Disclosure - US FA-18 jet follows UFO that suddenly left at great speed. Pilots noted a fleet of them.

Disclosure may really be possible in 2018, finally, much to my disbelief and chagrin over many years of UFO research that this could actually happen. I am going public with this because, first of all, I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones to have had experiences that are not in the ‘explainable’ category. Of course, as mentioned previously, I write nothing to persuade or perforce attempt to convince anyone of anything demonstratively true about UFO, UAP, or extraterrestrial visitations over time. It is because it is my own personal experiences and I have no direct evidence to provide. In each event, I maintain I was not under any forms of influence from medications, alcohol, or drugs.

Outside of including a bit of my experiences in an older Universal Digest article, I did mention one experience on a local television show where I had been invited to speak. Otherwise, I remained silent until my radio interview this past year with Alyson Dunlop on her station, The ADX Files, program 51. Towards the end of the show she asked me why I had not gone public before. I responded that I did not think I had matured to the point of doing so. I wanted to complete more research, as well. Since that time, our friendship has grown and I have a keen respect for Alyson. In sum of my personal experiences, I had four, thus far: 1) 1967 where I saw a luminous ship performing impossible maneuvers over Dobbins AFB, Georgia. 2) The ascent of an orange-colored luminous craft in the woods north of Atlanta, GA. 3) Near Gardena, CA I observed a being I knew was not one of us. 4) In broad daylight over Manteca, CA I saw an oval (or spherical), metallic craft that hovered, then went northward at an incredible rate of speed and disappeared. To date, I have no desire to make any more or less of this except to share. I am not here to convince anyone.

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Disclosure could happen in 2018, but I’m not holding my breath. This image is my drawing of my first UFO sighting in 1967.

Therefore, I have chosen to impart to you, the public, my views based on common sense. Now, it seems a multitude of ‘mainstream’ media agencies are jumping on a kind of ‘bandwagon’ in my humble opinion. In the past, I have seen similar events occur only to become fodder for those who expounded it was misinformation, as well as, disinformation for many reasons. Such reasons include notoriety, financial gain, and deception.

Honestly, could we be entering into a new era of real disclosure? I hope so and it would not shake any faith I have professed since early childhood.

I will be dropping some names of those I respect and regard as being proponents of ufology. They maintain a truthful and informative approach to the fact that we are not alone in the universe. I am convinced that we have been and are being visited by beings who do not originate from earth. I contend there is definitely life similar to ours that has its origins from other places. I have a favorite line I’ve used for many years. I used to think it was a cute conundrum to pull on friends and family. Are there extraterrestrials? Here is proof. For those who believe there is a Supreme Being or God in the universe, go to the dictionary and look up the definition. It states that God created the heavens and the earth. Therefore, this is proof he is extraterrestrial since he was not born here. Since that time, I contend a more spiritual view of the Supreme Being; however, I cannot see how we could be so arrogant to think there isn’t life elsewhere? In fact, science is pretty well catching up with this in many new, technological ways. Further, the math itself presented by some of the finer minds on earth indicates a virtual certainty of it. All we must do now is head in the right direction. And, of course, stop making a mess of earth in the process. Do I believe we can rise above the present failings of the human condition on earth? Yes, but not without help.

Evidence shows we are not alone. Even historical documents and especially the Torah, Koran, Bible and so many other religious and faith-based writings have indicated, no, have documented of continued visitations from other beings to man. So, it is time to move forward to do what is possible to aid the present human condition with facts and information to educate where possible.

Before we venture to apparent evidence of recent events, I will give you a few nuggets of common sense to ponder. Other beings are well enough advanced to only ‘let’ you see them when ‘they’ want it to be so. If, in fact alien beings were hostile, you would not be reading this. We would not be here. History and its evidence hold this to be true. Don’t get me wrong, as I am not saying there are no ‘bad guys’ out there. I believe this is true, as well. It is fortunate for us that benevolence outweighs ambivalence.

The following information is provided from the most recent news broadcasts and articles. Then, following will be a more historical, yet recent account of events that support what proponents of ufology have been saying for years.

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Disclosure – US FA-18 jet follows UFO that suddenly left at great speed. Pilots noted a fleet of them.

