Kevin, Marcus, and the omeo team pose with the new name re-branding from Ogo Technology.


Omeo has been re-branded from Ogo Mobility. Its change came to accommodate the global marketing and sales network efforts. Now, omeo can become a well-known name in every country where the devices may be made available.

og: omeo
Larry Hollenbeck produces this banner for omeo.


We start life seeking balance. First with our emotions, and then with our physical body. We scoot across the floor, developing strength in our physical. And experience the joy of movement, in our emotions. We smile. As we gain strength in our legs we also seek balance in the hands of our parent, to guide our movements. And, we smile. We gain confidence in their support and joy in the second nature of movement. And so, we continue life with this awesome confidence and joy, in the wonder of movement.

Life has many roads to travel. With perils and challenges to overcome. For some the struggles can be great. Especially in cases of the loss of balance, and mobility. Deepening the emotional struggle from independence to dependency, and being faced with much more physical challenges as well. Simply put, moving smoothly, and efficiently does not present itself without new difficulties.


We can also find our self in a situation where we are without the support system of love, we learned with. And so we must seek out others with a love of mobility, in the hope to regain balance and joy. And smile again.

I have traveled this road, and what I have found, are many, who share the love of mobility. Creating through love devices that bring back balance and movement. And for me, most importantly, a very emotional smile. My research lead me to the Ogo mobility device. Which in early March of 2019 went through a re-branding of the name. It is now called the Omeo Evolution 1. Setting it’s sites on a world wide market. Supported by 29 well qualified, Omeo agents. 4 in New Zealand, 5 in Australia, 14 in the United States, 2 in Canada, 2 in the United Kingdom, and 2 in Europe. Check out the Omeo site at for an agent near you. They are very informative and will answer any questions you may have. I know from experience, this life changing device will bring back a mobility smile to all it touches. With an emotional joy of movement in tow. It is truly a moving experience.


Written By: Larry Hollenbeck

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make it more available to the general public.

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Certification Banner Hands Free OGO

Certification processing for the OGO Mobility Device in manufacture is tedious, at best. In this article, we explore and develop the next process in certification, worldwide. The vision Kevin Halsall purports promises to change the plight of the mobility challenged people in a fast-growing, global environment.

og: certification
Certification of OGO Technology

Certification of the Ogo is now in process in other countries. This will take some time due to the structure and varying time for each country to go through and finish the process. The good news is that certification should be finished well before the end of the year in 2018.

Before I talk further about the certification of the Ogo, I would like to give a short history of the Ogo up to this point in time for those who are new to the Ogo device and its ‘Active Seat Control System.’

The Ogo was born out of friendship, and concern for the struggles of Kevin Halsall’s friend Marcus. Kevin and Marcus love archery and went out to practice whenever they could. Kevin noticed the difficulty and struggle Marcus was having, getting his wheelchair over the outdoor terrain to get to the shooting site. After some discussions with Marcus about the problem, Kevin, being a design engineer, wanted to help. So, after some extensive research, Kevin focused his engineering and design skills on bringing the technology of the present to the wheelchair of the past in order to increase the mobility and freedom of movement for his friend.

After several years of researching self-balancing technologies and three prototypes later, Kevin created, and patented what he called an ‘Active Seat Control System.’ Of course this was done with the help of Marcus, who did the testing for each one, and gave feedback as needed. This system allows the user to simply use their core muscles to lean in the direction he or she wants to go. The research and ongoing revisions are continuing to this date while winning several awards along the way for design excellence and innovation, which have broadened the field for end users with differing levels of ability.

og: certification
In this photo, courtesy of Moira Lomas, Kevin Halsall and Trevor Kearney continue training with the OGO on a walkway. All agents are trained in the use of the mobility device.

On a personal note, I can see a time when wheelchair technology will, because of just these types of dedicated individuals, advance to a level where true mobility to travel across any terrain including climbing stairs, will exist for the sitting community. All this available in one device, opening up new possibilities and redefining the way we think of mobility itself. In short, changing lives for the better.

og: certification
In this photo, courtesy of Moira Lomas, with permission given from Kevin’s agent, Karen Bolland, are Kevin Halsall and Trevor Kearney training on a hillside. This shows the ease of handling of the OGO on uneven terrain.

