Courtesy Mashable, this concept of an artificial gravity space station is considered for 2025.

ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY AND ITS POSSIBILITIES Artificial Gravity, Teleportation, and Space Program was first written for publication in April, 2015. The article was to address some of the most complex areas of space travel NASA is yet to face. Since then, what this writer considered concepts to be in their infancy has advanced, dramatically.  Tempus fugit!… Continue reading ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY AND ITS POSSIBILITIES

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This is a view of Moro Rock. It is an iconic part of the Sequoia National Park only 45 minutes east of Visalia, CA off Route 198.

Sequoia National Park, located just 45 miles east of Visalia, California provides a multitude of attractions. Today’s article is about the trip to Moro Rock. We traveled to Sequoia National Park on a perfect day in the central valley of California. In early November, temperatures dip into the low to mid 40’s during the night… Continue reading SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK – MORO ROCK

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The Wherry Hotel is a cornerstone of history in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. Travelers from around the world stay at this location, which is noted for its hospitality, amenities, and cuisine.

WHERRY HOTEL INTRODUCTION ‘Wherry Hotel Excellence’ title I chose is quite apt for my lodging experience in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. I have traveled much of my life in various careers and venues. Unequivocally, I must say this was one of the finest stays I have enjoyed, to date. Frankly, I was pretty much… Continue reading WHERRY HOTEL EXCELLENCE

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