Kevin, Marcus, and the omeo team pose with the new name re-branding from Ogo Technology.


Omeo has been re-branded from Ogo Mobility. Its change came to accommodate the global marketing and sales network efforts. Now, omeo can become a well-known name in every country where the devices may be made available.

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Larry Hollenbeck produces this banner for omeo.


We start life seeking balance. First with our emotions, and then with our physical body. We scoot across the floor, developing strength in our physical. And experience the joy of movement, in our emotions. We smile. As we gain strength in our legs we also seek balance in the hands of our parent, to guide our movements. And, we smile. We gain confidence in their support and joy in the second nature of movement. And so, we continue life with this awesome confidence and joy, in the wonder of movement.

Life has many roads to travel. With perils and challenges to overcome. For some the struggles can be great. Especially in cases of the loss of balance, and mobility. Deepening the emotional struggle from independence to dependency, and being faced with much more physical challenges as well. Simply put, moving smoothly, and efficiently does not present itself without new difficulties.


We can also find our self in a situation where we are without the support system of love, we learned with. And so we must seek out others with a love of mobility, in the hope to regain balance and joy. And smile again.

I have traveled this road, and what I have found, are many, who share the love of mobility. Creating through love devices that bring back balance and movement. And for me, most importantly, a very emotional smile. My research lead me to the Ogo mobility device. Which in early March of 2019 went through a re-branding of the name. It is now called the Omeo Evolution 1. Setting it’s sites on a world wide market. Supported by 29 well qualified, Omeo agents. 4 in New Zealand, 5 in Australia, 14 in the United States, 2 in Canada, 2 in the United Kingdom, and 2 in Europe. Check out the Omeo site at for an agent near you. They are very informative and will answer any questions you may have. I know from experience, this life changing device will bring back a mobility smile to all it touches. With an emotional joy of movement in tow. It is truly a moving experience.


Written By: Larry Hollenbeck

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