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The central region of California has been known for strange, unidentified aerial phenomena being sighted; however, on February 25, 2015, Debbie Mancini of Visalia, California, and one of her employees viewed an unidentified flying object hovering not far over their heads. This was a bright, luminous, large craft with no traditional navigational lights of any sort and made no sound. Debbie was proactive and not being shocked, stymied, or flustered, started taking pictures with her cell phone.

She noticed, as the pictures were taken in the craft’s direction, it began to ascend upward until it stopped, and after making a sudden right angle, horizontal turn, it headed due west, with another stop, until it disappeared.

We met in a local grocery market two weeks ago and she brought the event up to me. She whipped out her iPhone and started showing me the pictures she had taken. As I watched, she became more excited and animated in what she had captured. Her husband, Greg had mentioned she should bring this up to me months ago (I later discovered in conversation), since I do UFO research; however, as busy as she is she just didn’t think of it until she saw me…nothing out of the ordinary in our eight-year friendship, which began by mutual and various other community activities.

As is my wont in this industry, I started asking questions about what had happened. How, when (date/time), where, how much, how many, how large, what, and weather conditions was part of my query. She responded, as above, yet, she became more calm and said the object was quite large and was stationary for a while until she stopped the car, got out and started taking pictures. It had blue and red oscillating lights that suddenly turned off. It made no sound at any time. Then, it did silently, quickly begin moving skyward, turning and orange color until it almost vanished from sight. At a few thousand feet in height, it moved at a hard, ninety-degree, right angle and headed due west, stopped once, then continued onward until it disappeared. I asked, again, “How large was the craft? Was it the size of a car?” She responded saying, “It was larger than a car, but being dark it seemed to be much bigger than that. I don’t know, but it was pretty big and low in the air. The night was clear and it was 11 pm on February 25, 2015. After the craft had disappeared having moved due west, we heard military jet engines cross overhead within two minutes.” We recounted an earlier event reported from a friend of hers, to wit, I had stated it was not identifiable where she nodded in assent. Purposefully, I am not showing the earlier picture she sent me from her friend, to not disturb or sway the reason of this article.

Here is her written comment in addition to what she told me from above and personal contact:

“Click on this link to open picture folder. File too large for email. I hope you can get something off the pictures. It was taken with my iPhone. I tried to zoom in but it looked fuzzy. It was right over our heads on the intersection of Whitendale and Conyer. The item moved straight up as soon as I started to take pictures. I am sending the folder in Dropbox the folder has too many pictures to send thru regular email.”

After our store encounter, we have continued to update what had transpired in February of 2015. We continue to enjoy a lifelong friendship; however, this one really had her going, so to speak. So, to the best of my ability, I have downloaded a picture gallery, shown below, of her photos. This has been a task because I do not want to dilute, strain, or misdirect any of what Debbie submitted for review. I have only tried to re-size picture files to fit and be more easily reviewed.

Please click on any picture below to open gallery. Click X in upper left of gallery (or ESC) to exit:

The above 12 photos were extracted from a total of 40 pictures. From the pictures taken, Debbie changed camera apertures to obtain the best views possible. As the craft ascended, making no sound, it was more difficult to maintain a proper focus.

We welcome any and all reviews, diagnoses, and comments regarding this event.

Today is August 15, 2015 and with much corroborative and diagnostic input from both personal and social networking input this case is still under review. Debbie and her employee who prefers to not be named have helped with a brief update above.

A brief synopsis is this: It was not a satellite, space station, aircraft, helicopter or Chinese lantern. Its movements do indicate intelligent operation; however, it is not of conventional means we know of, to date.

Thank you,

Ed Smith – Universal Digest 

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