Dave Emmons and Ed Smith cover the "Big Picture" of some areas of ufology.


GERN, known as the Global Enlightenment Radio Network airs radio shows every Saturday at 4 pm. The network can be found here. GERN is also found on YouTube.

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Darrell Neely, founder of GERN, the Global Enlightenment Network, produces Dave Emmons interviewing Ed Smith; founder, Universal Digest.

Dave Emmons, an up-and-coming radio talk show host (who has logged over 200 hours of broadcast time), found this author on Facebook at the beginning of this year, 2020. We struck up a good friendship from the very beginning. As we developed a mutual regard for each other, Dave sent the invitation to be a guest on the network where he had hosted for a while.

We covered an overall view of ufology. We also covered not only the big picture, we discussed some of the articles written over the last five years. So, what follows is the YouTube video of our broadcast. Honestly, this writer was relieved to see that the video portion of the 2:20 hour broadcast stopped at around 15 minutes. Being unaware that this was to be a video, as well as, audio interview, it was a relief to find that Odin ceased the visual part of the interview.

YouTube video here:

Above…Darrell Neely Odin, Sr.


Ed hails from North Carolina. From an early age he has always been interested in space, physics, and science fiction. Science fiction becomes science fact. His first UFO experience occurred in 1967 near Atlanta, Georgia. Ed was an avid classical music fan in youth; his aspirations were to become an astronaut. Due to certain events in life he channeled his energy into business after college.

Entering one of the facets of the oil industry, his efforts led him to sell his first business and possessions to see the world and what was going on, overall. He resides in California and when he retired, he set about to write of his experiences. With a keen interest in ufology and with the help of some good mentors, he is involved in finding out and sharing what is true and accurate.


Although, he is involved in many areas of writing, his main interest is still ufology. His intense belief in elevating the human condition by telling the truth and exposing lies, hoaxes, and fake reports, also includes an altruistic approach of treating people the way he wants to be treated. He firmly believes in a bright future for humanity. Ed has built the website, Universal Digest and continues research in ufology, as well as, a wide area of subject matter. To date, Ed has published over 460 articles. He has traveled to a number of areas in his research, which includes many areas of the United Kingdom and the United States.

In sum, most of this interview covered much of the Rendlesham Forest Incident experience. This author covers not only the big picture in the interview; he covers the conclusions since the 1980 event. Just to listen and experience this audio interview, again, since the original introduction and subsequent research is rather enlightening.

What is to be noted, is with such a great interviewer like Dave Emmons, so much detail was revealed. And, this detail will not be found anywhere else.

Thank you, Dave Emmons. You opened a huge door.

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KCOR Digital Radio airs live from Las Vegas. It has streaming radio programs and music 24/7.


Tina Marie Caouette owns and manages KCOR out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2015, her radio network has been growing at a rapid rate. Because, she is well-known as being fair-minded both intellectually and financially with whom she is associated. Her goal from the outset was to provide the sound and look for what talk radio should be like.

KCOR Digital Radio Network airs a broadcast venue for over thirty-six talk show hosts. And, there is a waiting list for those who want to join her network. Tina works diligently to bring the best in broadcasting to the listening public. She works twice the usual work-week and is constantly adding to KCOR the best hosts. She produces all live shows herself.


Setting the bar for Tina’s radio empire to the highest standards has always been her goal. She produces streaming radio in HD (High Definition), but she also provides imaging and graphics for each show.

Recently, she rebuilt her original website from the ground up. It has been a gargantuan task, but through all the travails of web development Tina and her team have produced the new KCOR Digital Radio website! Ongoing work continues with new formats and additions to her existing profiles and programs. The new website supports improvements for mobile device use.

What sets KCOR apart from the competition is unique programming. Show subjects range from politics to the paranormal. But, each talk show host broadcasts their own materials and viewpoints.

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The Future of Radio is Here and Now.

The KCOR slogan is ‘The Future of Radio Is Here and Now.’ Tina supports her show hosts and gives them much freedom to operate independently on her network. That is something rather unusual in broadcast media.


The formats for this radio network includes streaming music between talk shows. There are links to view archives, but she also provides this button at the front page top to click to join streaming broadcasts live.

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Click this button located at the top of the KCOR website to listen live 24/7.

When visiting the website click on the ‘Listen Live’ link above. Browse the menu for showtimes and hosts.


Restricted Air Space was one of Tina’s first programs to air on KCOR Digital Radio Network. It airs from 7 pm Pacific and 10 pm Eastern Time. Tina hosts this program live.

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Restricted Airspace is one of Tina’s first programs to air on KCOR.

