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A St. Patrick’s Day parade encountering its own UFO visitation? Really? Yes. It did. Today, was a time of so much community involvement in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Visalia, CA, the broadcasters of today’s event admitted they had seen a UFO. Mike Truesdell and his friends have done it again in purporting a continued community service presence by participating in the festive occasion. In a hastily reconstructed float from their previous, award-winning appearances in area town and city events since 2015 they managed to provide a crowd pleaser. This time, they accumulated more walkers and vehicle attendees than in those previous events.

It was a cool, clear day on Saturday, March 12, 2016, and the city streets were packed with spectators. As Mike Truesdell’s float and entourage began their drive down Main Street one heard the continued cheers and shouts of UFO’s in our midst. Even the announcers suddenly exclaimed they had just seen a UFO.

The following are some of the pictures taken during the parade:

The passion Mike has, from experience, as I have, is not limited to his continued caring about the human condition. He knows we are not alone. He knows we are all in the same situation; however, please view how many have gravitated to him over the years. His friends have endured the best and worst of times, yet they all continue to be jubilant and excited to give to the community in every way they can.

No matter what condition, infirmity due to accident, or negative life event may occur, Mike and his friends push forward. How many of you could really stand up to be counted in caring for others, as Mike Truesdell and his friends continue to do? My contention is I am honored and continually humbled to report in this fashion.

In fact, if one more person is enlightened to care about the kind and kindred spirits inhabiting Visalia, California, come on down because my being is touched, now and always.

Visalia and its population are unique, indeed, in their view of the human condition. Oh, yes, we are most fortunately blessed, as well.


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By ED S.

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