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UAP or UFO sighting activities in central California, USA, have always been a matter of record in recent times. Many reports have been rendered, as well as, many more have been either reported by area media or just plain ignored. In all cases, to date, noted…government or military responses have been a big, fat, zero, although, requested. And, it comes as no surprise.

From Lemoore Naval Air Base to Fresno Air National Guard the sky is always a venue for training and formation flying over the central valley areas inclusive of the coastal regions to performing aerial tactics over the sierra mountain chain of the western US and the Owens Valley area south to the high desert. Perforce, all military operations must follow strict guidelines for these operations and sometimes, the valley residents, themselves may speculate what is happening overhead, whether it be day or night. This author has personally viewed these activities over the years in most of these areas. The most notable recalled was an insane southbound flyby from a Phantom F4C jet at just less than the speed of sound over Coso Junction, a rest area with market off Route 395 in the California desert. In viewing the craft, it passed at less than 100 feet overhead. Car alarm activation and the screams of small children were heard over the din.

Recently, a professional photographer who resides in the Fresno, CA area, Dora Stephanie via her friend, Darryl Wong of Fresno, contacted me with some interesting photographs and comments. That is when we went into action to research and invite other ufologists to have a look and comment. It was very near the same time other sightings were made as far away as Bakersfield, CA. Please click on the link below for the article posted in the last two months:

UAP Activity In Central California

Since our first contact, mentioned above, more events have occurred. Again, Dora, Darryl, and I sprang into action with the latest photographic evidence of unexplained phenomena. Please click anywhere on the following pictures to enter the tile mosaic photos. To exit, please press the white X on the upper left screen or press escape:

Please Note: Any photography copying, rendering or any other method of facsimile can only be made with the express permission of Dora Stephanie. Any other reproductions are prohibited. To obtain permission, one may contact Dora Stephanie Photography.

For the record, Dora Stephanie is exacting in her work as a photographer and was fairly perplexed at what she caught (as mentioned in the previous article) so she is asking, as we all should be, what is happening here?

Dora states, “My observation as a photographer is that most of these flying objects seem to illuminate themselves under a lot atmospheric activity. I do not perceive to know what they are, I am simply an observer. On a further note, I haven’t as yet seen these objects outside of my camera lens. It is when I take the photos to my computer for analysis, that I find the anomalies.”

Next she states this, which is good for all the photographically perfected enthusiasts who may be reading…

“Here are the stats on the purple bubble like object. 4/5/2015 7:10pm. f-stop 7.1, iso speed 100, exposure bias 0 step, focal length 92mm.” Dora Stephanie

Whatever one may think or derive from the above information, please know they are supported in their views and objective observations. There is no prescribed, perceived or artificially generated photography in this article.

Here is an example provided by Darryl Wong to help explain the aerial phenomena of Dora Stephanie photographs on a daily basis that are well explained:

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PS: Keep questioning…comments are welcome.

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