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UAP Activity in Central California

Why have there been so much unidentified aerial phenomena in central California over the years?

After moving to California in 1985, I must admit it took about three weeks for the Disney-type charismatic enigma produced into the minds of so many Americans for so long to wear off. Once I began to travel the western region of the United States it became apparent something else was happening. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or the old coined term Unidentified Flying Objects was what was happening. Although, I had always followed NASA and related space phenomena since I was a kid, I was deluged with reports and statements of personal events of UFO activity by more people than ever in my travels throughout the country.

I have kept information of many of the events I considered credible since I have lived here and will now share some of them.

Some of the most interesting reports I received were from Mammoth Lakes and Bishop in the late 1980’s. Since, I have lost contact with these persons, I will report without divulging full names. While staying at Mammoth, my friend, Ron, at his chalet he recounted various UFO events he experienced. The most demonstrative one he told me was his viewing of an aerial, cigar-shaped, huge (almost 1 mile in length) craft hovering over the Sierra Nevada mountain chain while prospecting alone for gold. Please note this occurrence was quite a number of years before and it was in a very remote location; therefore, potentially very few witnesses. There were many saucer crafts maneuvering towards it and ultimately entering the ‘mother ship’ through a side opening. Once all the craft had entered the ship it left so quickly it was more like it had disappeared than ‘flown away’. I knew Ron for years and he was a credible, good friend.

The next report came to me from a lady who also lived in the Owens Valley area of central California. Although, she insisted the Eisenhower photos she had of his meetings with aliens in 1958 were factual and from direct sources (I saw them-compelling), I was only able to view them before she returned them to file. This was in 1990. She was friends with a land owner in the area who claimed to be in contact with ‘others’ and would be taking a trip for a while, in fact, five years. He asked Jenny to look after his ranch for that period of time. She accepted. He returned after this time to his ranch. Jenny noted that he seemed different, yet much more ‘alive’, ‘rejuvenated’, and happy. He did tell her the trip was to another world and it was great!

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Two of my last events have been observed in California since 1985. I state this for record; I do not have evidence to provide. Therefore, I know what I have observed, yet I have nothing to report. I have had a total of four events in my lifetime. My father told me of events he encountered in the 1930’s. I will personally share, but I won’t make a spectacle of something I cannot prove.

The following is a drawing from what I observed near Atlanta, Georgia in September of 1967. What I will do is give a drawing of my first sighting.

My UFO Event 1967

While observing the Echo satellite launched by the United States in the 1958, I was following it with my 2.5″ refracting telescope outside the kitchen/laundry room in the back yard while living in Smyrna with my mother, when I saw with my naked eye this incredible white light type of craft entering from space to hover, very briefly not too far over Dobbins AFB. It quickly moved in a zigzag-type pattern in the sky and within 5 seconds or so it returned, definitely to space. Of this, I am certain.

Now, more than ever, due to improvements in video recording equipment that almost anyone can carry in a pocket, aerial events are being captured and published. One of the latest sightings has been reported by Channel 23 in Bakersfield, California on April 7, 2015. The video was made on April 5, 2015.

Please click on the link below for a blue object video and article courtesy Channel 23 KERO TV, Bakersfield, CA (Note this is a third party link and may take time to download):

Just last month, I received a report by Darryl Wong of a picture capture by Dora Stephanie. The following photographs are the property of Dora Stephanie and cannot be reproduced without her express permission. Click any picture to activate the carousel below. Click the X in upper left corner or press the ESC key to exit carousel.

For now, what do you think? Reports are coming in from the private sector and some are making it to mainstream news media.

It is up to you to take part and your input is valued. If you wish, please comment below. If you live in the central California area, we are very interested in your comments. Thank you.



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