In this week's REDMOND'S REVIEW, Darren shares his thoughts on CS Lewis's book, "Spirits in Bondage A Cycle of Lyrics."

Humility and Service

‘Humility’ is the book I review and it was written in 1895. It deals with just one subject, and oh, how that subject can be misinterpreted. It is twisted by those looking to manipulate you. Humility is called a weakness. It is just ignored.
This book was written by Andrew Murray and it is titled, Humility. Consciously, or otherwise, the personal relationship we have with Christ, as author Andrew Murray goes into great detail about, requires humility on our part. It enables us to be able to get close and focused in our relationship with God.
The word ‘humility’, has had many connotations and meanings throughout the ages. It is 180 degrees away from the word ‘pride’ which is often as well, used in many different forms, from many different meanings. From reading this work by Andrew Murray, I can simply define PRIDE to actually be fear, and HUMILITY to be confidence.

Pride and Fear

Pride  often times is fear masked as confidence. Humility is the complete opposite, it is a perfect trust that God loves us and wants the best for us. We cannot maximize ourselves, unless we know that we are here, but for the grace of God.
I am paraphrasing of course, we are reminded throughout this work, that it is only when we get quiet, non boastful, and non self-absorbed, that the real work of humility begins. Why boast and brag when you are  using nothing more than the talents that God has given you?
Humility is a quiet confidence because you are aware that you are loved by God. All that you have and that you will have, come from our creator. A understanding of that fills a person with a humble peace.
Remember, our savior chose to live a life of servitude, humble in nature and doing so with confidence, and no need for those around him to approve of his path in life.
For with humble kindness toward all and to our selves, the greatest of all, should be the one who serves the most.
This book is free to read in the public domain.
Written By: Darren Redmond

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Hands in the Community is in severe financial distress. Help in any way is requested.


Community Service organizations all around central California have been severely affected from the coronavirus pandemic. Hands in the Community is one of them. Lester Moon, Founder and Executive Director, met with Universal Digest in an exclusive interview to discuss their present hardships. They have not been helped in any way from the present stimulus programs available, to date.

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Hands in the Community is in severe financial distress. Help in any way is requested.

As a proponent of elevating the human condition, we at Universal Digest are committed to doing what can be done to help those in need, where possible. Please read on, dear viewers. Any help that can be given in any way, from volunteer work to financial assistance is most appreciated. Hands in the Community may not be viable to help others within the next few weeks or months. Where and how to help is mentioned later in this article.


The following is the video interview with Lester Moon. When this author visited the HNC offices in October of 2019, it was abuzz with activity. Every office and computer station was occupied and in use. This visit was shocking. When called for appointment confirmation and directions, Lester answered the phone, personally.

Since we last met, the coronavirus has taken its toll at this non-profit organization. There was only one other person present and it was for an unrelated matter for that which we are writing.

Imagine. From March to April of 2020, funding income dropped by 95%! Of course, this is unsustainable for an organization that helps so many in a tri-county area.


Succinctly, if Hands in the Community (like so many others) does not increase its funding to continue helping in their Christian ministry to support and assist those in need, they must close the doors. This will add another vacuum of help in the community.

Who is helped? Of the programs to help seniors in need, so affected are the programs for parents and children in their situations. Please note; fully 75% of all funding received is returned to help those in need. That is almost unbelievable in present times. Most non-profits return so much less in funding to those who need help.

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Many area companies and organizations have supported Hands in the Community. Since the COVID-19 crisis, funding has literally dried up as everyone in business is affected.

As with many other businesses and organizations in the United States have suffered from such a notorious ‘invisible’ attack from outside our shores, all have suffered, severely, financially. Hands in the Community who depends on area businesses, as well as, from private individuals for funding are now beyond struggling. Please. Help however, one may to keep this noble, Christian organization afloat.


In fact, this author must state that in a previous contact with HNC, one of our friends received assistance from them. In the end, she received the help she needed.

And, as mentioned in the video, one project was to build a fence for someone who needed a new one. HNC priced a contractor who could build the fence for $4,500. Of course, this would cripple the budget. So, they went to work to find volunteers and those who could help with materials. In the end, the fence project was completed at a cost of $1,000.

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Hands in the Community helps so many needy individuals in three area counties. These include Tulare, Kings, and parts of southern Fresno counties.

So, in closing, almost no one and no organization in our are communities have not been affected by this heinous situation not of our doing. Let us all pray that we do not go to a ‘new’ normal, but to a ‘regular’ normal.

If anyone who is reading and viewing what is here can render any form of assistance; it will not just be Hands in the Community you are helping? You will be helping hundreds of people in area communities, now and in the future.


Please call (559) 625-3822 from anywhere in the United States. If calling from outside the US to help, please remember to enter your country code first. Then, enter the US code 01. After that, please enter the telephone number given above.

If one wishes to reach Hands in the Community via their website; it is: Thank you all for taking the time to read this article. Render assistance where possible. It is understood that at this time, there are so many people and firms in need of help. Thank everyone for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, there are some who will be able to reach out to this well-known organization.

To be clear and to the point, HNC will help anyone who lives near or below the poverty level. And, this is verified before they help those who request it.

Please, reach out to help Hands in the Community, wherever one may be able to do so. God Bless us all, in these time. We remember, we are not forsaken. For He knows our plight. And, He is returning. Count on it.

Universal Digest is a proponent for community activity. It is part of elevating the human condition where we live. Whether we may help where it is local, regional, or global; we provide it where we can do so.

There is certainly not enough of it to go around for so many.

