Today, around 1:30 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time US) over New Jersey at Barnegat-Manahawkin, reports began of eight or nine mysterious sonic booms occurring as far north as New York state. Within one hour the speculations were rampant! Even Twitter noted reports of earthquakes, alien invasions and other possible exotic phenomena.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”New Jersey” location=”Barnegat-Manahawkin” zoom=”10″ height=250]


Universal Digest began following events as they transpired from whatever was available from news reports, as well as, social media. Interestingly, in this day and age of news information, reports from friends and contacts in social media proved to be less speculative than some other media sources. First reports online were recognized on our Facebook fan page and reported as reviews came in. Those who live in the areas effected reported tremendous shaking, loud sounds, and even snow being shaken off the roofs of buildings. To all friends who took the time to share their experiences, we cannot thank you enough.

NORAD (North America Aerospace Defense Command), USGS (United States Geological Survey), McGuire Air Force Base, and other area authorities were quick to respond to the sonic boom events. The first response officially noted was from McGuire AFB that stated they had nothing flying in the area. USGS stated there were no seismic activities indicating an earthquake potential. NORAD responded they were not tracking any kind of aerial activity that could produce such results. Of course, area authorities were quite busy responding, as well as, dispelling any type of dramatic events, but they were active in working to find answers.

[Tweet “Sonic booms were reported over New Jersey. What really happened?”]

At the time of this article’s publication, it has been speculated that off-shore Naval aerial activity is what has caused the regional disturbance. Can this happen? Please read the following brief documentation to explain why the answer is yes. Further, please understand that no military operation is at liberty to divulge anything regarding activity performed in the interest of national security. Have situations occurred where the general population is aware of unusual activity? Again, that answer is yes.

Please do note this report, as well from a number of interested persons contacting Universal Digest. How come we had the same, recent events in South Carolina? This does not seem to be an unrelated occurrence, does it? What is going on? We are working to use common sense, here. Is there military activity going on to protect us, or are we being approached in some other fashion? Could it be from other international entities or from somewhere else?

Now, in retrospect, let us view and review what the “sonic boom” phenomena is. In an effort to accommodate the reader, this will be written in as brief a fashion as is possible.

Historically, such “boom” related events occurred as early as 1953. The result of the fly-by over the air force base damaged every building:

Sonic Boom Hyperbola - Sonic Boom Curve

In the early 1990’s over a wide range of the south-western US, especially the Los Angeles County basin an number of boom sounds were reported. This was attributed to the experimental, classified Aurora project, at the time:

Sonic Boom 7

In the 1980’s NASA made sure people knew that returning space shuttle flights would exude a “twin-boom” event, whether it returned to Edwards AFB or Cape Canaveral:

Sonic Boom Shuttle Twin

Even in the 1980’s the SR-71, now known as the “Blackbird” was a classified aerial event even for active enlisted personnel who were sequestered and not allowed to see the landings and takeoffs of the craft during refueling:

og: image

To finish with the best possible explanation of today’s event, Universal Digest wants the reader to consider the following factors: First, if something is falling out of the sky and/or entering the atmosphere, it is going to burn up and make an “aerial” mess. Second, if it is an earthquake, it will shake you first, not make a sound and/or make a sound with related land-visual effects, but not an above-heard sound. Third, if it is simply a sound from the air it will be something passing very much faster than the speed of sound and you will not see it. Fourth, if it is an alien invasion and the military has not warned everyone, yet? It is much too late to make such a consideration.

Respectfully submitted from Universal Digest.

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The 2015 Visalia UFO events have all remained a mystery. To date, with many inquiries to find out more from a number of sources, nothing more has been discovered.

This is the final article of the 2015 UFO events reported in the central California valley area. Unless, something else surfaces that could shed light on what occurred, Universal Digest has completed its investigation.


There were three previous articles posted in 2015 regarding sightings from February through May. Please view the articles as posted on Universal Digest.

After all the pictures from sources have previously been documented, there is one final video to be produced. With thanks to Dennis LeRoux of that is also a friend link site here, the following expansion and detail of the original 9-second video was produced. For the record, Dennis expected nothing nor asked for recognition for this video production. He offered it for further elaboration of the original event, only. His network and continued friendship is supported, here:


Since this time, our local networking has expanded. There are more of us who are continuing to keep a vigilance pointed skyward. Is it not interesting how we become so enmeshed in day-to-day lives we tend to not notice sometimes obvious events?

There are past reports and references that have been received, yet, here in Visalia, California, to be objective, speculation of what is flying around in the skies above us is just that, speculation. We here at Universal Digest refuse to embellish and/or sensationalize anything less than what can be proven. It is not to dissuade others from sending us information, it is just not to produce information based on conjecture.

As far as, interviews and interactions that have been conducted thus far, the sources remain valid and supported. These persons who approached us had no agendas and were actually reticent to even approach us or to divulge this information. In this light of respect to those who have trusted us from the beginning, they, too are most trusted and valued.

My opinion is, there should be more objective persons like Terry Wood and Debbie Mancini who should be recognized for being the humble, honest, and good people they are.

Universal Digest will always welcome and support honest and forthright contributors.



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Recently, I was contacted via social network from Michael Gerlach who has been monitoring and participating on Facebook. We began a dialogue and subsequently, developed an online relationship. We became Facebook friends and with some of my work regarding UFO sightings and experiences, he decided to trust me and share his observation of a UFO on November 7, 2014. Of course, this resulted in an interview and a battery of questions as is customary in an objective, investigative approach to UFO phenomena. I found that not only was Michael straightforward and objective with his answers, he was proactive to help in any way he could. He, like others with whom I have interviewed was a bit reticent to divulge his event until he knew he could trust me.

