The current state of the world is discussed in this two-hour exclusive interview with Dave Emmons and Ed Smith.

Current state of the world is the subject of this KCOR broadcast from June 18, 2020. On talk show host, Dave Emmons’s show, “The Strange Truth,” he interviews Universal Digest Founder, Ed Smith. All gloves were off during this broadcast regarding the present state of world governance and political activity.


Please click on the link above to view the archive, as well as, listen to the show. Options to view bio and listen to the show are provided. And, click on the play button to listen in. Choose the June 18, 2020, show.

Talk show host Dave Emmons and guest Ed Smith conducted an in-depth, non-stop, action-packed interview for two hours on June 18, 2020. During that time, Dave granted Ed co-host status on what may be an ongoing current news show in the future.

And, not only were current events of the world covered in some detail, ufology was discussed, as well, to a small degree. Protests, riots, property damage and deaths of police since civil unrest began were covered.

Current and ongoing loss of life continues, especially in urban areas. For a bit of levity, do listen in where Ed speaks about a lady who grew tired of the riots that were promulgated with entities from Antifa and other paid groups to cause distension within the body of existing, peaceful protesters. She took action of her own and the outcomes were hilarious.


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Dave Emmons is an experienced talk show host with over 200 hours of broadcasts completed and counting.

Talk show host, Dave Emmons, discovered Ed Smith in social media. And, the rest was history. Since January of this year, a rather remarkable professional and personal friendship ensued.


Please click on the link above to view the present bio post for the Universal Digest founder. Current events in the United States, as well as, around the world are discussed.


Tina Marie Caouette is the owner and producer of her radio network that streams globally, 24/7 days a week. With a complement of over 30 talk show hosts, many different etherical, paranormal, and psychic-based shows are broadcast, regularly.

During times between broadcasts, a plethora of different musical genre are played.

This writer has found the experience with KCOR and Dave Emmons to be most professional and quite organized.

Please take time to listen in when possible. No one should be disappointed, in the least.

As always, thank you all for viewing Universal Digest. We are in our sixth year of operation and are humbled with the continued readers of this network.

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There is a growing belief that the coronavirus release in China was no accident.


China could have knowingly released COVID-19? The thought came to mind last night. So, a new post in the form of a poll was created. Oh my. From the interviews posted in the last article, it was astonishing to read the responses.

og: china
The flag of China. Courtesy Pixabay.

99% of the answers, so far are from individuals who fervently believe the release of COVID-19 was intentional. But, previously this author’s summation was it didn’t make sense for China to do something like this on purpose.

So, here was the statement posted from early this morning: Just a thought: What if China DID release the virus on purpose and used its citizens to spread it?

Needless to say, there are a lot of people who want President Donald Trump to fail. And, they hail from many countries, not just in the United States.


The responses to the above question were varied to a certain degree. So, beginning with the most reasonable to the most direct answers, it goes like this: The deep state and mafia-types have failed to remove the US president. So, there was a collaboration to create a distraction that would close down thriving economies and even the next US election. The most direct answer was to nuke them and Agenda 21.

On the other hand, the closest response received to debate an intentional virus release was more like a why and it didn’t make sense to do it. Further, they went to lock down the Wuhan area. However, the truth has been discovered they didn’t lock down until well after 2 months of the existence of COVID-19.

It has been established that the coronavirus itself is a product of genetic recombination. This cannot occur in nature. This article from the New York Post in February details people purposefully placing mucus from infected individuals on buttons in elevators and hand rails.


Had it not been for others who responded with the same observations, this would not be mentioned. While watching the news of President Donald Trump’s daily briefings with Vice President Mike Pence and his team of experts; this writer was perplexed with some comments.

Without wanting to take and publish anything out of context, it was unnerving, early on, when one comment in particular was stated. It was that the president would say ‘it was artificial in its origin’, in so many words. After review, it was pertaining to the economy, but his body language didn’t match up. The thought came to mind. Is President Trump speaking in code about the virus outbreak? Just an opinion, perhaps, but there it was, nonetheless.

