Google Earth View of Stripe Cloud

Stripe cloud formation crossed the earth from the north to south polar regions over a three-day period of time. It was noticed on Google Earth, hence the featured image from MrBB333 who created a YouTube video after being contacted from a witness who sent him four videos depicting the defined cloud-line phenomena.

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Google Earth View of Stripe Cloud

Universal Digest was alerted from a friend and contributor, Terri Wong, who posted in the California Digest Facebook group. I sent a response to MrBB333 because of the objective views he took to build evidence that this ‘fixed’ climatic event occurred over a three-day period with witnesses involved (Please see the YouTube responses). I have since contacted a friend and fellow researcher, Dennis, in the Netherlands. He corroborates the other witnesses claims of what he called a ‘weird’ phenomena in the sky that lasted for the day. Further, some responses to the YouTube video stated they, too, observed the strange strip cloud overhead that stretched from one horizon north to the horizon south, as well. One response from a witness claimed to live in southern California, USA.

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Stripe Cloud YouTube Video courtesy MrBB333. This is well done and objective.

As MrBB333 claimed, Google Earth claims this was just a processing glitch. I have seen similar glitches in the past while viewing Google Maps and Google Earth; however, it has not been anything quite like this.

Here is the YouTube video. Again, I consider this to be a fair and objective determination that this stripe cloud formation was certainly fixed and not affected from other cloud formations above and below this phenomena. Please view the evidence produced illustrating the stripe cloud being viewed from the International Space Station, as well as, being viewed from the ground.

UFO Sightings Hotspot wrote an article on this observations. Click their link here to view their input and what the Netherlands witness had stated. For public information, I have copied the responses in a caption below.

The witness who submitted the footage to MrMB333 writes:

“Just to share a really strange cloud line in the sky above the Netherlands I’ve spotted on February 20, 2018.”

“Some strange straight lined cloud formation, quite wide and reaching beyond the vanishing point of my eyes.”

“The cloud line seems to be of a different kind of cloud material then the other clouds around and behind it.”

To reiterate, Dennis, who also lives in the Netherlands reported to me pretty much the same detail of the event. He didn’t take any videos or pictures, but does validate it is what he saw, too.

As the saying goes: Sometimes facts are stranger than fiction.

Written By: Ed Smith

PS: After publishing this article, some continued interaction occurred with some physics friends. I propose this theory due to recent climatic changes in California. What if the polar-to-polar stripe cloud that crossed the earth for three days (February 19-22) was of technical origination? I contend the human mind is almost limitless in what it can imagine, conceive, and create. Whether we got help from those from ‘other’ places or not, this seems to be a benevolent situation. California is now receiving (from a reported-almost stagnant weather front) rain and cooler weather that is due to last the entire week. It is just a theory. Anyone who cares to comment below are most welcome to do so.

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Steven Ross UFO craft enhanced views showing contrast, temperature, and x-ray settings.

Steven Ross has experienced a number of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings over the years. His experiences include events observed in Mexico, United States, and Canada. This article primarily covers one particular occurrence filmed in October of 2013. Steven has given exclusive permission to report and elaborate research on his video and personal statements.

og: Steven
Steven Ross object depiction of enlargement next to original slide.

Steven and Universal Digest founder, Ed Smith came into contact originally in social media. After meeting on Facebook and after being invited to join as an administrator on UFO Hunters International, conversations began in earnest about UFO and related phenomena. The friendship and trust has grown extensively over the last three years. When he rediscovered the video that had been previously considered lost, I was contacted and, to say the least, he was incredibly excited. When I first viewed it, I was frankly astonished. The object was completely silent, was hovering at times, as well as, moving in apparent intelligent directions. Then, suddenly after one minute of filming and frantically running about around the outside of his home to keep the object in view. When he had first noticed the orb or craft, he hastened into his home to grab his camera to begin filming. He was successful in taking over one minute of video before the object suddenly moved off and disappeared in the sky.

og: image
Steven Ross UFO craft enhanced views showing contrast, temperature, and x-ray settings.

Steven had posted his original video on his Facebook group and then contacted me. This was when we met and became friends with Gabriella Cseh. Literally, out of the blue she responded very favorably to his filming and provided a plethora of supportive materials. She is helping a lot of people and has little use for debunkers. She gave us permission to use the materials sent and we are most thankful. Of course, we are also speaking highly of her assistance and obvious expertise with film imagery and video adaptations that give obvious credence to the authenticity of what Steven saw that night.

og: Steven
Steven Ross UFO enhancements provided by Gabriella Cseh showing x-ray, contrast and temperature views.

The aspects of producing the evidence in this article is kept down to a few images, as well as, five separate YouTube videos. This partnership with Steve and I is being brought to the public for education and enlightenment to the fact that we are not alone. The images may be recopied, but they remain the property of Steven Ross and Universal Digest. No other use for gain is allowed. By the way, Steven wants me to make it clear that his wife, Michelle, is one heck of a good lawyer. Do bear in mind that support materials only accentuate the original video. No other embellishments have been in any way, shape or form, added.

og: Steven
Steven Ross UFO enlarged view from slide of closer video view.

So, what follows are videos in order with the first being the original and then enhancements so eloquently provided by Gabriella Cseh. Again, thanks for her, again, for her offer to freely provide the materials for all to view. For those who are interested, she has begun a new Facebook Group site, The Unknown World. She is certainly providing very interesting material and continues to help others to produce evidence that we are certainly not alone in the universe. In the short time Steven and I have known her, we vouch that she is articulate and is a genuine proponent regarding UFOs and ufology.

