Bill Savard and I discuss his latest contribution to his sphere experience in 1961. With his brother, Gene, it was a momentous and historical event.


Savard, William (Bill), contacted me this last month with a keen desire to update his article of March 18, 2018. Bill Savard wants to reiterate to the public his experience with an intelligent sphere from almost 60 years ago. He believes it will help others who have had events and encounters that they feel would create personal ridicule and disbelief it they told others. This article covers the reasons for this update.

When Bill Savard and I first made contact in early January of 2018, he was quite reticent to deliberate his personal experience. Once he felt comfortable enough to have an interview recounting the event at his home while watching television with his brother, Gene, we set about constructing the best article possible at the time. Over the last one and one-third year we have maintained an amicable friendship in social media along with occasional email contact.

Bill Savard sent me a full recounting of his personal experience and there were improvements in his recollection. I felt it to be important to not change the first article. Rather, this turns out to be an example of how we can improve on an original without disturbing the timeline and essence of the story.

Therefore, we are sharing the recounting of William Savard’s initial experience with a full recollection in his own words. His writing follows with minor editing in some grammar and syntax. Bill claims he is no writer. However, I find this to be a prime example someone who is convicted in his forthright desire to get the complete truth out as to exactly what happened. I find this to be commendable. We have been working on this, inclusive of his own drawing of where he and his brother were, including locations and distances involved.


The story I’m about to tell you might be overwhelming. Had I been told this story without experiencing it, I would probably have not believed it. It’s taken me almost 60 years to be allowed by this entity to write this. Sounds like something from a science fiction film but I assure you it’s not. If it would benefit people, I would be glad to submit to a polygraph or any type of reliable lie detector test.

I’ve been living with this memory for almost 60 years. I suspect that this event was burned into my mind deliberately. I feel there was a reason for the crystal clear memory that I run through my mind with complete recollection, like a video imposed on me by an outside entity.


My brother and I were sitting on the couch watching television. We were poor and lived in Golden Meadow, Louisiana in 1961. The television we were watching was approximately 10 degrees to our right, across the room in a corner. We were both focusing on the TV. Suddenly we were both standing, as if summoned by an unseen source. Without a word and independently, we were directed to the porch door. Although, I was originally sitting to his right, I was directed to walk to our immediate left. No questions or curiosity, we were being managed psychologically. When we got to the door, we were made to look to the right outside while staring through the glass window panes of the door. The door was about 95 degrees to the left of the couch where we were originally sitting and about 110 degrees to our left of the TV we were originally focused on.

As we both stood staring out of the door windows under the control of something we didn’t understand, or question, we saw a perfect sphere hovering about 40 degrees to our right in the shell driveway. Far out of sight from where we were inside the house. The dimly lighted sphere was motionless, hovering about 5’ off the ground, completely silent.

I was drawn outside while my brother seemed to be under the control of some force, just staring through the glass. There was no sound or movement from my brother Gene. Like a motionless zombie, he just stood there staring. He caught my eye briefly as I walked closer to the sphere, as if I was supposed to know that he was watching. I think he was intended to be a witness, to later verify my experience so I would know it was real.

As I walked slowly toward this object, the attraction that I can only express as a feeling of extreme love continued to increase. I remember absolutely no fear, nothing but a steady increasing love or some similar feeling as I approached. The sphere didn’t move, (it was) completely silent. I remembered so clearly, the overwhelming need to touch it as I stood just over an arm’s length away. The extreme wonderful feeling of attraction was more than I could manage. Every other possible feeling was blocked. I had to make contact. I reached out. The object moved away, always maintaining its exact distance from me and face high.

I had no control. The wonderful feeling of something like love had blocked out all other senses. I rushed it as fast as I could. I saw our shed about 30’ on the other side of it. I perceived it as moving backwards as I rushed it. I thought I would force it into the closed shed behind it and embrace it. The sphere reached the shed and went straight up and over the top in a split second. I never slowed down. I ran to the right side and back to a neighbor’s chain link fence, jumped up on the fence behind the shed and looked. The large yard was well manicured. I looked everywhere except the other side. It vanished! A couple of moments later, I stepped down and started walking back to the porch. My brother was still standing at the door, just staring at me through the glass like a zombie. I opened the door. We both walked back to the couch never uttering a sound as we sat back in the original place on the couch and stared at the TV, motionless.

og: savard
Here Bill provides a detailed drawing of his recollection of the sphere event with his brother, Gene.

