In this week's REDMOND'S REVIEW, Darren shares his thoughts on CS Lewis's book, "Spirits in Bondage A Cycle of Lyrics."

Humility and Service ‘Humility’ is the book I review and it was written in 1895. It deals with just one subject, and oh, how that subject can be misinterpreted. It is twisted by those looking to manipulate you. Humility is called a weakness. It is just ignored. This book was written by Andrew Murray and… Continue reading HUMILITY, SERVICE AND GOD

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Hands in the Community is in severe financial distress. Help in any way is requested.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION IN DISTRESS Community Service organizations all around central California have been severely affected from the coronavirus pandemic. Hands in the Community is one of them. Lester Moon, Founder and Executive Director, met with Universal Digest in an exclusive interview to discuss their present hardships. They have not been helped in any way from… Continue reading COMMUNITY SERVICE FIRM IN NEED

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Can mail distribution services spread the pandemic of Coronavirus or COVID-19?

Pandemic flu and virus outbreaks have plagued earth for centuries. What has happened that is different this time? Tony Elliott in his continued efforts to educate the global public continues. WITH THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. JUST HOW SAFE IS YOUR MAIL? In light of the COVID-19 shutdown to curb the spread of the virus, we have… Continue reading PANDEMIC COVID19 AND YOUR MAIL SERVICE

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My Uncle Lou and Me and You

My Uncle Lou and Me and You… They tell us, I reference of course, the proverbial “they”. That it is a lie. That its not true and that it is nothing more than the figment of someone’s imagination.  I speak of course about the “American Dream”. We are bombarded, lately with “enlightened thinkers” who choose to cast their wisdom upon us. Specifically about… Continue reading My Uncle Lou and Me and You

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