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In this Redmond's Review, Darren covers two different levels of thinking.

Thinking Fast and Slow is this review by Darren Redmond in Redmond’s Review!

Here’s a quick test for you:

Molly goes into a store and buys a bat and a ball for a total of $1.10.

The bat is $1 more than the ball.

How much was the ball?

You most likely got it wrong.

The book I will review this week, it is written by Nobel Prize winner in Economics Daniel Kahneman, titled, “Thinking Fast and Slow.”

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In this Redmond’s Review, Darren covers thinking on two levels.

It is important to note that this book is scholarly in nature. Meaning it is not written to keep your interest, but rather to bring forth facts about how we process information and think that you will find very interesting.

Level 1, and Level 2 thinking, are the bases of the construct of this book.

They are not what you think. Rather think about the synergy, between presumption and inference chunking when it comes to causality, and analytical probing and data mining for answers. How we sometimes rely too much on one or the other. Without the proper balance two modes of “thinking”, we may find ourselves often coming up with the wrong answer. Even when giving the fact that we have come up with the right answer, we may find ourselves more attached to the wrong answer then actually giving credence to the right one.

So here is the question again.

Here’s a quick test for you.

Molly goes into a store and buys a bat and a ball for a total of $1.10.

The bat is $1 more than the ball

How much was the ball?

You most likely got it wrong.

It’s the way we think and make plausible assumptions.

Nothing is wrong with it in general it is just the way we think.

Read this book if you find the process of thought interesting.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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By Darren Redmond

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