The current state of the world is discussed in this two-hour exclusive interview with Dave Emmons and Ed Smith.

Current state of the world is the subject of this KCOR broadcast from June 18, 2020. On talk show host, Dave Emmons’s show, “The Strange Truth,” he interviews Universal Digest Founder, Ed Smith. All gloves were off during this broadcast regarding the present state of world governance and political activity. CURRENT STATE OF THE WORLD… Continue reading CURRENT STATE OF THE WORLD KCOR

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There is a growing belief that the coronavirus release in China was no accident.

CHINA? WAS THE CORONAVIRUS NOT AN ACCIDENTAL RELEASE? China could have knowingly released COVID-19? The thought came to mind last night. So, a new post in the form of a poll was created. Oh my. From the interviews posted in the last article, it was astonishing to read the responses. 99% of the answers, so… Continue reading CHINA-WHAT IF COVID19 NOT AN ACCIDENT?

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Wizards of Deception: Fact or Conspiracy?

Wizards of Deception

Wizards of deception have arisen from many areas of human history over millennia. They have arisen from religion, government, military, and political arenas.  So, what about these wizards from the latest generations from the 20th and now the 21st centuries? Most have heard the wizards names before: George Soros, the Rockefeller, the Bilderbergs, (Bilderberg Group),… Continue reading Wizards of Deception: Fact or Conspiracy?

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Confederate Flag History

Ongoing attempt to remove Confederate flags, nationwide.

Confederate Flag History One “Begs the Question” to all those who oppose the “Confederate Flag” . . . how many wars have you fought; how many battles have you waged; how many bullets have you dodged; how many dead have you buried? Recently updated Civil War Casualties: 720,000 dead. Mexican-American War Veterans who went on to… Continue reading Confederate Flag History

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