What will our future be for mankind. From NWO, WHO, NIH, to whatever is next; we have not been told the truth.


War came to mind after so many news reports. Why? Because, news media in its ignominious glory, tend to bend, wind, and distort the truth beyond all believable perimeters. The irresponsibility in United States news media has no bounds. Period! Yet, their strings are being pulled from strong forces behind the scenes.

Next, comes the inevitable saber-rattling from China and the United States. Each have been blaming the other for a number of reasons. Simply, the United States claims the COVID-19 virus came from a viral research lab in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government claims the virus originated in the United States.

Militarily, the naval forces of the United States have, in part, moved to the South China Sea. Much of the Chinese navy resides in those waters. While tensions escalate, both sides (as well as many countries on the sidelines) realize the futility of conflict; especially one in a nuclear age. China has resumed underground nuclear testing.

Ufologists, please bear with some history, first. We’ll get there. And, there is a connection.

og: war
Since the 911 debacle; WHO would have considered such an attack?


In the viewpoint of this exclusive, war is not likely. The following timeline is drawn from from a logical process of how society subtly changes over time. Its process has evolved and the pattern changes little.

og: war
Many valiant soldiers have fought in each war to defend their country. The causes have been varied. Yes, they have come from many countries. But, we are talking about the United States, here.

From war comes peace. Peace comes from freedom. From freedom comes understanding. Understanding becomes acceptance. From acceptance comes complacency. Complacency breeds a desire for security. From a desire for security comes entitlement. Entitlement engenders expectancy. From expectancy comes vulnerability. Vulnerability enables both passive/active attack. From attack comes slavery, in many forms. Slavery breeds rebellion. From rebellion comes war.

Do not repeat history. Breed respect while there is still time. And, time is growing very short. Nothing happens by accident.


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WHO, in the NIH, or UN, or other war nations could have ever stooped this low? Yes, it is the NWO and its deep state evil minions. Do NOT be fooled.

The world is looking at the United States, big time. The US has endured a degree of polarization that is historical by nature. But, is it too late? No. It isn’t. And, there are perpetrators who have great powers that are testing the waters of socialism in the country, as we speak.

With the wranglings between political parties at a fever pitch in Congress, this author sees no solution to the problem. Even though opposing party members in both houses bicker and complain, openly; they privately cover each other’s lousy backsides in secrecy.

However, there was a spark of justice re-lit with the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropping all charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn. Interestingly, just hours before the DOJ filing, special prosecutor, Brandon van Grack removed himself from the case without explanation. Or, so we hope? Stay tuned.


The point of mentioning the above is to stir more critical thought into the minds of productive realists who care about the United States and its unique structure. We call it the Constitution. Most people haven’t even read it in this generation.

After almost four years of every attempt in the book to remove President Donald J. Trump from office, inclusive of an incredible coup via an impeachment attempt, it has all been about this in the news. Almost all media organizations played into this attempt to remove the present president. Although, the House voted along party lines to impeach Trump, the Senate moved in a majority vote to exonerate him.

Case closed? Not even close. However, this time there are subtle actions underway to move forward with indictments against some key individuals who tried to oust Trump with lies and subterfuge. Attorney General, William Barr has impressed into service, John Durham, as the key investigator into miscarriages of justice. He is looking into actions from some top level individuals who work (and have worked) in some key areas of government. Will we see results, soon? Many have been waiting for quite a while. And, we are talking about the swamp, my friends. It is quite deep and much larger than people know. Answer? No.


After conducting a number of private interviews with those who hail from three different generations over the past few years, this author has discovered some startling results. Frankly, it is true that the United States is heading to a more socialist line of thought in the younger generations, starting with the Millennial group.

There has been a trend towards socialist doctrine in many countries for the last few hundred years. It is where such a dialectic of life and reality is totally derived from the senses. This got its start with a subjective view of dialectical materialism. In short, it was G. W. F. Hegel who gave it its start. This was an opposition to the metaphysical mode of thought, which he considered to be an abstraction. Later, his views and approach was picked up by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Why bring this all up in a war article? See what happens as the web of deceit unfolds in our present-day world. Remember, President Trump has been saying since the beginning the United States will never turn socialist? You are about to see the big picture of this historical, global deception, underway.


