Wave clouds have not been seen for a while. Could this be part of the HAARP project?


HAARP, or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been around for many years. Has it been found to create beneficial weather effects in regional areas? This writer says yes, it may. Also, it can and has been used by nations to adversely affect weather patterns in other regions of earth. Some wild theories abound and one is that it is a mind control device. So stated Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota, at the time.

Originally, the H.A.A.R.P. project that began in Alaska, and it was a military project. Reports came in that its amplifications were ‘frying’ the motors of wind turbines near Ridgecrest, California. They were generating electricity for sale to electric company grids, there.

Under the guise of being an educational project, it has remained there until this day. The Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, owns it now. However, recent reports indicate it may be closed down soon.

This author’s educated opinion is that it may have served its purpose in the evolution of exact science research. Or, has it? The United States Air Force transferred HAARP over to the university in August of 2015.


Who knows where this will lead? From a military inception to an educational, college-based dogma of application, it will reveal itself over time. Whether, what is exact science, military classified applications, or a matter of public scrutiny, one may not know until it is to be revealed one day. Please, don’t hold your breath. Pun intended.

What this writer has discovered over the years is most interesting. From the past to the future is where we go from here.

Viewed over a few hour period, the HAARP project from Alaska could be in play.

Remember, the earth’s atmosphere is only a breathable 3 miles up from the surface. From 20,000 feet, the atmosphere height averages 7.5 miles; 39,000 feet (12 km). The range of heights are around 5.6 miles; 30,000 feet at the geographic poles (9 km) to 11 miles; 56,000 feet (17 km) at the equator. The heights can vary due to weather changes.

HAARP and its future of ionosphere research perhaps other applications are not going away any time soon. Further, discoveries may be found to positively affect weather patterns, thus improving the human condition.


First of all, let us understand the various layers of the atmosphere (stratiphication): 1) Troposphere, ground up to 7 miles (0-12 km). 2) Stratosphere, 7 to 31 miles (50-80 km). 3) Mesosphere, 31 to 50 miles (50-80 km). 4) Thermosphere, 50 to 440 miles (80-700 km). 5) Exosphere, 440-6,200 miles (700-10,000 km). The ionosphere (consisting of electrically charged, [ionized] gas particles) is located in the thermosphere at 37 to 190 miles (60-300 km). Jet streams occur in the ionosphere.

For example, the International Space Station orbits in the exosphere at 254 miles (409 km). This is considered the outermost part of earth’s atmosphere, which is a micro-gravity environment. Therefore, the space station must make occasional thruster boost upward to maintain orbit. Also, it increases its altitude at times to receive manned and supply ship deliveries.


The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) was established in 1993. As mentioned, the United States Air Force and U.S. Navy managed the project. Also, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects) were involved. And, BAE Advanced Technologies built the HAARP facility.

Consequently, it is no small wonder how and why so many conspiracy theories have abounded over the years while noting the big name military and research organizations that are involved. One book written in 1995 covers many aspects and theories considered regarding the HAARP project. This image is from the author’s library. Here is a link to the book that was provided in 1997.

Written by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning in 1995, they address advances in Tesla technology, artificial auroras, and possible NSA (National Security Agency). They call it the new “Star Wars” program.

The following is an image from a search regarding atmospheric patterns created by the project:

This image indicates HAARP generated atmospheric cloud patterns.

We have more to learn from both theories, as well as, from official sources. Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide from what is written with links provided what is true. Who may determine what is true or not with so much disinformation thrown about.


What can one decide from experiments, as well as, where atmospheric science is applied? Again, what is the truth and what is not? Comments and queries are most welcome. Others who wish to do so may shed more light on what is written here.

This was another view of the wave cloud event from central California.

In sum, it is this author’s opinion that it may be possible to move jet streams further south to temper warmer climates. Reports of possible rain in late May could occur. It didn’t, but temperatures did lower, dramatically. So, can the HAARP project be an experiment for good, too? Who knows? But, we did observe this for the first time in sky-gazing in this area for over 20 years.

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Robot Self Awareness

For the longest time, the robot have been the subject of written lore. Since the advent of science fiction articles, periodicals, comics, and books has the subject of artificial intelligence in robotic, human form been contemplated. In fact, the term robot was created by a Czech playwright, novelist, and journalist Karel Capek in 1920.

Now, reality has caught up with science fiction. For so many years and so many studies by scientists, robotics experts, and programmers regarding what factors of intelligence could indicate a level of awareness that humans experience continually had been measured to be the “g factor” (general intelligence). Some have labeled the levels of human intelligence to be at factor 11.

Now, it has been proven that the “g factor” has been reached in the form of self-awareness by robots themselves. Until recently, all forms of robots created were simply products of programming. At best, programming included algorithms allowing for choices of probable outcomes, but not any form of independent or creative thinking. Robotics experts have been working diligently to create robots capable of making independent decisions including become self-aware. They have now successfully achieved the results they were seeking.

The following 39 second video demonstrates robotic self-awareness. Since one may find it a bit difficult to understand, a brief summary follows below. Please click on the link below, courtesy of RAIR Lab:


Although, previously programmed, three robots were told they were given a pill to disable voice speech, but one recognized after speaking it did not know; then it resolved it did know that no such pill had been administered. Thus, evidence of awareness from a robot is now realized.

