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Darren Redmond is the Executive Director of P.A.I.N. His thoughts are to help all those in need to have better lives.

Thoughts for parents who would like to know how to make family life more secure and happy are found here.

These thoughts may be a few of the absolute best gifts you can give a child.


  1. Make sure your children know in faith that they were created in the image of God as you understand God to be, and that they never were nor ever will be considered an accident or a  mistake.
  2. Help the children know that in your house they are in a safe place. They also know they can be themselves and that they are loved without reservation.

  3. Make sure your children know that you are not perfect and you know that they are not as well. But, you both will do the best that you can to love and protect each other.

  4. No matter what kind of day you had you’re happy that they are in your life. And, be sure to tell them that you love them everyday and you are proud that they are in your life.

You do not pamper your children by letting them know you love them and you want the best for them. On the contrary, you create an environment that allows them to find out who they are. And, even their dreams can be limitless, but yet within reach during their lives.

So, no matter what the world tries to bring against you or them, they have the love and support that you provide, always.

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Darren Redmond is the Executive Director of Parents and Addicts in Need (P.A.I.N.). His tireless crusade continues to help those in need to prosper. These thoughts go out to parents who can use them to create a better home and family life.

Written By: D. Redmond

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