After a minute or two, I asked Gene, ‘Did u see that?’ He became almost lifeless, like a zombie and said, ‘Yea.’ Then he immediately returned to his normal self until I asked him the same thing a few months later. He immediately, again, got the same lifeless expression, definitely under the influenced of another unknown entity, said, ‘yea’, then returned again back to normal. I never asked him again.

After that, some outside influence controlled that memory and I wasn’t able to talk about it for about 15 to 20 years. Then, only very little and gradually slightly more each time as I got older until when I tried to occasionally share the experience I got goosebumps. It was difficult. I’m fairly sure that I was limited by that same entity I experienced earlier. As the restrictive influence seemed to very gradually decrease, I eventually got to the point later in life when I could talk about it, and now this.

Even at this second, I’m still a little stressed to tell the story and I don’t know why.

After almost 60 decades of analyzing, trying to understand what and why this happened to me, I can only come up with these suspicions:

1. Why me? I have no clue. The only difference between me and other poor kids was that I later had scored (three times) an unusually high IQ. I am embarrassed to mention this, but it might be a factor in some way. Maybe I was meant to accomplish something. Maybe this. It’s just now that the ‘extra-terrestrial’ concept is becoming more common. Otherwise I have no clue. But, I believe that anything that had such unbelievable capabilities would know exactly what they were doing, no accident. I’m agnostic, but I would have to compare the abilities of this entity only to be like God. I doubt that it was God but who knows for sure.

2. This memory is burned into my mind. It’s like looking at a very detailed video when I try to think of it. I have a poor memory, but something still preserves this in my mind. I doubt it’s an accident.

3. The fact that I was overwhelmed by a feeling of extreme attraction to this thing, I assume, was to block all other feelings of shock, fear, etc. that would probably have otherwise been normal. I thought of nothing else and experienced no other emotional responses during this encounter.

Finally, I welcome any interview, questions from a responsible, intelligent, objective source. I can draw a diagram of the room and porch area to illustrate angles. Remember this, unlike all other memories; this is preserved in my mind differently, and photographically (now).


Of course, after Bill Savard and his latest recollections, I have exhaustively researched ‘sphere‘ events. I have found very limited results. I welcome anyone who may help in this project to elaborate.

William Savard has no agenda. He is an entrepreneur of many years, owning a number of companies. Presently, his daughter has taken over his business while he has built a camp for family and friends; renovated his home outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and settled into a pleasant retirement with his wife, Anne. I have met them on Skype and Messenger. He has done much for his community. He only wants his experience to be known to the public so anyone who has experienced anything like what he has can know they are not alone.

Thank you, Bill Savard. Your desire to share the recollection shall benefit a number of lives, we hope. I’m humbled.

Universal Digest is pleased to provide articles from varied sources. Some articles require minor editing; however, the original value of content remains unchanged. The author’s subject matter and/or opinion are not necessarily the opinion of this website, its contributing authors, assigns, or sponsors.

Universal Digest is pleased to present current, as well as, contemporary subject matter in many categories from a global, regional, and local perspective. Content is provided and verified to the best of evidence submitted for research and/or study, as well as, from those of/for whom the article is published.

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This featured picture is a closeup of Tom O'Donnell's hastily drawn view of UFO as it passed overhead.


Tom O’Donnell has been a good friend and social media colleague for a while now. His work with Trevor Cole’s group, ET and UFO Research Group has grown to 8,000 members in a little over three months. I have the honor of being one of the group administrators and adviser. Of some responsibilities I have is to create announcements and new member posts. The global response has been quite fulfilling and the interest is great. Ongoing work to approve posts and new members is part of administrator work.

Tom has a unique ability to ask pertinent questions to stimulate group interaction and participation. Trevor Cole, the founder is also adept at creating engaging posts that stimulate further group interest and participation.

Before we get into how this event transpired and what was then discussed in the administrator group private chat, Tom has offered a little more information about himself with a brief history. Please note he is an experiencer with seven occurrences since he was a teenager.


Tom O’Donnell born 10th February 1977 Manchester England
Currently living in Shire Green, Sheffield
Area manager for a security company

Interested and believed in ufology since my 1st unexplained sighting in my early teens, 2 tic tac orbs like starlight dancing around the night sky like cheeky stellar willow the wisps.