Also, while watching a popular weekend show on FOX, the US Northern Command representative, Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy was asked about the preparedness of the US from bio-warfare attacks. Of course, he stated the military was ready, but the approach was odd. Then, a promise of a segment discussing that COVID-19 was not natural would come. It didn’t. However, a short video showed China researchers harvesting bats. More codes?


If one takes a little time to review human history on wars fought, as well as, some of their methods, some interesting revelations are found. Wars have been fought for sex, land, religion, power, and wealth. These days it has boiled down to power. Does it not seem it is so in this case? It is not the point of this article to elaborate on China influence in the United Nations or in multi-country trade deals and tariffs. But, it doesn’t take rocket science in some cases to determine what is logical intent. And, it isn’t hard to fathom what is not logical intent.

Comments were also made that this has a side effect of population control. The vast majority of deaths are occurring in elderly populations. Also, many deaths are occurring in those who have pre-existing conditions; especially in those with respiratory maladies.

At last count, COVID-19 has made it to 210 countries. Globally, the present number of cases are 2.5 million infected; 160,000 deaths; 600,000 recovered. The curve of cases in the world do seem to be leveling off. There are now plans underway to reopen businesses. Keeping economies shut down too long would be a worst case scenario with tragic results.


This was just received from friend and contributor, Mike, from Asia. Shi Zhengli of China is the virologist who has been studying SARS and the bat coronaviruses.

Mike sent the following two images. This prompted more research to find out more about this.

Attached is the following YouTube video for your review:

The information in this video is most interesting in a negative fashion. It is recommended to view this 10-minute video. We’ll leave it up to the viewer. Hopefully, one day the real answers may come to light. Until then, researches and investigations continue.

Thank you all for reading and thanks goes out to all the contributors who helped in the creation of this article.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website. Further, none of the prescribed, advertisers, assigns, and any affiliates views are part of this publication; nor will they be.

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Wizards of Deception: Fact or Conspiracy?

Wizards of Deception

Wizards of deception have arisen from many areas of human history over millennia. They have arisen from religion, government, military, and political arenas.  So, what about these wizards from the latest generations from the 20th and now the 21st centuries?

og: wizards
Bohemian Grove

Most have heard the wizards names before: George Soros, the Rockefeller, the Bilderbergs, (Bilderberg Group), to name a few. All part of an elite 1%, which also includes The Vatican, descendants of Royal bloodlines, including Kings & Queens of Europe and various world leaders who are all a part of the Illuminati. A Secret Society group founded on May 1st 1776, for the sole purpose of future world dominance and maintaining control over the masses which they have been very successful in doing thus far. How many wizards of deception exist to manipulate and control the population of the world, today?

‘In mid-July each year, The Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world.’ The sources for this statement include an article by Philip Weiss in Spy Magazine called ‘Masters of the Universe Go to Camp: Inside the Bohemian Grove,’ reproduced on a website of The University of California’s Professor of Sociology, William Domhoff. The ultimate agenda of the Illuminati is a New World Order, with no other but themselves in control of the new world.

Now, let’s chip away at some of the wizards and wizardry that has been continually bestowed upon the masses. I use the term wizardry due to the fact that the majority of the masses are blind despite continually being subjected to such deception since the group’s inception. Make no mistake: They are the elite, we are the peasants.


Let’s begin with The Federal Reserve. Contrary to popular belief, The Federal Reserve is a privately owned entity, by you guessed it, the elite. It appears on the surface that members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs (also known as the Senate Banking Committee). But this is only one of many smoke screens. Although an instrument of the U.S. Government, the Federal Reserve System considers itself  “an independent central bank,” because its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government. Congress does not control the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve controls Congress.

Despite the fact that the current National US Debt is over twenty trillion dollars, presses at The US Treasury continually print notes, practically 24/7, while not having the necessary assets to back them up. How long can this practice continue before the collapse of the US dollar? If and when a collapse occurs, it will be ‘we the peasants’ who feel the brunt of it, not the elite.


