Recently, I was contacted via social network from Michael Gerlach who has been monitoring and participating on Facebook. We began a dialogue and subsequently, developed an online relationship. We became Facebook friends and with some of my work regarding UFO sightings and experiences, he decided to trust me and share his observation of a UFO on November 7, 2014. Of course, this resulted in an interview and a battery of questions as is customary in an objective, investigative approach to UFO phenomena. I found that not only was Michael straightforward and objective with his answers, he was proactive to help in any way he could. He, like others with whom I have interviewed was a bit reticent to divulge his event until he knew he could trust me.

The following gallery are images of his two photos and forensics determinations of same. The original photos were taken at full zoom and it is important to note they were taken from a Samsung S4 phone and was saved on Google until sent to me. After forensics, the photos were determined to be authentic. In zoom, a 71% photo pass (due to zoom and file) was made: 

I have found over the past time in this area of research there are some stances and nuances that are consistent of witnesses: 1) I know what I saw, you cannot change my mind. 2) It isn’t from anything we have made. 3) We are not alone and now I believe it. This is concurrent with my own past experiences with such observations. I stand in support of these witnesses who choose to come forward. To be most objective, as well, many would like to say yes, I met individuals who did not originate on earth, but until it becomes public knowledge, it is speculative. In fact, discussion still ensues that perhaps so many of the general population would still become terribly disoriented due to embedded core beliefs if such a reality occurred.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Thailand” location=”Bangkok” zoom=”10″ height=250]


Michael and his wife, Natcha were out attending a birthday party. The following is the narrative they have provided to explain what happened that evening. With request, the narrative has been edited only in use of proper English, not to change any text or conceptual thoughts:

I, Michael Gerlach live in Bangkok with my wife Natcha who is Thai. I am from Adelaide South Australia where I was a machine programmer, in the automotive industry then a furniture making company. I have been living in Thailand now for 2.5 years.
On the 7th November 2014, Natcha and myself went out for a friend’s birthday party. Natcha was 6 months pregnant and I was driving so we both were not drinking that night. Around 2.00 am we arrived back at our apartment in Bangkok. After having a shower, Natcha was watching TV. I sat on the balcony and had a cigarette. At approximately 3 am I noticed a bright white light with a yellow tinge come down through the clouds it moved quickly to the right (east)then stopped. I called to Natcha to get my phone and get out here quickly. The object then dropped in altitude moved east a short distance then stopped again. It then did a right hand turn, raised altitude and stopped. Natcha handed me my Samsung S4 phone I went into camera mode (it seemed to take forever to start the camera). I went to full zoom, located the object and took 2 pics, 1 after the other. At this time, the object rapidly accelerated up and back to the west then ascended back into the clouds at an amazing speed and was gone. The whole sighting lasted approx 15 seconds. Natcha said, what was that? I said, ‘babe, we have just seen a UFO’

[Tweet “Natcha said, what was that? I said, ‘babe, we have just seen a UFO'”]

The following is the view from their apartment in Bangkok where they saw the UFO:

Bangkok Apartment City UFO Area.


To date, there have been no more UFO sightings where Michael and Natcha live. Also, we are in contact where there could be further reports. He was most forthcoming regarding the recent meteor event (another article), 122 km south of his location. These are the people I respect. They come forward in complete honesty in a public arena of those who would try to make money and/or gain notoriety of same.

Thank you, Michael and Natcha for taking the time to make contact.

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