In this week's REDMOND'S REVIEW, Darren shares his thoughts on CS Lewis's book, "Spirits in Bondage A Cycle of Lyrics."

Subconscious and superconscious planes of mind are the subjects of REDMOND’S REVIEW this week. SUBCONSCIOUS AND SUPERCONSCIOUS PLANES OF MIND Written in 2017, “The Subconscious and Superconscious Planes of Mind” authored by William Walker Atkinson is wonderfully referenced by me as a genre that can be confidently titled, “rabbit hole reading”. This label is given… Continue reading SUBCONSCIOUS AND SUPERCONSCIOUS

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Darren Redmond presents "Your Voice."

“Your Voice” is written as an exclusive article from the heart of Darren Redmond. YOUR VOICE When I bring up a question about your voice and its origins do you know from which I ask? I can assure you I do not mean the name of a TV show. This does not mean the voice… Continue reading YOUR VOICE – DARREN REDMOND

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This contrail image was taken towards the west on Saturday, January 11th. The atmospheric view extends from central California to the coastal area of the Pacific Ocean.

Contrails over central California are quite common. But, during certain times of the year they are not. This is one of those times. On occasion they seem a bit more numerous, but it is due to atmospheric conditions, by and large. This article identifies a certain anomaly that was out of the norm for a… Continue reading CONTRAILS OVER CENTRAL CALIFORNIA

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Perception – The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses – The normal limits to human perception. When reading the above basic definition of perception, I, personally, ‘perceive’ (pun intended), it as being rather vague in meaning, lacking descriptive value. It means so much more. The term, normal limits to… Continue reading PERCEPTION: A PERSPECTIVE

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