This week on REDMOND'S Review, Darren discusses "The Power of Concentration," written in 1919. Theron Q. Dumont is the writer.

Power of concentration is the subject of this week’s REDMOND’S REVIEW. Darren highlights the fact that people, more now than ever are distracted by so many situations in their living environments. THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION Written in 1919 and free in the public record, “The Power of Concentration,” by Theron Q. Dumont is as important… Continue reading POWER OF CONCENTRATION

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This is an image of a young Darren Redmond. He reviews Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains.

INDIAN HEROES AND GREAT CHIEFTAINS Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains, written by Charles A Eastman in 1918, I put into the ‘must read’ file, for those who want to learn more about North America’s first people. Its author, Charles Eastman, a proud Santee Sioux, out of Red Falls Minnesota, learned many of the stories communicated… Continue reading INDIAN HEROES AND GREAT CHIEFTAINS

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