Solaris BlueRaven hosts her program called Hyperspace, as noted above.

Please note Tina’s slogan for her Friday Fantopia: ‘Question Everything – Trust No One’.


This radio network is populated with the brightest and best radio personalities from around the world.

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The community is welcome to join in a live broadcast. And, there are pricing packages for every budget.

Tina and her team are active in the community. In many cases, talented broadcast professionals are available to participate. And, live shows can be conducted on-site where the Prize Patrol gives out free prizes to attendees, too.

Truly, KCOR loves the community. But, that is not all! See below for more. In addition, Tina Marie is a professional bowler and writes for the website, Bowlers Paradigm with her own column, Bowler in Dreamland.


Advertising is welcome, too. There are targeted packages to reach millions of listeners, world wide.

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Packages are available to reach millions of educated listeners, worldwide. And, remember, there are packages to fit every budget.

And, they provide services and sponsorships to business and professional organizations to 106 counties, statewide.


As with any business, there are expenses. While Tina has worked hard to keep costs down (including producing her live shows herself), she still must charge the talk show hosts for their show participation. She is working to change this situation. Notwithstanding, there is a line up of over 50 shows and yes, there is a waiting list. Many potential hosts are asking to join KCOR. If Tina can provide free airtime the network could provide unique shows and programming almost 24/7.

There are some talk show hosts who prefer to keep their archives free and have agreed to continue to pay for their airtime. With this being considered, if subscriptions to the radio network out-way the costs, it is a win-win for listeners and show hosts alike.

Ultimately, once the above foundations are established, more staff can be hired to help maintain the network and more producers can maintain live support for the new and existing shows joining KCOR.


First of all, please know that the live streaming radio will always be free for the listeners at KCOR. However, along with the improvements with the new website and technological improvisations, a new program will be in place, soon. Further, the door is open for anyone to contact KCOR to submit ideas on the contact page. Viewer opinions and ideas are welcomed.

This is where the viewers can become subscribers and enjoy their favorite programs. Coming soon is the Dark Vault Insider Program:

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The Dark Vault Insider membership is due to begin May 1, 2020. View details on the KCOR website.

The new program will provide low-cost subscriptions enabling the listeners to hear over 5 years of archived shows since the beginning of the radio network. In addition, listeners will have access to ongoing programs that have aired, to date.

Dark Vault Insider is scheduled to be activated on May 1, 2020. Please remember, talk show hosts who want their programs to be available for listeners free of charge, will have archived clickable links under each show date banner.

Below, please view the core benefits provided for paid subscribers:

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Here are the core features and benefits of joining Dark Vault Insider.

In sum, the six bullet points above will be available for subscribers to enjoy 24/7. Please take time to view the website for more detail. Also, utilizing the contact page for any questions the readers here may have are most welcomed.


As Universal Digest was in its beginnings, Tina Marie and this author were introduced on social media. A planned meeting was made when next we traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a well-earned vacation. We first met at South Point Casino and the rest is history.

After our meeting, we shared much of our life experiences. When Tina discussed some of her encounters with other entities, I offered to write an article about it. Since, I am also an experiencer, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to undertake this task. It took a few months to sift through the interviews and information, but I was certainly up for this.

Ultimately, Tina’s long-time experiences with visitations over many years was created after six months from our first meeting. The article in the link is called ‘An Extraterrestrial Invitation‘ and it was my honor to publish it. Please bear in mind, she is an author now. She wrote her first book based on her experiences. And, it may surprise one on the path she has taken. Tina wrote her first fiction novel based on her real experiences. It is called: Alien Deception.


We have found an enduring friendship based on honesty and objectivity. Tina Marie Caouette is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. Her business acumen is far and beyond the norm seen today of those who are directed and successful.

Tina continues KCOR Digital Radio Network because she loves what she does. And, in fact, she doesn’t have to continue. Yes, she has a life, but Tina is self-directed to provide what she does in having the finest, best, and most successful talk show hosts airing to answer so many questions for those who have them.

This author is honored and pleased to be a part of Tina’s aspirations. In fact, it is what prompted the creation of this article.

Thank you all for taking the time to read: KCOR Digital Radio Network

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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SPI Scotland ADX Files

ADX FILES SCOTLAND BROADCASTING – Having listened to this network for quite a while, I had always noticed the unique radio format regarding interview techniques from a one Alyson Dunlop. Early on, I found it difficult to find the proper introduction to this article, hence, being a bit late in publishing, as promised.