The following gallery are images of his two photos and forensics determinations of same. The original photos were taken at full zoom and it is important to note they were taken from a Samsung S4 phone and was saved on Google until sent to me. After forensics, the photos were determined to be authentic. In zoom, a 71% photo pass (due to zoom and file) was made: 

I have found over the past time in this area of research there are some stances and nuances that are consistent of witnesses: 1) I know what I saw, you cannot change my mind. 2) It isn’t from anything we have made. 3) We are not alone and now I believe it. This is concurrent with my own past experiences with such observations. I stand in support of these witnesses who choose to come forward. To be most objective, as well, many would like to say yes, I met individuals who did not originate on earth, but until it becomes public knowledge, it is speculative. In fact, discussion still ensues that perhaps so many of the general population would still become terribly disoriented due to embedded core beliefs if such a reality occurred.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Thailand” location=”Bangkok” zoom=”10″ height=250]


Michael and his wife, Natcha were out attending a birthday party. The following is the narrative they have provided to explain what happened that evening. With request, the narrative has been edited only in use of proper English, not to change any text or conceptual thoughts:

I, Michael Gerlach live in Bangkok with my wife Natcha who is Thai. I am from Adelaide South Australia where I was a machine programmer, in the automotive industry then a furniture making company. I have been living in Thailand now for 2.5 years.
On the 7th November 2014, Natcha and myself went out for a friend’s birthday party. Natcha was 6 months pregnant and I was driving so we both were not drinking that night. Around 2.00 am we arrived back at our apartment in Bangkok. After having a shower, Natcha was watching TV. I sat on the balcony and had a cigarette. At approximately 3 am I noticed a bright white light with a yellow tinge come down through the clouds it moved quickly to the right (east)then stopped. I called to Natcha to get my phone and get out here quickly. The object then dropped in altitude moved east a short distance then stopped again. It then did a right hand turn, raised altitude and stopped. Natcha handed me my Samsung S4 phone I went into camera mode (it seemed to take forever to start the camera). I went to full zoom, located the object and took 2 pics, 1 after the other. At this time, the object rapidly accelerated up and back to the west then ascended back into the clouds at an amazing speed and was gone. The whole sighting lasted approx 15 seconds. Natcha said, what was that? I said, ‘babe, we have just seen a UFO’

[Tweet “Natcha said, what was that? I said, ‘babe, we have just seen a UFO'”]

The following is the view from their apartment in Bangkok where they saw the UFO:

Bangkok Apartment City UFO Area.


To date, there have been no more UFO sightings where Michael and Natcha live. Also, we are in contact where there could be further reports. He was most forthcoming regarding the recent meteor event (another article), 122 km south of his location. These are the people I respect. They come forward in complete honesty in a public arena of those who would try to make money and/or gain notoriety of same.

Thank you, Michael and Natcha for taking the time to make contact.

Universal Digest

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Between September 15 – 28 of 2015 (essentially, September 23rd) is slated to be the range of days when an asteroid is to appear out of nowhere to strike the earth, causing an immeasurable catastrophic result with so many casualties it would cause a financial collapse and incorporate martial law.

The purpose of this article is to alert the general population of the fear-mongering by a select few groups and entities who are trying to make money, deceive (for idiotic reasons) and gain notoriety. If you want to blame the government, as usual, go ahead, but I wouldn’t give them much credit. They are humans, just like you. This stupid activity has been going on for a few months and recent history has shown a number of these errant prophecies to be the same or similar, as has been occurring over the years of recorded history.

Here is one of my favorite images from the past year or so indicating a must watch video:



This prompts the following statement: “We’re all going to die. I’m going to die, you’re going to die…just not today.” Now, stop for a moment and be realistic, in fact, try a bit of logic? If it is real, all bets are off, right? My opinion is that yes, at some point, something from outside earth will make contact; however, humans are horrible at keeping secrets and those who are in key positions would not be wanting to lie about it. Further, even with our fairly obscured atmosphere, one can see very well past it. There are thousands who are keeping their ‘eyes to the skies’ and something as large as an ‘earth-shattering’ asteroid would be detected. Yes, I understand there will be detractors to these statements, but we’ll talk about that on September 29th, okay?

Asteroid Hit Earth March 2015


Oops, sorry, we missed another date for extinction…doesn’t that just frost you?

So, let’s move forward to see what NASA has to say about this? Please read this (or just view the headlines and pictures) of this good article provided by I like how this is presented and you will understand a bit further down the article.


So, what do you think, now? Yes, the financial market has been hit, recently. Do you think it is because the financial marketeers are protecting assets and holdings because of a cataclysmic situation? Nothing could be further from the truth, actually. Interdependent, recent, global financial events have occurred. It is cyclic. Pure and simple…that is mead for another article, but not this one. All financial entities, businesses, organizations and yes, even governments and family power structures want success and growth.

Asteroid Chelyabinsk

There are events occurring all the time, as is the above picture of the recent Russian meteor close encounter event.

In the scheme of things and the totality of time, events have occurred of monumental proportions, they are occurring and they will continue to occur until there is notification we must take action. And, hopefully, that will be a prudent one.

Now, here is the good news, none of us get out of this, alive. Have you heard of the “Fountain of Youth” or an “Escape Space Vehicle” being really discovered and/or being implemented? This, too, is mead for another article.

As promised from an above statement, since, I am sure people can still read? I am really looking forward to the 2015-16 US Football Season, YES! Gotta love life! Just give to those you love the life you like? Truly, it will return to you…

Universal Digest

Thank you… 

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