It is at the political level where the Illuminati skillfully practice and successfully  spread their best form of wizardry. The election process is elaborately portrayed, for in reality, it is merely an illusion. Within the top echelon levels of government, top government officials who appear to be officially elected, are in reality, predetermined and appointed by the elite. Officials who comply and initiate every move of the puppeteers’ strings.

Now, many individuals will scoff at that statement. It is so bizarre that the majority will remain blinded, and it is the blindness itself contributing to the elite successfully initiating their deception.


I find it rather bizarre and contrary to the above statements made that Donald Trump actually won the presidential election. A puzzle piece that doesn’t fit with the norm of past elections. He appears to be a horse of a different color. On the surface, a refreshing change to millions, and one who is not part of the elite. I can’t help but feel that it appears too good to be true. Is this merely a deliberate twist in the ongoing illusion? Another elaborate display of deception?

Is it yet another maneuver to divide and conquer? Noticeably, since his election, the country has become more divided than ever over a President-Elect. There is nothing more enjoyable to the elite than we the peasants arguing among ourselves. And as usual, without fail, we fall for it.


Lives matter is yet another ploy distributed and promoted through the news media outlets also controlled by the elite to pit us against each other. Black lives matter, cops lives matter, white lives matter. Bottom line is, if not a moron, most can easily understand and realize that ALL lives matter.

Ever notice how quickly news spreads about racism? Every chance they get, the news media jumps on racial violence incidents like an eagle swooping down on its prey. A black acquaintance of mine recently stated that he views the US as one of the most racial countries on earth. My first response was, whereas we actually elected a black President to 2 terms in office, how can that be so?  Then we have the controversial subject of whites owning black slaves. How about the rich black during the same era that also owned black slaves?

Racism has been an ongoing reality since the beginning of time. Hell, look at what the white man did to the Native Americans. Will racism ever totally disappear? Hell no. Why? Because one law of nature is nothing is perfect.


Should we, as American citizens, be willing to surrender our Constitutional Right to bear arms? There are unfortunate incidents where innocent people get gunned down by some wacko brandishing a gun. (Some of which are false flags).

But it is important to realize guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I’ve owned firearms for over forty years and not one of those firearms has shot or killed anyone. People kill people. People kill people with knives… Ban knives? People kill people with baseball bats. Ban baseball bats? Individuals have been poisoned by antifreeze. Ban antifreeze? Get the picture? As Benjamin Franklin quoted, ‘Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’ Are there wizards of deception working to remove guns from the public?


Ah… Monsanto… One of the many super rich corporations of wizards who are in bed with the FDA, government officials and the elite. Monsanto: The producer and distributor of GMO products. Ever notice that when spraying our consumer products they are wearing hazmat suits? They are poisoning the very products we consume.

Most conventional cereals contain sugar and corn made from GMO products. Soy Lecithin: Derived from GMO soy, this additive often contains toxins. According to The Cornucopia Institute, soy lecithin processing often involves hexane, and though it is removed during processing, trace amounts can be left behind. That residue is unregulated by the FDA even though it is listed by that organization as a potential carcinogen and neurotoxin. And how about children’s cereals containing trisodium phosphate?

Note that these same manufacturers create GMO free cereals for distribution overseas. Apparently, the GMOs are banned overseas. So why does the US allow it? These are actual facts that no one seems to care about. Are there wizards of deception operating in secret here, as well?


There are purportedly 129 deep underground military bases the size of cities in the United States that they have been building day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940’s. Are there wizards of deception operating in the military, too?


Called FEMA camps, resemble prisons & huge stockpiles of disposable coffins

It is purported that their goal is to eventually eliminate 95% of the world population. Think maybe that they are nearly prepared for the Grande Finale? In your opinion, what do you think that will be? I urge the majority to open there eyes and smell the roses before it is too late.