Here is the original video taken by Steven Ross in October of 2013:

Here is the first video enlargement provided by Gabriella Cseh:

Here is second video shown in x-ray format by Gabriella Cseh:

Here is the third video shown in a contrast format by Gabriella Cseh:

Here is the fourth video shown with temperature format by Gabriella Cseh:

To share a bit of background, Steven has provided a some information about him and Michelle I requested earlier this week. He is a business owner, is fluent in four languages and is happily married with a young, vivacious daughter. Sometimes, in our video chats Zoe makes a point to jump into view to chat. It is delightful. They live in the Montreal, Canada area and lived previously in Mexico. What follows is a slightly edited version of Michelle’s statement to fit website formatting:

We met first online because he was going to Mexico to work in the company where I was the lawyer. We kept contact until he went to Mexico in may 7th 2012. Once he arrived, we started dating until we decided to stay together. After a few months I became pregnant and at that time we decided to move to Montreal. But, I needed to remain in Mexico to complete paperwork, sell the house, and prepare for the move. Steven had returned to Montreal to set up his business. It took a year to get everything done and was hard for us because of the distance. We remained positive and focused to be together as a family. What was most important was Zoe, our daughter, never lost contact with her father thanks to today’s technology. We arrived in Montreal in November 28th 2014 and since that moment always together.

I consider it an honor that Steven and Michelle have entrusted me with the task of bringing this to the public. For the record, this may not be our first and final article. We know a number of mutual acquaintances and friends who are quite involved in ufology. Steven is looking for more videos he’s been able to take over the years. I stand in league with him now after all we have shared and coordinated so much information. I respect him and he is a no nonsense, straight-shooting individual. While he lived in Mexico, he was in plain view of Mt. Popocatepetl, located in Puebla, Chalula, Mexico. He, along with as many as sixty or more people saw craft leaving and entering the live volcano entrance at the mountain top. Although, there has been some controversy around these events, I’ll end this article with a little question: What helicopters for planes fly around a live volcano at 2:00 – 3:00 am…on a regular basis?


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The next launch of the ATK Orbital Cygnus supply ship will be covered in 360 degree video! The Cygnus cargo spacecraft was pictured after it was captured with the Canadarm2 on Oct. 23, 2016.

The next launch of the ATK Orbital Cygnus supply ship mission will be monitored and managed by another organization to the ever-expanding space programs. The ULA (United Launch Alliance) will be part of the launch readiness review before more cargo is launched into space to join with the International Space Station, as well as, future space launch missions.

To note, as mentioned in previous articles, for the first time the Cygnus supply ship launch will be shown in a 360 degree video format!

og: image
The next launch of the ATK Orbital Cygnus supply ship will be covered in 360 degree video! The Cygnus cargo spacecraft was pictured after it was captured with the Canadarm2 on Oct. 23, 2016.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Orbital ATK’s Launch Readiness Review for the Atlas V rocket with the Cygnus supply cargo module was held April 15 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Launch managers from ULA, Orbital ATK and NASA determined all is ready for a targeted launch to the International Space Station on Tuesday, April 18. The liftoff from Space Launch Complex 41 is scheduled for 11:11 a.m. EDT and there is a 30-minute launch opportunity available.

NASA TV launch coverage will begin at 10 a.m. EDT on air and streaming at

Ten minutes prior to liftoff, NASA TV’s YouTube channel will debut full, 360 coverage of the launch at Learn more about the 360 video coverage at:

Follow progress on Orbital ATK’s seventh commercial resupply services mission for NASA to the space station at To subscribe or unsubscribe from this list, please email [email protected].

Written By: Mark Garcia NASA

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for some of NASA’s projects and work. This article and some others were written by NASA and are mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make them more available to the general public.

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The 2015 Visalia UFO events have all remained a mystery. To date, with many inquiries to find out more from a number of sources, nothing more has been discovered.

This is the final article of the 2015 UFO events reported in the central California valley area. Unless, something else surfaces that could shed light on what occurred, Universal Digest has completed its investigation.


There were three previous articles posted in 2015 regarding sightings from February through May. Please view the articles as posted on Universal Digest.

After all the pictures from sources have previously been documented, there is one final video to be produced. With thanks to Dennis LeRoux of that is also a friend link site here, the following expansion and detail of the original 9-second video was produced. For the record, Dennis expected nothing nor asked for recognition for this video production. He offered it for further elaboration of the original event, only. His network and continued friendship is supported, here:


Since this time, our local networking has expanded. There are more of us who are continuing to keep a vigilance pointed skyward. Is it not interesting how we become so enmeshed in day-to-day lives we tend to not notice sometimes obvious events?

There are past reports and references that have been received, yet, here in Visalia, California, to be objective, speculation of what is flying around in the skies above us is just that, speculation. We here at Universal Digest refuse to embellish and/or sensationalize anything less than what can be proven. It is not to dissuade others from sending us information, it is just not to produce information based on conjecture.

As far as, interviews and interactions that have been conducted thus far, the sources remain valid and supported. These persons who approached us had no agendas and were actually reticent to even approach us or to divulge this information. In this light of respect to those who have trusted us from the beginning, they, too are most trusted and valued.

My opinion is, there should be more objective persons like Terry Wood and Debbie Mancini who should be recognized for being the humble, honest, and good people they are.

Universal Digest will always welcome and support honest and forthright contributors.



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