In this sighting reconstruction, Ian details his view with exact fore and background as he viewed the orange disc cross the sky.

SIGHTING ACCOUNTS FROM THREE FRIENDS Sighting a UFO is something many people want to experience, but do not get the chance. When sighting a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), it is usually a quite unnerving experience. Consequently, one scrambles to get the sighting on camera for at least a snapshot, if not a short video. In… Continue reading SIGHTING ACCOUNTS FROM THREE FRIENDS

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This featured picture is a closeup of Tom O'Donnell's hastily drawn view of UFO as it passed overhead.

TOM O’DONNELL INTRODUCTION Tom O’Donnell has been a good friend and social media colleague for a while now. His work with Trevor Cole’s group, ET and UFO Research Group has grown to 8,000 members in a little over three months. I have the honor of being one of the group administrators and adviser. Of some… Continue reading TOM O’DONNELL UFO SIGHTING

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Steven Ross UFO craft enhanced views showing contrast, temperature, and x-ray settings.

Steven Ross has experienced a number of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings over the years. His experiences include events observed in Mexico, United States, and Canada. This article primarily covers one particular occurrence filmed in October of 2013. Steven has given exclusive permission to report and elaborate research on his video and personal statements. Steven… Continue reading STEVEN ROSS UFO SIGHTING

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UFO OVER BANGKOK Recently, I was contacted via social network from Michael Gerlach who has been monitoring and participating on Facebook. We began a dialogue and subsequently, developed an online relationship. We became Facebook friends and with some of my work regarding UFO sightings and experiences, he decided to trust me and share his observation… Continue reading UFO OVER BANGKOK

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