Wizards of Deception: Fact or Conspiracy?

Wizards of Deception

Wizards of deception have arisen from many areas of human history over millennia. They have arisen from religion, government, military, and political arenas.  So, what about these wizards from the latest generations from the 20th and now the 21st centuries? Most have heard the wizards names before: George Soros, the Rockefeller, the Bilderbergs, (Bilderberg Group),… Continue reading Wizards of Deception: Fact or Conspiracy?

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DERINKUYU: AN UNDERGROUND CITY In 1963, a simple home renovation in the town of Derinkuyu, Turkey led to an extraordinary discovery when a cave wall was opened, revealing a passageway to an underground city thousands of years old and more than 280 feet deep. It is said that Derinkuyu could house as many as 20,000 people as… Continue reading DERINKUYU: AN UNDERGROUND CITY

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