This author spent much time studying Marxism and Socialism at the university attended in the 1970’s. Success came quickly in understanding the applications begun with Hegel. Studies continued that were inclusive of Giuseppe Garibaldi and his red shirts in the mid-1800’s. Although, grander in scope in Italy and parts of South America, he was successful in Italy because the government was so indecisive on what to do. Does this bear relevance to the US today?

Thanks to a contributor friend who lives nearby, what follows is a simplification of what efforts are taken to create a social state. This is what is happening to the United States, as we speak. And, it is happening, as part of an international undertaking. Remember the NWO (New World Order)? It is alive and well. And, it is coming to a neighborhood near you. But wait, there is more! It is already here; in the guise of power grabs and little wars near you. Of course, the public version of war is against the coronavirus that has been released upon the world.

Simply, you haven’t seen anything, yet. In every attempt possible, utilizing the most ‘respected’ experts in the world, they are busy trying to keep the US economy (and others) shut down. Without being too divisive, it is patently obvious because of vehemence, hatred, and out-and-out vitriol of warring parties (remember Garibaldi?) in the US; all out efforts are underway to stop President Trump from being re-elected in November of 2020.


Without trying to scare the daylights out of a God-fearing American public, the above introduction was meant to ease the readers into what is definitely underway in the US. Saul Alinsky, who died in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, in 1972, provided a simple version to understand how to create a social state, i.e. a socialist state. Unlike the dictates of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, Alinsky simplified it. There are eight rules to follow. They are being perpetrated upon our citizenry, presently. It is all about controlling the masses.

  1. Healthcare: Control healthcare and you control the people.
  2. Poverty: Increase poverty to its highest level. As long as they receive what life requires, they won’t fight.
  3. Debt: Increase it to an unsustainable level. Then, increase the taxes to produce more poverty.
  4. Gun Control: Remove any ability to fight the government (Constitution). Then, create a police state.
  5. Welfare: Take control of the essentials; food, housing, water, and income (clothing, too).
  6. Education: Simply, take control of what people read, listen, and view. Take control of learning in schools.
  7. Religion: Remove the belief in God from government and schools.
  8. Class Warfare: Divide people into wealthy and poor. This creates discontent. It is easier to tax the wealthy.


Most of the above is being completed, as we read. There isn’t much more to go. Younger generations are programmed with a negativity that ownership is futile. The bottom line is an elite superstructure (some family-oriented), are about to complete a very long project to control the global citizenry for good. Look this up for yourselves: Vladimir Lenin started such a venture with the Bolsheviks in 1918. Stalin finished the job stating his converts were ‘Useful Idiots’.

Make no mistake, my friends, none of this is conjecture. The proponents of completing a global, interdependent economy have already completed this task. Providing China with ‘most favored nation status’ was the last step. All the ‘economic’ doors have been opened. But, this author is not saying it is all bad, but it was part of the global elite (family) entities who were perpetrating this with much bigger plans for the future.

Now, we are beginning to see the “BIG PUSH” underway to complete the task. A while back, this author stated while watching a nation of citizens where there were more ‘takers’ than there were ‘givers’ was rather prophetic. Now, we are seeing the next step in the plan. It hasn’t changed from the beginning! We’ve been played. But, we now have more people buying into this philosophy of a ‘social state’. So, what comes next?


From the outset, recent history of World War II has delivered evidence of an alien influence, which helped the Germans. In light of all history, there have been many incursions of extraterrestrial (or divine) influence in human history.

The focus, here, after much research, is to determine how much influence there has been, overall. This author’s determination is the influence has been a continual factor in the human condition.

What is most interesting in light of the plethora of evidence detailing the history of other-worldly interactions between humans and aliens, are the common denominators. Most all crafts explained, whether in ancient, medieval, or recently noted, are they are ‘saucer’ shaped in nature. Therefore, we will take a little bit of time to visit this situation and compare it to today’s socio-political events.


Whether, these beings, individuals, friends, angels, or demons arrived in ‘nuts and bolts’ crafts, or of an inter-dimensional venue; they are here. They always have been.