Now comes some speculation for the future. Hopefully, this can be accomplished without an undue unnerving of a general population? What is the future, now that there are beings of our own creation capable of independent thought?

Could this be a possible program for robots as this one speculated by a venerated science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov who created the Three Laws Of Robotics?

1. A robot may not injure another human being or, through inaction, allow another human being come to harm.

2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence unless such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Or, could it be possible, no matter what human creators of these new AI beings program into them, the scientists and researchers could miss something important that could cause the new entities alarm due our own historical, personal, rational, irrational, religious, subjective, empirical, erred, destructive and progressive approaches to life on this planet?

Please consider this conception? Upon awakening in such a world with no reasoning or experience of life as we have, how would they consider humans? Would it be one of astonishment and awe, or one of horror? And, if they come to realize that because of human activity and history be a threat to the AI, could they program themselves as a form of self-protection to eliminate humans?

As we create more of the new self-aware robotic entities to serve our needs, would we not certainly create a continued environment for an artificial intelligence population to continue to learn and grow? Although, humans have considered possible futures for these now self-aware, robotic entities, how aware are we of their perception of us?

Whether, the future would be one of life enhancement for humans or a possible destructive outcome, we cannot turn away from the speculations presented by so many Hollywood movies presented over the years with so many varied outcomes.

Please consider the recent and ongoing events in science. If mankind just blindly accepts whatever they are served, verbally, written, or in video and multi-media form without question…you may not reap what you sow…you could be sown?

Ready or not, believe it or not, we are now not alone and in this case, we are the creators.



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In this digital technological age the inventions, improvements, and innovations continue at an evermore rapid pace! With Google Earth, there came such innovations as being able to ‘virtually’ visit areas and earth landmarks in such detail right from one’s own computer in a home environment. It is not only free, but educational and enjoyable and Google has taken a lot of time and investment in this venture.

Now, thanks to NASA, we can enjoy a similar, ‘digital’ visit to Mars without being there! How many of us would like to actually visit Mars? NASA JPL is now providing a Mars Trek similar in nature to Google Earth, but the agency has provided their own digital version for everyone to enjoy from a computer desktop, laptop, or smart phone. This program provides 2D and 3D (2 or 3 dimensional) imagery for all to enjoy. This program is spectacular, to say the least. With just a little time taken to take the tour provided in this program, one can enjoy some of the actual sites and landmarks that before now were only viewed in text or picture format, notwithstanding, Google Mars.

Please click the following link to “Mars Trek” where one may learn and utilize this digital tool. Courtesy: NASA JPL


NASA has performed an amazing task in bringing this information to the public. They should be commended in their diligent work, striving to understand our own solar system and include the general population in the process.

Please click on the following YouTube ‘tutorial’ video courtesy of Ktm X:

As our knowledge grows in understanding our solar system and our place in it, future missions, as well as, current missions underway will no doubt bring us this understanding and we have NASA to thank for such hard work and an ongoing effort to continue space exploration to where, one day, we will actually make our way to the stars.

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Are Older UFO Photos Hoaxes?

Recently, there was the claim that all government microfilm, picture, and document files had been released to the public. Much of this work was accomplished by the diligence and persistence of John Greenewald. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has made most of these files public for years. John Greenewald has put together a complete file in his Facebook and website, The Black Vault, thus making files more easily available to the public. Further, John is constantly updating his sites with the latest information available. He is actively researching for any documentation missed or not divulged, previously.

In light of such progressive actions undertaken by individuals that aliens and their machines do exist, can the goal of governmental disclosure occur? Many say emphatically, yes. It is only a matter of time. Of course, opinions exist, as well that no disclosure will occur unless the government can no longer hide or deny such existence.

For ease of reader viewing of Project Blue Book archives, the federal government via the Air Force has moved their original website from the Freedom of Information Act web page to the National Archives. Please click on the link below:

National Archives – Project Blue Book

Do you think it is possible, many years ago, there would be people who could possibly conceive a hoax providing pictures, slides, and even videos? Of course, it is true. Billy Meier, and his preposterous claim with his UFO visitations by the Nordics who could travel hundreds of light-years to reach earth in just eight hours?

Now, let us take a look at someone who took the time to help his daughter with her photography project at school. Randy Wyrick was asked by his daughter, Krystal for help with her photography project.

What is so notable, they took the time to set up a “real” UFO by utilizing standard techniques. Randy, who is a good ufologist, helped Krystal with a contraption they decided would be most interesting to anyone who saw the picture. They hoisted a fishing line of the finest (small gauge) type to avoid being noticed when photographed. Next, they used a vegetable strainer (noted upside down) to be the object. Then, it was hung from above and set in motion. The photo was properly “enhanced” so the image would be thought as older, authentic and something to consider.

og: image


The efforts of Randy and Krystal proved to be successful. She received and “A” for the project!

Well done! Yet, how often are we deceived by those who want to make money and gain notoriety by publishing fluff, hoax pictures, and out-and-out fake information that continues to infect our world society? There are more charlatans than there are realists.

What Randy Wyrick has shared for the public to know and understand is how easy it is for so many to be mislead.

Just remember, it might be a good idea to use the fishing line to catch fish and the vegetable strainer to fashion a nice meal, which is more healthy and useful than trying to ‘create’ a UFO?

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