I have spoken with Kevin and Marcus, and have found them both to be very caring and creative individuals who are committed to the continued success of the Ogo for the mobility and freedom it will bring to the sitting community.

They also have plans to expand their creative mobility solutions, for this under-provided personal mobility area. So we can expect to see even more creative solutions from this Ogo team in the future, adding accessories that will improve our lives and make it easier to navigate life as we know it, while creating an excitement about personal mobility that was thought to be lost by most of us.

Recently, Kevin and Marcus traveled to disability expos, one located in Los Angeles, California, United States. In the photos below are shown Kevin, Marcus and the OGO team traveling in Australia to attend the Disability Expo in May of 2018.

og: certification
This photo is of Kevin and Marcus who stopped to enjoy the view while on their way to Sydney, Australia. Their destination was the Disability Expo, which was held this past May 25-26 2018.

And here on location at the Sydney, Australia Disability Expo:

og: certification
This photo is Team Ogo throwing up a hands free wave to all of us. Thank you Team Ogo for bringing so many smiles to Sydney, Australia.

Now, back to certification of the Ogo. Certification is an essential process for the Ogo not only for safety but also for the reliability of the end users. Certification is also lengthy and difficult at best. And the Ogo team is hard at work taking the steps needed to bring the best Ogo possible to its customers and agents. The certification process will also insure that the Ogo lives up to its promise of a life changing experience for the sitting community it will serve worldwide.

A high frustration level also exists with going through the certification process as well. That being said, this writer feels that team Ogo is more than up to the challenge. The scope of bringing to the world, a device that will update the wheelchair, is an awesome task. Please note that the wheelchair has had little change in its capabilities for the past 100 years or so. Team Ogo is dedicated to bringing us that vision of a device capable of traveling over the everyday terrain we encounter in our lives, with safety, security and comfort as their goal.

In conclusion, I would just like to say Thank you Team Ogo for your heartfelt efforts to bring this technology to the disabled community at large. You may never know how treasured and appreciated this is, to know you are out there helping us expand our mobility and quality of life. Thank You so much. Go Ogo!

og: image
Certification Banner Hands Free OGO

Written By: Larry Hollenbeck

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is honored to have such noble and committed authors here. The ongoing search to enhance the human condition is most pronounced in this article. Thank you, Larry Hollenbeck.

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Kevin and Marcus pose with their invention. The Ogo production came from the most humble and altruistic of origination.

OGO has arrived in America. With its origination and invention in New Zealand, it has now made it to America with ten agents. Worldwide, OGO now has 22 agents in six countries: New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe.

I have been following the development of the mobility devices for some time. What I have found is that there are many out there but, Ogo is one at the top of the list in terms of its unique design and attention to detail. With the active seat control system and joystick options, it will provide the sitting community with a hands free experience over all terrains and precise movement in tight areas.

The work the Ogo team has put in has won them the Innovate award in 2017 and the Innovation Award for Design and Engineering in New Zealand in 2016. With their first production run in the fall of 2016, the Ogo will provide a New level of Independence for the sitting community, and greatly improve the quality of life for many.

og: image
Kevin and Marcus pose with their invention. The Ogo production came from the most humble and altruistic of origination.

Kevin and Marcus met when Marcus was teaching Kevin’s daughters at Otaki College. They found that they both shared a love of field archery, and it was over this common passion that their friendship really grew. Their local Kapiti Archery Club offers a particularly unique experience, incorporating native bush trails and other forested areas as well as open grassland.

Kevin saw that Marcus, a paraplegic since 2003, struggling through the rough terrain in his conventional wheelchair, sapping his energy and stamina. Just wanting to make it easier for Marcus, Kevin, a product design engineer, set himself a challenge; to develop a device that would increase Marcus’ mobility and give him freedom of movement so that he could compete as an equal.