Not unlike humans, who were created, genetically from earth itself, so they were in the universe. So, were there so many other life-forms created? Yes. Since the time mankind was given the right to name all the species that inhabit this planet, so were they given the right to proliferate upon it. Just above us, they inhabit the stars.

So, reports from time immemorial have been drawn, spoken, and written in history to let us all know that we are not, have not, and will not be alone in the universe. We are just still so young, we can barely grasp how to keep a sand box clean, as children, much less, share it with others.

It would be more than ecstatic to know we have gained a galactic standing with others in our galaxy, and beyond; however, we must finish some hard and fast facts, first in our own development.


Good friend, Norio F. Hayakawa has given the green light to share two important articles he just completed. This author stands in agreement and is honored to bring them to you. It adds volumes to what is being reported here.

First of all, we’ve stated earlier that readers should be very cognizant of the present efforts from diabolical, demonic forces of all kinds. These range from generational, familial groups of individuals who want to rule the world right down to national, state, regional, and local leaders drunk with power during the COVID-19 crisis. This will end, to a certain degree, but be aware, beware, and be wary of an upcoming false flag called an alien invasion.

As the coronavirus pandemic causing worldly infections and death to a certain degree; what kind of “new abnormal” are we facing? Norio writes well of the post-COVID world. Click here to read Norio’s article.

Lastly, Norio writes a poignant, cognizant article what kind of ‘alien’ invasion there may be? In fact, could it be sooner than people think? Bear in mind, there are world changes in an ongoing fashion. And, there are changes in the sun. Also, what has happened to the insect population? Click here to read Norio’s article.


Face it, the next venture for earth inhabitants are to the planets; then the stars. That means travelling beyond the trappings of earth’s gravity. Inclusive of recent super collider research, we all may be talking about bridging dimensions, as well. Science fiction books and videos have confirmed the incredible imagination of the humans on this blue marble.

But, let’s take a little more in depth look into what we have created, as well as, what has been given to us, perhaps? Wow, this author has lived a life that has researched this phenomena from as early as could be conceived. It is a no-brainer, in the fullness of time, as some are wont to say. We are going to the stars.

There are quite a number of friends and acquaintances who say we already have. Wow, again. Further, the contact has been most well received. When looking for agendas, precepts, and other worldly aspirations; when they are not detected, what may one say? Subjective or otherwise, deductively speaking, they have a message to deliver. I respect it. I have met some incredibly astute, honest, and objective people, over time. Another, wow.


Which one will it be? There are some who say we have been part of a secret space program hosted by the CIA. Gary McKinnon is a Scottish systems administrator, who is also a hacker. While hunting for UFO cover-ups, as well as, other free energy information, he stumbled upon a roster of off-world military serving in other solar systems. Is this a precursor to Star Wars? Is it an augur of things to come since the beginning of Space Force to Star Trek? It is conjecture, at this time.

As for the secret space programs, Richard Dolan has written about it. Further, he has interviewed a number of people about it; some who were about to expire. It was interesting stuff.

Outside of someone named Andrew D. Basiago, who claims to have been off-world, as well. He was cleared by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to speak freely of his experiences. Now, don’t shine this off, but, he called this author to counter an article written. It was about not spelling Mars with a capital. To this end, it became fun after the third phone call to the home phone. In fact, the last call was a lot of fun. We spoke on congenial, friendly terms.

There are more contacts who are quite important. So, don’t think less of what the future may bring. And, an open mind listening has a more positive outcome than one that judges from the beginning.


As a foreword, remember that the United States is the last bastion of freedom, as battered as it may be, to date. If citizens of all generations forget how we obtained our freedoms, beginning with the forefathers who framed the Constitution; all is lost. After undertaking many interviews from those of at least four generations in the past few years, the outlook is grim.

Ronald Edward Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, delivered an unrehearsed, unscripted speech from the heart at the Goldwater presidential convention rally on October 27, 1964.

The above, shortened, YouTube video is attached for view. The full 29 minute speech is found here. This writer cares not the political persuasion of anyone here in the US or the world. But, if those who love freedom anywhere, do not remember history, this last nation will pass away. The danger has never been more great, than it is now.