Written By: Jim Andre

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make it more available to the general public. The opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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Confederate Flag History

Ongoing attempt to remove Confederate flags, nationwide.

Confederate Flag History

One “Begs the Question” to all those who oppose the “Confederate Flag” . . . how many wars have you fought; how many battles have you waged; how many bullets have you dodged; how many dead have you buried? Recently updated Civil War Casualties: 720,000 dead.

Mexican-American War Veterans who went on to become Civil War generals include names like: Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, William Tecumseh Sherman, George McClellan, Ambrose Burnside, P.G.T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg, and George Meade.

Booker T. Washington supported the Spanish-American War and African-American service, numerous ex-slaves fought in this war, with dedicated service to their country. Many soldiers from the Confederacy and the Union fought each other, came together as one, “mending fences” and making lasting friendships despite Civil War memories.

Nathan E. Cook was the last survivor of the Spanish-American War who died September 10, 1992, at 106 years of age. Peter Conover Haines is believed to be the only active duty soldier to serve in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I.

Heritage, honor, admiration, values, and respect are fading fast in our present generation. “Individual Rights and Opinions” are only accepted and socially received if they are collective in nature. “We are losing ‘Freedom and Liberty” in America at an alarming rate.” Political Correctness has been applied to each-and-every issue and used as a wedge to further divide Our Country.

Three “American Flags” have flown during our 239+ years of history; The “GADSDEN FLAG,” “THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG,” and “OLD GLORY.” Each and everyone of these symbols share a unique history and patronage with our country, along with the respect of all those who perished in battle. Please remember that the “CONFEDERATE FLAG” represents a large number of the 720,000 who died in the Civil War. Nobody was purposefully terrorized, tortured, or abused in during the Civil War, outside of unfortunate emotional outcries found during conflicts. It was a war! Bad things happen, and lives are lost, but never-the-less these were all Americans, on American soil, all fighting for American values; whether-or-not you support, agree, or defend their sacrifices…this is “American History”; we must preserve it for all generations, and humble ourselves to the great loss of life during that era. 720,000 souls left this earth to allow for this conversation we are having now. We seem to be so dead set on editing history, why stop there?

Jefferson owned slaves, perhaps we should tear down the monument in DC, or rearrange Mount Rushmore? Why don’t we remove Black History Month and other things like the United Negro College Fund or Black Entertainment Television and any other newspaper, magazine or reference towards any one ethnic background? Fringe elements from all quarters started this nonsense and it is going to spread like an out of control virus. Anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda is a bigot and must be exterminated. Sound familiar? Ironic, how arrogant liberals often compare conservatives with Nazi Germany, at the same time promoting centralized government and no other opinions are allowed.

Yes, slavery happened. Nobody alive today was around to witness it. Yes, it was terrible, but as any other civilizations that exist today, there was a multitude of people that spans all races victimized by people in power on a superiority and control tirade. That does not change history. There are no versions or sugar coatings for any of this. Something people may not know, nor have considered, blacks were not the only slaves, nor did they experience the worst treatment. To my recollection, the Jews hold that title of mistreatment and the only reason not more is heard is because there are not enough of them left after the attempted genocide that almost wiped them out. The continued biased political correctness must come to an end.

Sooner or later, people have to learn to grow thicker skin and move past being offended by nothing intended.Yeah, you are offended at what someone believes, says, and wears, get over it! The world will never be rid of offense. Legislation of behavior and thoughts only created uprisings in historical precedence no matter if the cause was right or wrong. This day and age, it’s just petty bickering over being politically correct instead of having an actual cause. It’s disgusting.

Editor’s note: At the time of this article, news has noted votes to remove a renowned flag of age, when even Bill Clinton, as governor of Arkansas, approved the conferate flag flying over the state capital. A query comes to mind? Why can’t the United States Stars and Stripes be flown on the same flag pole over the state flag, as so many states in our great country continue to do?

Think about it?


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