prepped for more cargo storage, this image shows a cubesat deployer launching from the KIBO module.

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module is now being prepped to contain future cargo shipments. As activities continue to grow aboard the International Space Station, more space is needed to accommodate flexibility in the contained environment. An experimental module attached to the International Space Station is being prepared for upcoming cargo operations. Tiny research satellites were… Continue reading BEAM PREPPED FOR CARGO AND SPACE

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