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UFO Spotters Nederlands is the official name of a committed group of sky watchers that begin their quest 2012. Dennis LeRoux is the founder of the organization and is also a Universal Digest trusted web research friend (see Trusted Web Sources page). Since operations have begun, Dennis and his team have made some very interesting discoveries and observations.


Dennis LeRoux and I got off to a very good start with sharing of materials in research from ancient history to UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Of his many innovations over the past few years he has developed an effective and decisive digital tool to qualify and prove lens flare and distortions in various photographs where many claim they have photographed a UFO. We tested it on some photographs I had been sent for evaluation. We found not only did it work 100% of the time, he noticed that even in the case of photographic image coding and file compression issues there could be an effect on the results. Since then, when I receive material in question I cannot determine, Dennis is one of my prominent “go to” colleagues to obtain accurate answers.

The website can be located by copying and pasting this link: www.ufospotting.org.

The following video is a compilation of the previous six months of filming posted on July 4, 2015. Please note all the graphics, introductions and video credits are of his creation. This is professional, brief, and a six minute video well worth watching:


It is our pleasure at Universal Digest to highlight the positive work and contributions of our friends at UFO Spotters Nederlands (NL) and in a special tribute to Dennis LeRoux – keep up the great work and we, too, will “keep our eyes to the skies” in 2015 and beyond.

Thank you for the opportunity to recognize good field research knowing how much time and patience it takes.

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