Summation: When people yearn more for security and free money to survive; just stay home and the like, it is all over. The elite, deep state mongrels, NWO leaders, as well as, the power hungry on all levels of strata will get their way.


So, here is the bad news, first. These despots, international families, national families, state, regional leaders, down to the local leaders involved, will, not, quit. Those sucked into the vacuum of promises for notoriety, fame, and fortune will fall like dominoes. In fact, they are falling like dominoes, as you read this article! There is this red guy in a red suit, with a contract. He says to all public officials in the US and beyond; congratulations. You may pass. But, first, just sign this paper and you are free to roam, at will. Until, your time does come. And, it will. Wink.

After more inspiring interviews, the good news is the spirit of nationality still prevails. Citizens of many of the 197 countries on earth are rather proud of their citizenry. Those demonstratively oppressive nations bear the most harm to their citizens. In the peoples’ plights, they are so limited with resources, it is almost impossible to resist their governments. Hence, they have no freedoms. The elites and those in power do.

Summation: The United States is SO under attack from other countries under continued attacks of their own from demonic forces. WE THE PEOPLE, are the last of what the Constitution has supported over 243 years. Its Amendments are golden. Attacks are underway. Wake up, please.


Look, there is quite enough evidence in history to see what is wrong. From the past to the present, if we do not get it right this time; war WILL result. The human experience on earth precludes us from not seeing this. If one person just takes a little time to review what is publicly available, one will most certainly learn, as well as, ‘see the light’.

As friend, Norio Hayakawa has explained quite well, prophesy is quite real regarding the Bible. But, do not be swayed by alternate doctrines that do not address the facts. The facts are in front of us, every day. Humanity has not changed much since the beginning. Only technology has, daily.

We are so not alone. But, experiencers who are knowledgeable that without personal encounters cannot understand it. Those who have not seen or encountered an event of their own, would have no concept of how to interpret them. Common sense prevails, overall.


Wars, marriages, fun, play, peace, pleasure, murders, carnage, disease, pestilence, climate changes, growth, loss, love, hate, and more, are always part of life. Remember, please; overall, nothing happens by accident. But, that is another article.

Here is a query for you? Do you think war occurs by accident? Answer: No. Evil forces are trying to take it to the next level. It is all about power, now. You and we are being attacked in America. This is not a joke. It is real.

Just love, while you can. The future is coming, whether you like it or not. From long-term research, this author trusts what Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, or Emmanuel, said. He is preparing a place for us. And, He will return. Perhaps, the satanic forces know something we are yet to confirm? Their times are almost up. They are incredibly desperate. Hallelujah.

It is all up to you. Those who care and take the time to love will receive love in return. Remember: Freedom is not free. Be brave and stop being fooled. Be resolute. The evil power brokers on all levels will not prevail, in the end.

But, for a time, it is going to be difficult for many. Do not give up hope. All we have is each other, lest we forget.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website. Further, none of the views expressed here are shared from the prescribed vendors, advertisers, assigns, and affiliates.

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In this installment of REDMOND'S REVIEW, Darren delivers his synopsis of 'The Gallic War', Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar and ‘The Gallic War’ is discussed in this week’s installment of REDMOND’S REVIEW. Darren Redmond gives the audience his synopsis of this classic book. It is available to read free in the public domain.

og: Julius
REDMOND’S REVIEW covers commentaries on: The Gallic War, Julius Caesar.


Ever wonder what it was like to actually hear or in this case read, firsthand assessments from some of the legendary figures we learned about in school? Conveniently found free in the public record, written in the third person, Julius Caesar’s notes, which when put together, became the book titled, ‘Commentaries on the Gallic War’. It offers us such a rare experience.

This book I found as interesting to read as the autobiography of Ben Franklin which also is free in the public record. In it, we learn about his strategies of war, we learn a lot about the Germanic and Gaelic people and some of the thriving communities back then that simply do not exist anymore.

We learned about Druids and about how, even way before World War 2, crossing the Rhine was considered a huge advancement.


og: Julius
This is the book mural of Commentaries On: The Gallic War, Julius Caesar.