This is the most recent image of what the U. S. Department of Defense (including videos) copied for your review. It shows an obviously non-aerodynamic flying craft design. It was released to the NY Times for publication on December 16th. What follows is incredible, and to many, unconscionable. The New York Times was the first to break this article, if I am not mistaken. Originally, there was an obscure department created to study unidentified flying phenomena, run by an intelligence official, Luis Elizondo at a whopping $22 million a year and these funds were almost impossible to trace. It had not been made public before and was effectively closed down in 2012. Elizondo claimed the department continued on, but has declined to name the successor after he left. The program had its beginnings in 2007 at the request of Senator Harry Reid, who admits to have been interested in UFO phenomena. Ultimately, billionaire Robert Bigelow took the program and its funding from the Pentagon. It is now a private corporation. Operations continue to this day. Therefore, it seems the program never really had an ending, just a movement to the private sector. Mr. Bigelow is convinced that we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings.

Up to now, disclosure seemed to be an impossibility.

og: disclosure
Pentagon view where Luis Elizondo operated the government-funded department since 2007. It operated in complete secrecy until it was closed in 2012.

What follows are a few more links to the massive mainstream media frenzy that has occurred over the last week. Again, could this really be the beginning of the disclosure process? I believe it is.

Senator Harry Reid was recently interviewed by George Knapp of the I-Team, Channel 8 TV, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

George Knapp interviews Senator Harry Reid.

Nick Pope, who previously worked for the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense explains in the link provided here the complexities and frustrations of obtaining evidence from the government. He has not publicly stated whether or not he believe aliens exist; however, he does speak at UFO conventions and conferences around the world. Personally, I believe he is a proponent of the belief we are not alone.

Nick Pope appears on various television shows regarding UFO subject matters. He also speaks at UFO conferences on a regular basis.

In the last installment and link for this article, Tucker Carlson of FOX News just conducted an exclusive interview with Navy pilot, David Fravor who was stationed on the USS Nimitz. He stated that they had been tracking a number of unknown crafts hovering over ocean waters for over two weeks. He and one other pilot who stayed at a higher altitude while Fravor approached the unknown craft to investigate. They had observed the craft just over ocean waters and it gained altitude as he approached from 2,000 feet above. The link to the interview is found here. Upon query from Tucker Carlson, David Fravor said he believes we are not alone.

og: disclosure
This is an image of the exclusive interview with David Fravor and his astounding experience in tracking a UFO that he said looked like a 40 foot ‘tic-tac’. The craft darted away at incredible speed and disappeared.

Here is an image of the pilot views from the FA-18 aircraft from 2004. Disclosure seems more plausible than ever:

og: disclosure
Pilot David Fravor viewed the UFO from his FA-18 aircraft until it darted away at an unknown speed and disappeared.

To wrap things up, I want to thank all media sources for their diligence and work to bring us all this information, as I am doing now. Finally, there are more who are proponents of disclosure. Also, I want to thank some of the most influential people in my life I respect and in some cases admire. Since I began full-time research to help elevate the human condition and bring credibility, honesty, and benefit to the true aspects of ufology, these people have not only become acquaintances, some have become good friends. Thank you, Peter Robbins, Richard Dolan, Norio Hayakawa, John Greenewald, and Nick Pope. There are many more; however, I have been honored with contact with all and want to live up to doing my part to bring disclosure to fruition, as well as, help in the understanding that we have never been alone. We won’t be, either. Keep believing.

Disclosure may now be a matter that could be measured in months or scant years.

We have now seen more than the tip of the iceberg and this time, we are not on the Titanic.

Written By: Ed Smith

Universal Digest has allowed this author to publish in entirety without any editing or changes in original format. Any error in publication is purely unintentional. Further, thanks is given to all media organizations that had made their publications, interviews, and videos available to the public.

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Today, around 1:30 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time US) over New Jersey at Barnegat-Manahawkin, reports began of eight or nine mysterious sonic booms occurring as far north as New York state. Within one hour the speculations were rampant! Even Twitter noted reports of earthquakes, alien invasions and other possible exotic phenomena.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”New Jersey” location=”Barnegat-Manahawkin” zoom=”10″ height=250]


Universal Digest began following events as they transpired from whatever was available from news reports, as well as, social media. Interestingly, in this day and age of news information, reports from friends and contacts in social media proved to be less speculative than some other media sources. First reports online were recognized on our Facebook fan page and reported as reviews came in. Those who live in the areas effected reported tremendous shaking, loud sounds, and even snow being shaken off the roofs of buildings. To all friends who took the time to share their experiences, we cannot thank you enough.

NORAD (North America Aerospace Defense Command), USGS (United States Geological Survey), McGuire Air Force Base, and other area authorities were quick to respond to the sonic boom events. The first response officially noted was from McGuire AFB that stated they had nothing flying in the area. USGS stated there were no seismic activities indicating an earthquake potential. NORAD responded they were not tracking any kind of aerial activity that could produce such results. Of course, area authorities were quite busy responding, as well as, dispelling any type of dramatic events, but they were active in working to find answers.