Here is why. I took the time to review some more of the broadcasts produced in the ADX Files weekly episodes. Oh my, what a diverse, yet cohesive history of interviews it is. Alyson Dunlop is almost telepathic (even so, perhaps) in her ability to understand what questions to ask and how to apply her broadcasts to be a relevant factor in human understanding in ufology and paranormal phenomena occurring worldwide.

og: image
Scotland ADX Files from Alyson Dunlop. Here is where reality and conception meet.

This brings us to the present state of this article. Reality, Religion, and UFOs where Alyson and I decided to make this event happen. In Episode 51, with just one day’s notice of a postponement in broadcasting, I was asked if I was interested in participating with the next broadcast. I was particularly stunned, yet with a seasoned resilience I responded with a ‘yes’ so off I went to put together the information requested. Both of us were most flexible and I was able to meet the challenge. And, I might add, she not only reciprocated, she, too, was up to the same. We did it.

When it comes to honesty in broadcasting, of which both of us have not been ‘alien’ to doing, so to speak, this broadcast went quite well. Now comes my assessment of this past week.

Wow. Alyson Dunlop is not only a professional in some intrinsic areas of the human condition regarding hypnotism therapy, she is also so interested in bringing to the public, worldwide, the most pertinent issues regarding the human condition, as am I. Realizing, I have been invited into the league of such caring, altruistic, and professional people, I had to publish this article.

To wit, I would like to share the following. I really wish the funds would allow me to join these fine individuals this year to the SPI UFO and Paranormal Conference; however, the oceans do not permit, this time. Soon. Do go, if you can.

I have found this venue, persons (of many), and now friends (of many) to be the most genuine, caring, austere, and honest people, overall. Let not the past prevail, I say let the present and future present and prove how wonderful the human condition really is.

Please plan to attend the upcoming Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference happening with featured speakers: Alyson Dunlop, Malcolm Robinson, and Ron Halliday.

Ed Smith

Universal Digest


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World Ag Expo 50th Anniversary at the Heritage Complex grounds covered over two million acres! The 2017 event was the best ever accomplished.

What a day to visit the 50th annual Tulare County World Ag Expo! The central valley of California has experienced one of the wettest rain seasons in known history. The timing could not have been better to arrive at the grounds on a misty, crisp morning early on Wednesday, February 15th. Not only was it beneficial for parking close to a main gate, it had dried out to where we were not immersed in people and mud. The snow-capped Sierra mountains were barely visible upon arrival, yet, by mid-afternoon they were clearly visible, which will be seen at article’s end.

So, the day begins. As an antecedent, we arrived one week early, by accident, as mentioned on the previous article. Upon an oops arrival, it was decided to enjoy the ambiance and rich history of this incredible breadbasket of the world the International Agri-Center has provided for the public to enjoy for only donations. Of course, the annual World Ag Expo did require a paltry entry admission, which was gladly forked over. What many people do not realize is much of the funds gathered by the facility goes right back into the county for schools and community services.

World Ag Expo Banner 2017

Since arriving early to the event, we stood in line for a while, awaiting entry onto the grounds. It was a great time to interact and commiserate with not only attendees, but with some exhibitors, as well. The Expo staff actually approached us with stamps for our forehands indicating our paid status, in case we needed to leave, temporarily before returning to the grounds. Since it was a bit cool, some staff members were offering coffee and hot chocolate drinks for us to enjoy, at no charge. What a deal! Everyone was quite jovial and we met some nice and interesting people. Security was in existence, yet, I was rather amazed at how well they kept a low-profile and quiet demeanor.

The World Ag Expo began in 1968.

With the following images, please click on any one of them to start a clickable gallery of pictures:

Once we entered the gates, the extravaganza began! Which way to go, which way to go, was the first thoughts on mind. Left was chosen in anticipation of not being left out (pun intended). What a spectacle to behold as we all walked in amazement at the displays, exhibits, pavilions, and buildings amassed in the sprawling grounds. As the morning grew into midday, we were all blessed with the incredibly great weather break from recent storms and rainfall (no complaints and disdain for those who do). Are we out of a drought, could be, yet no one in the central valley should ever be upset with moisture from rainfall or water flow.

Well, there is some valid complaints I can think of during any harvest. There are raisins drying in the sun, cotton ready for ginning at the wrong time…oh my, I could open a number of situations from here on…not to worry, I caught myself in the nick of time from getting too far off topic…however, all above issues can be relevant to the best farmers, ranchers, and dairymen this valley has ever known. I must say this again, for the record. The world is blessed beyond belief, at the hard work, multi-generational, and diligent realization of what agriculture means to everyone living here and in the world. These gifted individuals know this and so should everyone else. Because of what they know, learn, and teach, we are all better off, as they apply all resources to grow more with less every year. We. too, should be examples of how not only to conserve, but to apply our residential wiles to conservation and recycling efforts, where applicable.