We learn about how the use of hostages as a negotiating tool for peace was standard practice back then. Also, we learn that as a strategic military move after burning a village, it included burning all the crops, too. Julius Caesar would advocate, in some circumstances, the replanting of those crops and the rebuilding of those villages. This was not so much to show mercy on the people, but rather so that they would have allegiance to Rome. It would dissuade another party coming in trying to convince the people of why they should align themselves with their realm.

If you are a student of history and are looking forward something to read or listen to while sheltered in place, I highly endorse this book.

og: image
In this installment of REDMOND’S REVIEW, Darren delivers his synopsis of ‘The Gallic War’, Julius Caesar.

Written By: Darren Redmond

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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Iran Nuclear Treaty

The recent Nuclear Treaty deal with Iran has many heads turning, fists shaking, and now, saber rattling in social media, of all places! This is an editorial article, at best an author viewpoint of this and other related events in earth history. This article production is not to quantify, qualify, dispute, or support any personal, governmental, political, military stances or positions. It is to support a viewpoint of reality in such a vacillating, subjective and “knee-jerk” climate of actions and speculations. Further, it is to verify the continued stupidity of mankind’s structure of society, as we know it. The answer is simple, yet we make it difficult.

There is a common denominator in this treaty, like so many others: The goal to continued peace is paid by money. All through the turbulent history of war, peace, detente, and treatises there has been but a few reasons for any of these actions. They have been over sex, religion, political gain, financial gain, and out-and-out conquering of land and people. Further, the usual victors of these actions were superior in talent, technology, and strategy.

In today’s world, most antique reasons to wage war and butcher the oppressed has boiled down to just a couple of reasons in developed societies (yes, all the above still occurs in this world of ours): Cultural hatreds (religious doctrines included) and financial gain for a particular society who has nothing left to do, but wage war. Please, bear in mind, those in real power know what to do after so many mistakes of the past in society-building. The bottom line is when a nation is bankrupt and desperate, it won’t mind pushing the “red” button to turn another area into a “sheet of glass”. This is the one most dangerous part of our present history, to date. The little despotic children in the sandbox has access or the ability to produce nuclear buckets and sand trowels, pure and simple.

Hitler Troop ImageOh, did we forget to mention, world domination? Ask Adolf Hitler? He did fall ‘short’ on that one, sorry.

Krushchev and ShoeOh, did we forget to mention, further world domination that resulted in the “Cuban Missile Crisis” of 1962? Ask Khrushchev about that one…he lost a shoe over it.

Castro Cuban RevolutionOh, did we forget to mention a blockade of a neighboring country to the south who grew the best cigars ever created? Cuba was the closest neighbor to have possibly had nukes pointed at US shores when cooler heads prevailed? Has not the US, Russia, and China done the same in close proximity to other world and regional powers over the years? 

Kennedy Russian Nuke AgreementOh, did we forget to mention that the world ‘families’ of all kinds who have power, would like to continue such power throughout the generations? Further, have they not learned how to reward playing nice with wealth?

Has the new treaty with the United States and Iran with a promise of no nuclear proliferation to be produced really secured to make the world a safer place to live? Let us look at the recent history of treaties and agreements with Iran and some other previously sanctioned countries.

Is it such a problematic realization people are powerless to understand? Let us drift not only into history, but delve into real events, as they have and are now unfolding? Please note, many treaties have been made, not just this one over the years. Who are the ones really afraid? Is it the ones in “control” of events on this planet, or are they the general population on earth? I say, to date, with alacrity, it is the ones in control.

The answer is that as long as we can keep a country on a productive, money-making venture with a citizenry that is moderately affluent, the chance of war is reduced. Please bear in mind a number of the largest nations have all been playing the game of backing a government or a ‘terrorist’ organization to maintain balance or to bend countries to the supporting nation’s needs.

Historically, the worst of all wars have occurred out of desperation for survival of the nation or despot of the time, not just over doctrine, dogma, religion, finances, or of a sexual nature.

One huge question comes to mind, today and everyday? What kind of future does each human, rich or poor, famous or infamous, so-called good or evil, really want to leave to our children? Is it one for the elite families to continue to discern, as they continue to control present and future humanity, or is it one where all those born into this life may one day realize a continued peaceful, enjoyable and life-filled happiness environment?