The sighting which i had tonight comes almost a year after my last sighting in October 2017 to which my other half was witness . She is not a believer but she can’t explain what she saw that night. But, that’s another story.

The account I’m about to give lasted no more than a minute though it has played through my mind for what seems like days since. It was just before twenty to 9 at night when I had gone into the kitchen to get a drink of water. As I stood by the dark kitchen window next to the sink I looked up and out and saw something I have never seen before.

It was a craft that looked like a plane on its side without fuselage and it made no noise. It looked very close overhead. I froze temporarily, but only for a moment. Running to where my phone was on charge in my haste I kicked a table and fell over. I retrieved the phone and ran to the back door already prepping the camera. It was still in sight, but moving away. I held the camera up and recorded what i could until it disappeared behind trees.


The following is the actual transcript of our conversation just after Tom video-taped the UFO after it had passed directly overhead. The featured picture is his drawing of exactly what he saw as it passed over his home. He estimated the craft’s wing-shaped design to be around 25 meters (82 feet) across. It had a flashing white light located underneath in the middle section. There were no navigation lights of any kind on it. Trevor started the question and answer session and I came in during this time.

Pictures and videos will be shown after the conversation.

From Facebook ET and UFO Research Group private administrator chat (Note: Tom’s name is contracted due to keyword frequency):

TOM: Just captured this

T: Went past like a plane on its side. It made no noise

T: 100% not a plane

TREVOR: Not one that I’ve seen before

T: I broke my toe and carpet burned my knee trying to get my phone ????

TREVOR: Hahaha

TREVOR: You broke your toe? I hate carpet burn

T: Kicked a table and it hurt lol

TREVOR: Did you get any more of the footage Tom? There was only white pulsing light no other lights

T: No it went behind trees

TREVOR: I hope your cameras ok

T: I fell trying to get camera off charge

TREVOR: Sorry to hear that Tom I didn’t mean to say that

T: I wish I’d got it closer. Blew my mind

T: Cameras fine it wasn’t filming me ??

TREVOR: Post-it Tom and explain what you said you seen


TREVOR: What do you think Tom it was

T: No idea. It had like wings but on the side with no fuselage. Ufo

TREVOR: I believe you mate don’t worry good catch

T: Not saying It was off world but it was not normal at all. On the video it’s making the cloud brighter as the light pulses. How far out???? Still on a high from seeing it

TREVOR: I know it gets you all worked up and excited I done it ages ago I spotted something in the sky. It’s so surreal

T: 1st time I’ve captured. 7th sighting

TREVOR: Absolutely. It looks quite big Tom there is 3 lights is that the whole craft pulsing. Was pulsing from centre lighting whole thing up

TOM: Was big

TREVOR: Remind me of the Phoenix lights. But not as big

ED: Just finished updating the group announcements. They contain Larry Hollenbeck’s latest video. The other announcements I did are gone.

T: Was like the wingspan of a large ish passenger plane ..

ED: Tom, so, did you try to kill yourself capturing a video of a UFO?

T: Little bit, Ed

ED: Interesting video, Tom. Famous now, you are. Contact Blake Cousins and he’ll make you famous. Lol. So, what do you think it is, really?

T: It was not anything I have seen before so it’s unidentified and was flying

ED: Makes sense to me. agree. Now, how big do you think it was?

T: Moonlight is bright here so I could see the whole thing for a while

ED: Also, there were no other colored flashing lights, like nav lights?

TOM: Correct

ED: What did it look like in shape, then?

T: It was like a giant flying wing with no body on its edge top and bottom maybe a little further back than the middle

ED: With only bright white flashing light it’s interesting. Now, did is continue a straight line to the clouds or did it veer in any other direction?

T: Can’t draw for shit

ED: Or triangle? Wonder if it could be a TR-3B

T: Light pulsing in middle. It was more narrow than triangle

ED: Do you know what that could be?

T: No lol

ED: Much the same as the Phoenix lights depictions I got from some witnesses. You see how I go into question mode (hadn’t noticed Trevor’s questions, yet)? You are answering very well.

T: Was closer at 1st but seemed to go straight but away. And not high at all

ED: Okay, now, how big do you estimate?