[Tweet “Sonic booms were reported over New Jersey. What really happened?”]

At the time of this article’s publication, it has been speculated that off-shore Naval aerial activity is what has caused the regional disturbance. Can this happen? Please read the following brief documentation to explain why the answer is yes. Further, please understand that no military operation is at liberty to divulge anything regarding activity performed in the interest of national security. Have situations occurred where the general population is aware of unusual activity? Again, that answer is yes.

Please do note this report, as well from a number of interested persons contacting Universal Digest. How come we had the same, recent events in South Carolina? This does not seem to be an unrelated occurrence, does it? What is going on? We are working to use common sense, here. Is there military activity going on to protect us, or are we being approached in some other fashion? Could it be from other international entities or from somewhere else?

Now, in retrospect, let us view and review what the “sonic boom” phenomena is. In an effort to accommodate the reader, this will be written in as brief a fashion as is possible.

Historically, such “boom” related events occurred as early as 1953. The result of the fly-by over the air force base damaged every building:

Sonic Boom Hyperbola - Sonic Boom Curve

In the early 1990’s over a wide range of the south-western US, especially the Los Angeles County basin an number of boom sounds were reported. This was attributed to the experimental, classified Aurora project, at the time:

Sonic Boom 7

In the 1980’s NASA made sure people knew that returning space shuttle flights would exude a “twin-boom” event, whether it returned to Edwards AFB or Cape Canaveral:

Sonic Boom Shuttle Twin

Even in the 1980’s the SR-71, now known as the “Blackbird” was a classified aerial event even for active enlisted personnel who were sequestered and not allowed to see the landings and takeoffs of the craft during refueling:

og: image

To finish with the best possible explanation of today’s event, Universal Digest wants the reader to consider the following factors: First, if something is falling out of the sky and/or entering the atmosphere, it is going to burn up and make an “aerial” mess. Second, if it is an earthquake, it will shake you first, not make a sound and/or make a sound with related land-visual effects, but not an above-heard sound. Third, if it is simply a sound from the air it will be something passing very much faster than the speed of sound and you will not see it. Fourth, if it is an alien invasion and the military has not warned everyone, yet? It is much too late to make such a consideration.

Respectfully submitted from Universal Digest.

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NASA Video of 3 UFOs

The NASA live feed video from the International Space Station was interrupted shortly after 3 fast moving objects were noticed leaving the earth at great speed, as they headed out to space.

Of course, conspiracy theorists and some YouTube video makers were challenging and pointing fingers at NASA saying they deliberately stopped the live streaming video because of this event. They also claimed this was absolute proof that we are not alone and are being visited by extraterrestrials. After two days of observing and reviewing some of these statements and videos claiming this is proof that aliens exist, as well as, NASA information, it was time to create this article. My concern is the apparent source of one of the videos. And, yes, many are now claiming disclosure is definitely not too distant in the future.

Well, that may be so, but there is concern that in the rush to make all this news, some other factors may have been overlooked? One of the most important things that comes to mind of late is that we had quite a coronal mass ejection (CME) that washed over earth this past week from the sun. This is different than a solar flare. There have been Internet and satellite relays that have been affected, albeit, temporarily. To be fair to NASA in this case of possible ‘bugs’ in the hardware and software, worldwide, should be considered. They did have more than one live feed failure. Now, on the objective side, with the present technology we have improving and upgrading now, daily, could this not really be an observation of actual space-faring craft leaving earth for space? This author’s opinion, from experience is, perhaps. The objects behaved in no way like any natural phenomena, hence, possible spacecraft.

Please click on the link below to view this video of NASA tracking an object leaving earth at great speed courtesy of the Mirror, London, United Kingdom:


Please click on the link below of the 3 objects leaving earth to space at great speed, also courtesy of the Mirror:


Please note the disparity of the two videos. What now, is the observation? Is it possible, noting from the different trajectories of one of the ‘objects’ of three in question, could it not have been missiles launched into space by some country(s) from earth? 

It is no secret that the International Space Station (ISS) has had numerous UFO sightings over the years and so many have been explained away as debris floating inside the space station in front of the video to debris outside the station that has been left as space debris (from previous launches) or something that was emitted from the station structure, whether accidental or not. Now, we may have actual proof of intelligently-driven space craft leaving the earth to some unknown destination? And, it may not be that far away?

The recent polls taken from around the world over the last few years have shown that more than 50% of people believe we are being visited, have been visited, and will be visited, again. This percentage is increasing, yearly. It may now be approaching over 60% of those polled, which is a significant majority. Is there the possibility of real disclosure in the near future?

What do you think?

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