Suicide and children

Well, what good is it all for?

When ones child makes the decision on their own to depart from this world, before their life has even gotten into second gear. Parents that do their best to provide a good home for their child as it is in their growing stages, and still, somehow they missed the signs of their child in need. Children do not need financial security, a big house, or prestige in the community. Children have two simple basic needs, love and understanding. Someone that will help them to find their own way in life, to subtly watch over them and guide them into adulthood. And still, to give them all the freedom they may need to mentally grow into their own form of person, their very own explicit personality. So why is it that there are some children that decide to end it all, and pass away before their time? Sometimes parents can give all they have to give, and still, with all the love and understanding, a tragic occurrence happens. And a child takes his own life.

The parents will naturally start to blame themselves. And to embellish the flames of the hellish time after the death of ones child, when the parents are torn, mourning and constantly questioning themselves if they missed a sign, other family members will start to question who was to blame. As if it really matters. For the child is no longer among us, but still, will always be in their hearts, no matter the outcome for the parents.

The act of self-euthanasia is always traumatic, for everybody who had close contact, and those who have gone their own direction in life. For all except said person. There are hundreds of decisive catastrophes which can torment one to seek a way for eternal peacefulness. But for all the bereavement, questionable theories from others, and the possible condemnation from other family members, it comes down to one simple fact.

No one knows and would truly never understand, what had mentally transpired in the thoughts of the deceased. Maybe a small thing in life, which like a snowball rolling down the mountain, eventually becomes an avalanche, to bury one in its path.

And still, the old song adage goes; “And suicide is painless, it brings on many changes.”

So true! For the parents will never be the same again.

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