Confederate Flag History

Ongoing attempt to remove Confederate flags, nationwide.

Confederate Flag History

One “Begs the Question” to all those who oppose the “Confederate Flag” . . . how many wars have you fought; how many battles have you waged; how many bullets have you dodged; how many dead have you buried? Recently updated Civil War Casualties: 720,000 dead.

Mexican-American War Veterans who went on to become Civil War generals include names like: Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, William Tecumseh Sherman, George McClellan, Ambrose Burnside, P.G.T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg, and George Meade.

Booker T. Washington supported the Spanish-American War and African-American service, numerous ex-slaves fought in this war, with dedicated service to their country. Many soldiers from the Confederacy and the Union fought each other, came together as one, “mending fences” and making lasting friendships despite Civil War memories.

Nathan E. Cook was the last survivor of the Spanish-American War who died September 10, 1992, at 106 years of age. Peter Conover Haines is believed to be the only active duty soldier to serve in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I.

Heritage, honor, admiration, values, and respect are fading fast in our present generation. “Individual Rights and Opinions” are only accepted and socially received if they are collective in nature. “We are losing ‘Freedom and Liberty” in America at an alarming rate.” Political Correctness has been applied to each-and-every issue and used as a wedge to further divide Our Country.

Three “American Flags” have flown during our 239+ years of history; The “GADSDEN FLAG,” “THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG,” and “OLD GLORY.” Each and everyone of these symbols share a unique history and patronage with our country, along with the respect of all those who perished in battle. Please remember that the “CONFEDERATE FLAG” represents a large number of the 720,000 who died in the Civil War. Nobody was purposefully terrorized, tortured, or abused in during the Civil War, outside of unfortunate emotional outcries found during conflicts. It was a war! Bad things happen, and lives are lost, but never-the-less these were all Americans, on American soil, all fighting for American values; whether-or-not you support, agree, or defend their sacrifices…this is “American History”; we must preserve it for all generations, and humble ourselves to the great loss of life during that era. 720,000 souls left this earth to allow for this conversation we are having now. We seem to be so dead set on editing history, why stop there?

Jefferson owned slaves, perhaps we should tear down the monument in DC, or rearrange Mount Rushmore? Why don’t we remove Black History Month and other things like the United Negro College Fund or Black Entertainment Television and any other newspaper, magazine or reference towards any one ethnic background? Fringe elements from all quarters started this nonsense and it is going to spread like an out of control virus. Anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda is a bigot and must be exterminated. Sound familiar? Ironic, how arrogant liberals often compare conservatives with Nazi Germany, at the same time promoting centralized government and no other opinions are allowed.

Yes, slavery happened. Nobody alive today was around to witness it. Yes, it was terrible, but as any other civilizations that exist today, there was a multitude of people that spans all races victimized by people in power on a superiority and control tirade. That does not change history. There are no versions or sugar coatings for any of this. Something people may not know, nor have considered, blacks were not the only slaves, nor did they experience the worst treatment. To my recollection, the Jews hold that title of mistreatment and the only reason not more is heard is because there are not enough of them left after the attempted genocide that almost wiped them out. The continued biased political correctness must come to an end.

Sooner or later, people have to learn to grow thicker skin and move past being offended by nothing intended.Yeah, you are offended at what someone believes, says, and wears, get over it! The world will never be rid of offense. Legislation of behavior and thoughts only created uprisings in historical precedence no matter if the cause was right or wrong. This day and age, it’s just petty bickering over being politically correct instead of having an actual cause. It’s disgusting.

Editor’s note: At the time of this article, news has noted votes to remove a renowned flag of age, when even Bill Clinton, as governor of Arkansas, approved the conferate flag flying over the state capital. A query comes to mind? Why can’t the United States Stars and Stripes be flown on the same flag pole over the state flag, as so many states in our great country continue to do?

Think about it?


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