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Can mail distribution services spread the pandemic of Coronavirus or COVID-19?

Pandemic flu and virus outbreaks have plagued earth for centuries. What has happened that is different this time? Tony Elliott in his continued efforts to educate the global public continues.

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The spread of the recent pandemic is spread many ways. How prolific could hands-on mail handling affect others?


In light of the COVID-19 shutdown to curb the spread of the virus, we have to wonder just how safe is getting our mail? You have to realize that mail comes to us from every area of the US as well as from many parts of the world.

Supposedly, the COVID-19 virus can live as long as three to four hours on cardboard, thus it should have the same life span on the paper that is in envelopes as well as the envelopes themselves. This not to mention that most of the envelopes themselves have been sealed the old fashion way of licking the adhesive before sealing it.

Another point is, medical science is simply guessing at how long this virus can live on surfaces, in droplets, and outside the body. The actual time could be much longer as some new evidence suggests.

This, along with the fact that the USPS employs some half a million people in the country who expose themselves to the possibility of contracting COVID-19 by handling mail from literally every person in the US and billions more from around the world.


The USPS could literally be a massive petri dish for the transfer of this virus. As letters come through the machines to separate them, many hand sorted, with the pickup and delivery to the post office from mail boxes, homes, and businesses, the chances of transferring the virus is astronomical.

So, the mail might be the most dangerous thing we face in this pandemic in spreading the disease. Many postal workers may have contracted the virus and are now spreading it among themselves as well as on the very mail we get. This would also include private carriers such as UPS, Fed-Ex, and all other smaller services.

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Can mail distribution services spread the pandemic of Coronavirus or COVID-19?

Written By: Tony Elliott

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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My Uncle Lou and Me and You

My Uncle Lou and Me and You…

They tell us, I reference of course, the proverbial “they”. That it is a lie. That its not true and that it is nothing more than the figment of someone’s imagination.  I speak of course about the “American Dream”. We are bombarded, lately with “enlightened thinkers” who choose to cast their wisdom upon us. Specifically about how many of our thoughts about this country and the ideas it was formed on  are incorrect or a lie. They choose to inform us, or teach us their “enlightened version” of what this country “really was” or what it should be. As a fervent advocate of free speech, I welcome everyone’s opinion on every subject matter including if the “American Dream” exists and what that may mean.

I know the “American Dream ” is real because I have seen it with my own eyes. I am not saying, of course that this dream can only happen in this country. But, what I am stating is that this dream did happen in America. So, the American Dream is possible. We have all heard stories, great ones in fact, of a person’s climb from poverty to greatness. While that is a tremendous example of an American Dream, the dream I am talking about is one much more simple in nature…but one just as grand.

Not too many years ago, my Uncle Lou..a giant of a man who may have stood all of 5 foot 8 inches tall, passed away.  He passed away after being married to his wonderful wife, my Aunt Clair for over 50 years. Uncle Lou and his wife, Clair lived the American dream.  They lived the stuff of legend…or fiction, unless, of course you live in America, because it all actually happened.

At the outbreak of World War 2, Uncle Lou joined the Navy.  Before leaving for training  one day, he hopped into a cab to take him to Brooklyn from New York City. When Uncle Lou entered the cab, he noticed that a library book was left on the seat.  He opened the book and found the name that the book was checked out to. Once back home, Uncle Lou opened up the phone book and started dialing every name that matched the one that was on the last page of that library book. Eventually, my Aunt Clair  picked up the phone, and they spoke for the first time. As happens from time to time, conversations led to a meeting (to return the book, of course) and they started to date.  While not dating for a long period of time, Uncle Lou promised my Aunt Clair that he would ask her hand in marriage once he came back from the war. You see, with Uncle Lou, their was no ifs…there was only looking at things with positive determination…he knew he would come back to her…and he did.  Uncle Lou, saw action in both Europe (D Day) and the Pacific Theater (Iwo Jima), as a Sea Bee.

After the war, Uncle Lou lived in  California and quickly married my sweet Aunt Clair. They had a son, and moved back east  to be around their families. Over the next 50 plus years, Uncle Lou and Aunt Clair lived the American Dream, and I was fortunate enough to watch them do it.  What is this american dream I speak of…loving your family, working hard every day, knowing you may never get rich in dollars (Uncle Lou never did),  but when you accept a pay check from some one you should show pride in your work and do it to your best ability.  Uncle Lou would walk or drive with Aunt Clair to church every Sunday, then watch his Yankees (okay, so he wasn’t perfect)   on TV and talk baseball into the evening.

Uncle Lou always wore a suit because it was the respectful thing to do.  He played cards after dinner, and always, even when I was 7 years old, asked me how I was doing and  you could tell…he cared.

During my last year of playing college football, I was fortunate enough to become one of the  captains of the football team. Uncle Lou went out of his way to shake my hand and tell me he was proud of me…a World War 2 vet is proud of me for playing a game?  It humbled me to the core.

I can go on and on about  great things and big tragedies that happened during those 50  plus years they were married, but that is not important now. I leave you with an example from late in his life that to me, proves that he lived the American Dream. You see, I never knew about his service at Iwo Jima or D Day until the last time I saw him alive.  It was at a party for a  member of our family who was setting off for another tour in Afghanistan and the Middle East. You see, Uncle Lou while proud of his service, never talked about it.. simply put, he served and fought…because you don’t boast about doing the right thing…you just do it.

Uncle Lou and Aunt Clair lived the American Dream…the dream of living and contributing by being the best people they could be.

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