TREVOR: Ed no way would be tr3b in my opinion. Neither was the Phoenix lights

ED: Agreed, when you said giant wing, yes.

T: 25 meter span maybe bit more maybe bit less. Was fast and quiet. The noise in the background is distant motorway

TREVOR: So it was silent Tom

T: But I get high planes and low helicopters that I can hear above it in the day

ED:Okay, 25 meter span with no sound at all. I could only see the video from expansion of it on the screen without further analysis. Yes, pretty area where you live in what city, again, please?

T: Sheffield UK. Near M1 motorway. Woolleywood woods

ED: Ah, got it, near M1. Been on that a few times. They drive too slow for me. Yes, nice woods. Are you near any airport? (Have to ask) Miliary base? MoD

T: Doncaster 17 miles north. No bases not RAF

ED: Perfect. What time was it in the evening?

T: Flight path was all wrong for the other planes I see. None go lower than the tree line from my view and all are usually really high and are audible. Finished filming a minute before I posted it in group chat

ED: So, confirming it was not heading to or from the Doncaster field, correct?

TOM: Correct

ED: Yes, I saw that and caught up (earlier conversation in chat). Guess what my friend?

TOM: What?

ED: You have qualified for an exclusive UFO interview. After this, I’d like to see you on Messenger in the next day or so, please?

TOM: Haha. Ok

TREVOR: Tom it looks like you’ve caught yourself a UFO

T: I think so. 7th time and get the capture

ED: It was worth furniture and personal damage, right?

T: Hell yeah! I wasn’t missing it again after the last one

ED: These things most often happen too fast. Well done. I’m serious, not joking. Lord knows I joke around enough. I’m serious.

TREVOR: It’s because you’re working for me Tom the aliens of following you

T: Haha they always followed me. Same trees but earlier.the middle of those are where it goes. As far as the trajectory goes

TREVOR: Oh I see that’s interesting

ED: Hey guys, this is how all this stuff happens. Well done, Tom! We’re on, my friend.

TOM: It’s a reference point if nothing else

ED: Absolutely.

TOM: The trees

ED: Yes, even the video has good reference points…very important!!!

T: Full moon nailed it

ED: Yep, again, well done, seriously, Tom.

T: Thank you sir. Pays to look out and up

ED: Most welcome. Yes, you live in a kind of hilly area, mate. Is it about 10:28 pm there?

T: Yes. Yep Yorkshire sales almost

ED: Okay, I’ll catch this up, get notes together and we’ll talk on Messenger tomorrow? Again, actual time of event, mate?

T: Will have to be around this time then. Long day at work tomorrow. 2138 I would say

ED: Oh crap, doctor’s appointment, so how about Friday or weekend, Saturday?

T: Give or take a min. Sure either or

ED: Perfect! I’ll shove things out of the way to get the article started. Because of the times we can ask around for other activity noticed in your area, as well. Cool, new job going well?

T: Will check the usual places for any other sightings in the morning. It’s all good thanks

ED: This is one I don’t want to sit on and yes, do that. Tom, I mean it, well done. This is how this stuff happens.

T: Thanks Ed

ED: YW and thank you, too. This will get a lot of hits around the world with your name on it, mate. Once James’s article is out this will all blend in. Here is my email, Tom, if you’d like to send the video and image, please? Also, I’ll wait, but when we see each other we’ll figure out the best ‘featured’ pic to place on the website.
If your video is in .avi or .mp4 we will have an easy time of it. I do have Prism video converter software to help us. Also, I can pull great images from it for the article.

T: Ok no problem .It’s just whatever the standard settings are on a s8

ED: No problem S8 is cool. Here is the email, Tom: [email protected] On something like this, I’m going to start the article right now in a question-answer format with a background lead in. It will be ready when we hook up. Yes, I’m putting everything aside, mate.
Your answers were immediate, clear and spot on. Hey, Michael Gerlach, funny how this works out, eh? Remember our first times? ??

TOM:Want me to send the video over email?

WED 4:23 PM

ED:Yes, please. Also, please send any other images (like full moon over woods) and pics of you and/or you with your family. I’m working on this right now as we speak.