Do you realize, we are killing our own progeny? Yes, that is part of the regional issue of irresponsible governments conspiring for gain and control at innocent peoples’ expense. No one wants a major war because the stakes with nuclear device usage is too high. There will be wars in the future; however, how do world leaders maintain balance: Again, it is all about money.

Could it be that there are extraterrestrial races who are watching, caring, and loving us realize we may be in peril because we must learn to control mass destruction potential? Could we be a “quarantined” planet because of our actions regarding war? Further, may it be that the families and others who are in control, so-called, may be more afraid than ever of losing the same control?

Since the warlike history of mankind has unfolded over the last few millenia, we have not learned very much. We mine precious metals and minerals while not paying attention to pure advancement of humanity, as much as, we could. Hopefully, here, as well, cooler and intelligent minds are diligently researching and working to correct this much needed area of improvement. This author’s opinion is yes, we are.

To this date, in time, we have not learned more than what the forebears of history, in iniquity, have provided? We are not doomed by our own efforts, we are doomed by our resistance to understand the truth of the reality in which we live. To this end, let us take the fact that the treaty between the United States and Iran is realistic and will lower the possibility of war. Of course, there are many who will take issue with this statement. Again, this author’s opinion is that there could not have been a better outcome without one or the other nation ‘losing face’ and respect in the world arena of politics and detente. Is this the ‘right’ path to have taken? Only the future will bear fruit in this area.

In 1980, the US ushered in the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) doctrine to make it improbable the USSR and US would begin a nuclear war. It worked. In 1971, when Israel again was at war with Syria, Jordan, and Egypt (after the 1967 war). This time allied satellite photos were shared with all countries to keep a balance in the area. It worked. It seems an at least, similar tactic is being taken regarding Iran.

Let us also look at the reality of everyday life we all enjoy, worldwide. Has anyone noticed whether any country of any origin is starting to see the youth enjoying digital telephone connections in every category? That is, perhaps the one area of latest technology where no one may deny. To this end, worldwide communication continues to be instantaneous. In this author’s opinion, this is good for world affairs. What is not good are the disinformation tactics constantly underway knowing that the ‘informed’ public is still quite gullible.

So, I leave this to you, my friends? It is all good and will be, if you want it to be so. Please, just don’t get so worried about your future, when you are the ones’ in control of it? At each level of existence, this is true. By the way, there are many levels of existence, but that is mead for another article, perhaps?



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Glasses Worn By George Washington In 1783 Saved America?

Glasses Worn By George Washington In 1783 Saved America?

The information concerning the incident I am writing about came from two main sources.

1 “The Revolution” a 2006   12 part documentary on the History Channel

2 From the website www.historyplace.com/speeches/washington.htm

It really is amazing in just a relatively few years how much history our country has made.  Much of it we learn about, with some of it is romanticized or turned into legends. Some of it  people may argue needs a bit of editing to make sure the story may be  told fully.   Some of it as children, we learn about, and in the great style of Homer, learn to memory and repeat to others as we grow and mature.   For the existence of this country so few in years, we also have stories that for whatever reason seem not to be told as much.  These stories for whatever reason deemed not as important, are put  on the back shelf of our minds.  One of these   facts of history that seemed to have been forgotten, deals with a pair of glasses owned by non-other than George Washington.  The story is how his glasses may have  saved this country.

This is not the stuff of folk lore, but  rather simple fact.  I am drawn to this story, because of the undercurrent of  how small things, not planned on, seem to many times be the driving force in our lives.  How the little things tend to slay mighty problems.  David’s sling shot at the Giant, if you would allow me the metaphor.   The year was 1783 and as Winter started its exit to allow Spring its  4 month or so dominion, and George Washington and his continental army were spending the winter up in Newburgh, New York.  Many of us in school, or in books, learned that the  Battle of Yorktown which took place from Sept. 28 – October 19th 1781 which forced the surrender of General Cornwallis and his army of about 6,000 ended the war.  References to this battle can be found at www.britishbattles.com.   However, it did not, yes most of the major battles were now over, and the British Government was looking for a way to end the war, but the war itself did not end.  Fighting in the south led by American General Nathaniel Greene (yes, my favorite number 2 General for those of you keeping score) continued.  During the time after the Yorktown, Washington, kept his army close to New York City, to monitor the activities of the British as they negotiated with France and America in France a formal end to the war.

