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Joe Biden is seen here in a number of poses with other women.

Ghislaine Maxwell, past girl friend of Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested after a long stake out. This is a scintillating article from Tony Elliott. Also, it speaks for itself with facts.


With the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed ex-girlfriend, many politicians in Washington are sweating bullets since she has stated she will cooperate with authorities. Provided the Clinton hit squad doesn’t suicide her first, she will undoubtedly implicate most in power as being either directly or indirectly involved in the international child sex trade.

Aside from the big names like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who should have received a big discount for being regular customers of Epstein’s Pedo Island, we also have politicians like Joe Biden, John McCain, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richards, and a slew of others, who either have or still are, participating in underage sex trade in some fashion.


It isn’t surprising to see Joe Biden’s name, disguised as Obiden on the list since it is almost impossible to view any video of him without seeing him feeling up some nearby female, many of whom are young girls. Although a taboo issue in Washington, it is a concrete fact that Biden also suffers from Hypersexual Disorder along with advanced age-related Dementia and Alzheimer’s Syndrome. The pictures and videos simply do not lie, from sniffing, touching, and kissing females to him not being able to make a speech or give an interview without making ridiculous gaffs, Biden is without a doubt, the saddest candidate for POTUS that has ever run in the US.

Joe Biden is also not the people’s choice for President as is seen at his rallies with very few people attending. As it is, you could fit the number of people that attended his biggest rally into your living room. Thus, Biden didn’t legitimately win the nomination, he was selected, which brings us to the sad fact that the votes were rigged in most states where he supposedly won. We know this by judging campaign crowd sizes between him and Bernie Sanders, where Sanders’ rally attendance outnumbered Biden’s by a thousand to one at times.

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Here is a picture where Joe Biden is posing with Bob Mueller.

The bottom line is no one wants a president who can’t even remember his own name half the time.


What we have here with the Epstein flight logs, the black book, and the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is a case where many people who make the laws of the land in Congress, the Senate, and some in the Supreme Court who adjudicate law, have been partaking in lawless criminal acts themselves.

This is why most of the Socialist Left want open borders, to keep the sex slave trade going. This is also the reason the US alone has nearly 1 million children reported missing each year. Many are kidnapped and placed on the international sex and slave trade market.

Those who value the safety of their kids, should not be voting for Porno Joe. The sex trafficking of children and the overall sex slave trade is just one major reason the Socialist left hates President Trump. He has put a major roadblock in their kickbacks and personal involvement in this trade by stopping open borders.

Written By: Tony R Elliott

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By Tony Elliott

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