There, I just got off my stump for recognition and conservation. I am blessed with those who, as mentors, enabled me to understand, especially in community and regional activities to give back where I can.

Please click on any of the images below to start a clickable gallery where you can exit at any time to return to the article. These are some of the sites seen and enjoyed. Thank goodness for the trams offered to see the grounds…the most ever:

Next on the voyage, I first stopped by the Toyota booth where they were raffling a new vehicle for $5 per ticket. I didn’t win, but it was for a great cause; Valley Children’s Hospital. I met more friends and acquaintances over the many years of life in Tulare County. At the International Business Center (shown above) I saw Ryan Purkiss, who is the Present Rotary president for the Visalia Sunset club. The reception for Ag Expo attendees was very well done. I was able to visit with other Rotary friends who were busy attending to the crowds. Ryan said all five Visalia Rotary clubs and both Tulare clubs had combined resources together to provide the amenities for everyone to enjoy. It was a pleasant respite from the crowds to enjoy the food and drinks there. Then I saw another friend of many years, Dr. Larry Stoneburner. He has been a mainstay in multi-county community service for as long as I can remember:

Then, I was on the hunt to say hello to Ray Appleton of KMJ 580 AM Radio, known as KMJNOW. I first visited the Heritage Complex media center because I had failed to listen closely enough when Ray said from where he would be broadcasting during the three-day event. The management and staff were most accommodating and pointed to the Case Exhibit not too far away. I mention this because I wanted to give kudos to all who participated in this fantastic 50th anniversary event! The staff members commented how fortunate they were that KMJ and Ray Appleton were participating, as they have done for years.

Since I lived in the Las Angeles area, I started travelling on business in the central California valley. This was where I first listened to KMJ radio. They are known as Radio City (Fresno, CA). Also known as the blow-torch of the valley, it broadcasts over 50,000 Watts of power. It can be heard from the western coastal areas to as far south as the Grapevine heading south over the mountains to southern California. It is also heard as far east as the Sierra mountain chain to as far north approaching Sacramento. By the way, KMJ streams worldwide so do listen when you can.

Finally, we made our way to where Ray was broadcasting from his booth at the Case Exhibit. On a personal note, I wanted to state, for the record a little bit about Ray Appleton, from my experiences. For many years past, when I was reaching out to the community in association with area education, the Visalia Chamber of Commerce, and two Rotary Clubs, Visalia Sunset and then Woodlake, I would sometimes see Ray. He is a huge believer in community welfare activities, whether it ranges from business to one of his favorite organizations, the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Over the years, his passion for politics has found him in contact with past presidents of the United States, including President Trump, where he just returned from the 115th Congressional State of the Union address. He also provides a venue for any and all political entities who care to share with the public with local, state, and federal actions and activities. His candor for being honest, to the point, yet quite humanistic to everyone with whom he has contact is well-known for the last thirty years. Obviously, I have a keen respect for Ray and I am glad to just have the contact I have over the years, inclusive of periodic call ins to the radio station to chat on various subjects. To note, 2017 begins his 30th year of broadcasting. The management and staff of KMJ 580 AM Radio are honoring Ray with the 30th Anniversary Bash to be held at the Fresno Fairground on May 20th, beginning at 2 pm. There will be many festivities to enjoy. I certainly plan to attend!

To end this segment, it was great to see Ray during one of his brief breaks at the bottom of the hour. When I had arrived, almost no one was hanging around, yet, by the time Ray generously took a few moments to chat, some important-looking people were showing up. From experience, I knew this would become part of his show so after the above photo-op, I knew it was time to go. Was I ever so right, as I was listening in some major issues had arisen where, as usual, he was taking the ‘bull by the horns’. Although brief, this was a memorable visit.

As the day moved along, the plethora of tractor-driven coaches were an absolute blessing. There were so many of them some actually had to stop and wait for the one in front. It was such an easy start and stop operation, we were able to see all of what we chose to see. As the afternoon waned into later day, the crowds were still growing! The air was filled with sounds of people speaking in many different languages and the smells of different cuisines wafted and seemed to follow as I walked along the various ‘roads’ in the two-million acre layout.

In closing, I want to leave everyone concerned, the Heritage Complex management and staff, exhibitors, broadcasters, concessionaires, maintenance, and just plain, nice visitors a huge, heart-felt thank you. This was a most unforgettable event so fitting for the 50th Annual World Ag Expo, hosted by the International Agri-Center and Heritage Complex.

As promised at the beginning of the article, here are some pictures during exit:






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