During this time, after Yorktown, Washington was faced with many of the same problems he had to battle during the war itself. Specifically, lack of food, basic supplies, and yes, even pay for his men.   At that time, payment made to the solders was chaotic, at best.  No real currency of value, married up with specific promises of a officers pension to his generals that has yet to be granted, led to a growing distrust and anger from Washington’s men, in this case some of his trusted generals, toward Congress.  On March 10th a letter was circulated among some of Washington’s generals that a meeting would take place to discuss the situation, and rumors were flying around camp that even a vote to have the army march on Congress itself would be on the table, to demand payment, or even more.  This, of course in the infancy of America, could lead to civil war and the apprehension of a standing army by many in America seemed to now have merit.  Peace terms were not yet finalized with Britain, and NYC was still filled with British Soldiers, so the status of the country itself was indeed in potential peril.  When Washington learned of this meeting, he asked for it to be delayed.  It was not.  What could Washington do?  You have heard many times that the power of the pen, is mightier than the sword, in this case  that would be true.  But only because of a pair of glasses.  You see, George Washington, showed up unexpectedly to this meeting of his Generals that took place in a church on March 15, 1783.  While not welcomed by all in the meeting, all his Generals showed him great respect and  of course allowed him to speak at the meeting.

It was at this time, that George Washington, gave a speech to his men.  The speech itself can be found by clicking on the above web link.  In the  speech, Washington talks about how at this grave hour, it  is not the time to give back all that was earned and that the fight was not over.  When finished, the speech itself, the one that George himself prepared went over with a loud THUD.  It did not have the reaction George hoped and planned for.  The speech he worked  on to help quell the anger in his men, went for naught.  George then, like hopefully most of us when planning for any situation, had a plan B.  He was going to read a short note from a Congressperson back in the Continental Congress about the difficulties they were having in raising enough money to pay the troops.   What Washington did next, was unexpected and not planned.  He looked at the note and saw that he could not read its print.  He was seen by the men moving the letter from the Congress person farther and farther away so he could see it better.  This vulnerability of  his person, was never really seen by his men. They knew General Washington as the man who led the charge into battle and faced death in the face many times.  They now have seen a man who had trouble being able to see.  George Washington, then did something he never did before that we know of, he reached in to his pocket and put on a pair of glasses. The crowd of Generals murmured and then were silent  when they heard the general say as he put on his glasses, “Gentlemen you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for I have not only grown grey but almost blind in the service of my country.”  This unplanned moment of frailty in front of his men, it is recorded led many of these Generals to cry openly.  For the man that has been their rock for all these years.  Been shot at, chased, and kept their spirits up, had in many ways grown older and more weary. The Generals were not going to turn their backs on Washington, now.  George Washington, armed only with his words and a pair of glasses, turned the tide of anger that day.  The Generals voted to stay the course and not march on Congress.   It is important to note, that once the peace treaty was signed, General Washington did another simply amazing thing.  He went home, he literally quit, and become George, husband of Martha.  You ever wonder how much he was paid for his service to his country for all the years he led our troops?  Actually, it was nothing.  Washington handed to Congress receipts for money he paid out of his own pocket for supplies during the war, then declined any payment for his services.  George Washington simply refused to be paid, while of course expecting and demanding all his generals be paid.  Commander in Chief George Washington, did not now expect to be made, king or ruler, he thanked congress for allowing him to serve and he went home.  I am confident he brought his pair of glasses with him.  For the next chapter of his service to our country was to arise a few years later…

Darren Redmond

Authors note:

Darren Redmond has a Master’s Degree in Education and for over 22 years has worked directly in the field of Marketing , Advertising and internet products. Daren Redmond has also coached on the Collegiate level Division One and Division Three Athletes. The author is also a contributing writer to the Online Magazine, Universal Digest.

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