This contrail image was taken towards the west on Saturday, January 11th. The atmospheric view extends from central California to the coastal area of the Pacific Ocean.

Contrails over central California are quite common. But, during certain times of the year they are not. This is one of those times. On occasion they seem a bit more numerous, but it is due to atmospheric conditions, by and large. This article identifies a certain anomaly that was out of the norm for a… Continue reading CONTRAILS OVER CENTRAL CALIFORNIA

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Arabian Giant Man

Great Flood and the Lack of Human Remains is a mystery. Why? One day, I was pondering on the ‘giants’ mentioned in Genesis 6:4, which is a mind-blowing topic. It’s been written hundreds of times that nephilim skeletons have been discovered but the remains are hidden from the public. Is this plausible? If you do… Continue reading GREAT FLOOD – HUMAN REMAINS?

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