End of Conversation


Here is a gallery of images Tom O’Donnell took to compare with the video, as well as, what he took that evening:


Here is the original YouTube video Tom took with his Samsung 8 camera. A special thanks is in order to Charles Lamoureux for helping Tom to brighten the video for more clear viewing:

Here is a brief daytime panoramic video view of the same exact area where Tom caught the UFO:

My friends, you cannot make stuff like this up without gaps in exact accounting. This was transcribed from written text (minor grammar editing). Truth is stranger than fiction in so many cases. We are experiencing a very soft disclosure.

Thank you to the above friends for their approvals and participation to make this a successful, accurate, and on-point article.

Written By: Ed Smith, Tom O’Donnell, and Trevor Cole

Special consideration is given to Larry Hollenbeck, Charles Lamoureux, and Michael Gerlach (in order of appearance in article)

Universal Digest is pleased to present current, as well as, contemporary subject matter in many categories from a global, regional, and local perspective. Content is provided and verified to the best of evidence submitted for research and/or study, as well as, from those of/for whom the article is published.

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Sphere of influence recounting from Bill Savard on Messenger today.

Sphere of influence was the major point of this article. William (Bill) Savard is a retired business owner whose daughter has taken the reigns of company. Bill is a humble, yet proud man who loves his family. He also speaks so positive of an incredibly good family situation, over the years. It is an honor to be part of this exclusive interview. What follows is the content of our one-on-one chat on Messenger. We are friends in social media, as well. And, I might add, this successful businessman is not only enjoyable in conversation, his recounting of events are riveting.

og: sphere
Bill Savard recounts his 1961 two-minute experience of the sphere he approached. Every time he move to touch the sphere, it kept an equal distance from the original encounter.

It took over two months to finally get to where we were in position to connect. Today, it happened and as mentioned; it was an energetic conversation. Bill’s passion of his encounter was apparent. Even after repetitive questions during the video interview, his story was rock-solid, on all counts. Please bear in mind, although, I may be repetitious, William Savard has been completely reticent to make this public until now.

Here is the essence of our interview:

It was night-time. William and his brother were watching television. The living room window was about 20 degrees or so to the right of them and the door was at 90 degrees to the left of where they were sitting. They both noticed a glowing, white sphere just outside the window. It looked like a ‘soft-white’ light bulb; however, it was much larger than one. They both rose from the couch to view it. Bill was drawn outside without any memory of why this was happening. Bill’s brother remained inside to witness (through the window) the sphere’s activity while Bill continued outside (the door somehow, no memory) to approach the sphere. When he saw the sphere up close, no more than a fingertip or so away in the driveway, he was overcome with a very positive and alluring desire to touch it. He knew it was benevolent and he felt awash of a positive feeling. He kept staring at it. At every attempt to touch the ‘bowling ball’ sized sphere, it would move off to just the same distance he was able to approach it. Then, he found himself near a shed or type of storage building where the neighbor had a fence and a huge open field. Bill, feeling so pleasant and fulfilled at encountering the sphere, he wanted to attempt in any way possible to touch it and in sum, get as close as possible. His recounting was such an experience of love and caring to an extent he could hardly explain. Then, when he climbed the fence to further approach the sphere, it rose immediately and disappeared, suddenly. He knew what he saw and his brother stood witness to the encounter. Although, both were rather stunned, when Bill returned to their home where inside his brother just stood, he asked him if he had seen what happened. His brother seemed to be in an almost trance-like state and just said, yeah, I did. After an almost hypnotic state, his brother returned to normal and both did not speak of it, again. To date, it has not been a discussion issue until recently, where William Savard wanted to reach out, but didn’t know how. His brother is no longer with us so such an interview in tandem could not be affected.

To date, William (Bill) Savard has had no further experience. He has lived with this in almost silence, except for his family, in discussion.

Bill stated that somehow he feels his brother was meant to just be a witness to verify his story. Also, he wants this event to be made public. He keeps asking himself, ‘Why me?’ He really wants to know and is inviting anyone who wants to comment to please share what they think.

Bill’s interest has peaked to the point he wants to know where to go to the best conferences and conventions on the subject of unidentified flying objects, aerial objects, extraterrestrials and any kind of related areas. Please feel free to comment below. He would appreciate it.

Author note: Although, this is my professional opinion, I concur to the above accounting as being true and accurate. William Savard has assented to give a public accounting of his own volition.

og: sphere
After the sphere event, Bill Savard smiles for the camera, as he finally gets public disclosure from his life-long, silence about his incredible experience!