Kevin’s extensive research led him to proven, self-balancing technology. Through several years of development while still doing design work for his regular clients, Kevin has utilized this technology to create an active, moving seat control system. Using upper body mobility or core muscle strength, the driver can lean forward and the Ogo moves forward, when he or she leans back the Ogo stops or reverses. When they lean to the side, the Ogo moves in the new direction – including turning on its own axis.

Kevin has overseen three major prototype designs, making changes as he came to understand the restrictions that comes with limited movement and mobility. Marcus, who has a background in engineering, has been our eager test pilot from the beginning. He has been pushing the Ogo to it’s limits, providing Kevin with valuable feedback on performance and design ideas.

Many folks with varying abilities and disabilities have tested the Ogo with instant delight. Just look at their smiles in our videos. A smile of new possibilities, freedom, independence, job and recreation opportunities.

Here are some more images:

Marcus on the Ogo…
Ogo Comes to the Western US!

Our testing so far has been very emotional and rewarding. We have met so many wonderful and determined people and our team has been really impressed with how the technology works for differing levels of ability. Early on in our testing phase we realized that with a few design tweaks, it can help many, many others. Now, with our final prototype, we are excited to have the ultimate machine for production in 2017.

It doesn’t stop with the Ogo! The more he gets immersed into the world of personal mobility the more Kevin realized how under-catered it is. This has given him more innovative ideas to help change people’s lives. Kevin aims to develop these ideas by creating a range of other products and accessories to make life easier and more exciting in the world of mobility.

Here is a picture of the present Ogo team:

The production team…

From a personal and involved perspective, I support this incredible venture. In fact, I was invited to meet Kevin and Marcus in Los Angeles. Although, the trek was most arduous, it was successful. I thank Gretchen Ryan, the California agent for Ogo, for completing this process to become part of the Ogo technology revolution. In continued contact, she has been most accommodating. I look forward to further contact.

The future is brighter for those who are mobility-challenged, thanks to OGO technology.

Written By: Larry Hollenbeck – Universal Digest Contributor

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make it more available to the general public.

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Genny Mobility is a generation that has begun.

In an age of burgeoning technological improvements, Genny Mobility enables those with walking disabilities to gain a simple manner of mobility with independence from human aid. The iBot and Genny will be discussed in this article with a mention of Segway PT.

Larry Hollenbeck of Los Angeles, California, made contact with his personal involvement in a current project to bring mobility devices that are benefiting those with disabilities. He has been a graphics provider and supporter of Paolo Badano, who now lives in Switzerland and hails from Savona, Italy. Paolo is the creator of Genny Mobility. After reviewing source material, I became interested in producing this editorial.

First of all, Larry is a good friend who is keen on human interests. He has provided graphics banners to help this project at no cost.

Universal Digest decided to provide this supportive editorial. This author had been confined to a wheelchair for some time and understands a lack of mobility.

Here are some examples of some of Larry’s banner graphics provided for Paolo Badano’s project:

Genny to the wild blue yonder

Genny Summer Larry

 Genny Larry Pics 3

Paolo Badano is working to bring his mobility devices to the United States. He has worked to produce his manufacture to other countries, as well. Genny has a sales outlet located at Admirals Park, Dartford, United Kingdom. The facility is open 24 hours a day to provide mobility devices to those with disabilities. Genny Mobility UK is owned by Craig Tibbles and he has an efficient team in place.

Here are some pictures of their facility, test drives, shows and expositions:

The history of mobility transport: iBot, Segway, and Genny.

Originally, Paolo Badano associated with Dean Kamen who had created the first mobility device named the iBot. This working connection occurred fifteen years ago and both of them have moved forward to provide the public with mobility aid devices. Dean Kamen is now associated with Toyota and is creating for mass production the next generation iBot! The iBot device can help the disabled to ascend stairways in a home or business. To those who may not know this, Dean Kamen is the creator of the Segway PT (Personal Transport).

These images are of Paolo Badano and Dean Kamen who to this day are friends. Their creations are noted, as well:

Universal Digest is honored to be contacted by some very creative and innovative individuals who are continually working to improve the human condition. Well done and carry on! 


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