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World Ag Expo Display

It is time for the 50th annual WORLD AG EXPO for 2017!

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World Ag Expo Display

Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families arrive to experience the 3-day event from all around the world each year. Since 1968 the county of Tulare, nestled in the heart of the breadbasket of the United States, and the world, has hosted this event.

The exposition is spread over two million acres of land, just off Laspina Street east of Tulare city proper. Here are some snapshots of the preparation process. Please click on any picture below to start a clickable slide show:

Well, here is a little nugget for all to enjoy. Although, when I was more active in the area community, I had visited the Heritage Center, as well as, the previous World Ag Expos. With some errant information received, we arrived at the center a week early! This, I now consider a boon for the public and me, because I had not seen the updated AgVenture Learning Center and Museum for years. I was totally surprised at the professional displays donated (some recently) by area farms, farmers, and notable families who have been so generous.

Please remember, as I mentioned before, these farm and ranch families have been dedicated to providing quality staples to the world. They are venerated in many of the museum displays seen below. Also, please understand, these families have been instrumental in supplying much of the people of planet earth with the best and freshest of food and clothing known to man. Yes, it happens, right here, every day. The cotton farming alone is known for the best quality grown in the entire world.

Another most important thing to know is we residents, government officials, and staff members in this locale, understand and know how important these activities are for our survival now, and in the future.

The following photos can be viewed in a slide show, clickable gallery above and below with one click of a picture:

There is so much more to come in a future article…after I get it right and arrive on time and on the right day for this awesome event. Chuckle and a slight guffaw is in order. What a wonderful place it is in which we live. I cannot say enough how much I love this part of the state and its people. Notwithstanding, I get the best produce from strawberries, plums, fruits, vegetables, milk, and beef right here in the central California valley.

To all farmers and ranchers, some of whom I know, you are so appreciated.

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