William (Bill) Savard is most interested in knowing who else has had such an experience? Everyone is invited to share their experiences, please. I cannot thank Bill Savard enough. He has no need to share except for what he has been compelled, personally, by want, wish, and desire to do, of his experience.

Please, respond, all those who wish to do so?

I don’t normally place this exclusive interview in such a lime light, so to speak; however, it was brought to my attention from a friend in social media who was so gentle in her approach about William Savard. Hari-Skow-Hohnl, a friend on Facebook, who as an admin in one of our groups noticed Bill Savard reaching out, but being very reticent to speak with anyone about he and his brother’s experience. So, she contacted me.

As founder and director of the website and network being produced, globally, I am more humbled than ever at the continued elevation of those who care about humanity. We can only grow from here. Thank you, all. Seriously, you magnify the humility of humanity, not just the emancipation of it. Thank you, William Savard, my friend.

Universal Digest is honored to be part of an ever-expanding development of truth in reporting real-life and historical recounting of events in our interdependent world of life. Please remember, be part of life in the world, but not part of it. To be caught up in world activity to the extent one cannot see the trees for the forest has its own ramifications. Just love, live, and learn. It’s all good.

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Japan's White Stork HTV-6 cargo craft is installed to the Harmony module Earth-facing port. There are now four spacecraft parked at the International Space Station, including two Soyuz crew vehicles and one Progress resupply ship. Credit: NASA

The JSA HTV-6 White Stork cargo supply ship has arrived at ISS (International Space Station) and has been secured. This article is a compilation of the progress from launch to arrival.

og: image
Japan’s White Stork HTV-6 cargo craft is installed to the Harmony module Earth-facing port. There are now four spacecraft parked at the International Space Station, including two Soyuz crew vehicles and one Progress resupply ship. Credit: NASA

Ground controllers successfully installed the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Kounotori 6 H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-6) to the International Space Station’s Earth-facing port of the Harmony module at 8:57 a.m. EST.

The spacecraft, White Stork arrival supports the crew members research off the Earth to benefit the Earth. The cargo spacecraft began its trip on an H-IIB rocket at 8:26 a.m. EST (10:26 p.m. Japan time) on Friday, Dec. 9 from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan.

The early Tuesday morning cargo delivery includes more than 4.5 tons of supplies, water, spare parts and experiment hardware.

Astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Thomas Pesquet were in the cupola Tuesday morning commanding the Canadarm2 robotic arm to grapple the HTV-6 while monitoring its approach. After its successful capture, ground controllers remotely guided the 57.7-foot-long robotic arm with the HTV-6 in its grasp and began the careful, methodical process of attaching the cargo craft to Harmony’s Earth-facing port where it will stay until January.

Japan’s fifth Kounotori HTV spacecraft was pictured attached to the International Space Station Aug. 24, 2015.

Universal Digest is including the process that resulted in the White Stork docking and implementation of unloading procedures.

The re-supply vehicle is delivering six new lithium-ion batteries and adapter plates that will replace the nickel-hydrogen batteries currently used on the station to store electrical energy generated by the station’s solar arrays. These will be installed during a series of robotic operations and spacewalks between late December and mid-January.

The spacecraft also is bringing the Technology Education (TechEdSat-5) nanosatellite, which includes the Exo-Brake technology demonstration mission. The Exo-Brake technology is a tension-based, flexible braking device that could help bring small payloads back through Earth’s atmosphere unharmed, accurately de-orbiting through a series of adjustments to modulate drag. Exo-Brake deployment is targeted for early 2017.

Japan’s HTV-6 cargo craft is pictured in the grip of the Canadarm2 shortly after it was captured Tuesday morning. Credit: NASA TV

Join the conversation on Twitter by following @Space_Station. To learn more about all the ways to connect and collaborate with NASA, visit:

For more information on previous HTV missions from JAXA to the space station visit:

Written By: Mark Garcia NASA

Get weekly video highlights at:

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for some of NASA’s projects and work. This article and some others were written by NASA and are mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make them more available to the general public.

Please note: When multiple articles are published regarding singular/similar events during a specific time period, Universal Digest will combine detail into one article. This is still mostly unedited material written by the same author.


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